How To Reduce Wisdom Tooth Pain Naturally?

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Teeth are considered to be one of most important part of our body. It is because of these teeth that we are able to eat those delicious foods across the street and restaurants. A normal human has 32 teeth and one of them is wisdom tooth. When this wisdom tooth starts to come it is really painful. Anyone who might have recently got their wisdom tooth can explain it better than how painful it can be. Here, we will explore various home remedies for wisdom teeth pain relief.

Early during our childhood also when our teeth grow it was painful, not remembered as it was years ago before we would recognize it. Wisdom tooth starts to grow at ages of 17-25 and this can be a reason for some serious mouth pain. The tooth starts to erupt during the age of 10 yrs and grows fully when we are wiser enough and so it is called as wisdom tooth. However, it has nothing to do with your wisdom and knowledge!

Wisdom Teeth Pain Relief

Why Does Wisdom Tooth Cause Pain?

Wisdom tooth is the last among the tooth to come and thus it does not have enough space in the mouth to grow properly and makes way for it pushing others aside. Sometimes they push other teeth and during this process get stuck leading to growing at some angle under the gum. This is the main reason for swelling and pain in the gums. The pain caused by this can even lead to pain among several other nearby tooth and cause the headache.  To avoid this irritation and pain there are several homemade remedies which can be useful.

Homemade Remedies For Natural Wisdom Teeth Pain Relief

1. Clove

Clove can be very much beneficial in order to remove pain caused due to wisdom tooth or any other aches. Its anesthetic and analgesic feature present can numb the pain and acts as a pain killer. Clove buds or oils both can be useful.


  • A fresh cotton ball is dipped into the clove oil and is then applied over the painful wisdom tooth and the nearby areas including the gum.
  • The process is repeated for 2 -3 times in a day. If the clove oil seems to be stronger, then it is diluted with little olive oil and applied on the gums and teeth.


  • Place 3-4 cloves close to the wisdom tooth in mouth. As the clove starts releasing the oil from it the pain is relieved.
  • Swish your mouth with clean water. The process can be repeated several times in a day for relief.

Cloves have been considered since ages to be one of the best remedies for a toothache.

2. Salt

Salt is the most common thing available in every household and is of utter most important as it adds taste to food. The property of salt helps in reducing the inflammation in the gums and also helps in preventing any infection.


  • One teaspoon of salt is mixed in warm water and is swished in the mouth regularly throughout the day. This will keep the germ away and reduce the pain to a great extent.


  • Equal amount of salt and pepper is mixed with water to form a paste.
  • This paste is applied over the teeth area and is allowed to sit for a while. Performing the process regularly for 2-3 times a day reduces the pain and helps in quick recovery.

3. Garlic

Garlic contains several medicinal properties like antioxidant and anti – inflammatory which can be very useful in reducing the pain caused by the wisdom tooth. It also prevents any germs or bacteria to grow inside the mouth. It prevents tooth decay as well.


  • Crush a garlic glove and hold it against the wisdom tooth. This will help in reducing the pain and preventing any germs to grow up.


  • 2 pieces of garlic glove is mixed with small amount of black salt to form a paste.
  • This paste is then applied over the affected area and is left for some time.
  • Swish the mouth with normal water to get relief from pain.
  • This will eventually result in reducing the pain and provide relief.

Similarly, 1 or 2 garlic gloves can also be chewed to reduce pain. Include garlic in your diet regularly as it will help to reduce the pain. You can also add chopped garlic to hot soup and consume it daily for better results.

4. Onion

Just like garlic onion also has medicinal properties and can be very useful when it comes to reducing pain caused by the wisdom tooth.


  • Few slices of onion are chewed for few minutes. The solution which comes out of it when spreading over the area causes great relief to pain.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to chew onion due to swelling or pain and in that case, it is advisable to just put the slices of onion over the affected area.


  • Onion juice can be extracted by using a blender.
  • The same can be applied to the teeth and gums by using a cotton ball soaked in this solution.
  • It will provide immediate relief from a painful toothache.

It is obvious that chewing of garlic or onion gives a bad breath to the mouth. It is better to swish the mouth using warm water. This will reduce the foul smell coming from the mouth.

5. Peppermint

One of the best remedy to get wisdom teeth pain relief is peppermint. This is rich source of anesthetic properties which helps in reducing the pain and causes relief.


  • Small amount of peppermint oil is rubbed over the painful area and is left for few minutes. This is then rinsed with warm water.


  • One teaspoon of peppermint leaves is cooked in hot water for 20 minutes and then is rinsed in the mouth. The process is repeated several times and the effective results are felt immediately.

6. Baking Soda

Baking soda is well known due to its anti-inflammatory nature and helps to reduce the pain naturally. It also reduces the swelling of the gums and therefore is an ideal home remedy to get wisdom teeth pain relief.


  • A pinch of baking soda can be added to your regular tooth paste.
  • Brush your teeth as normal twice in a day giving gentle strokes on the wisdom teeth.
  • This will reduce the pain and swelling to a great extent within a week.

As a caution, do remember not to brush too hard on the wisdom tooth as it may increase the swelling and may lead to bleeding gums at times.

7. Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is analgesic in nature and has great power to heal any form of tooth ache. This holds good for wisdom teeth pain relief as well. The medicinal properties of mustard oil help prevent tooth decay and pain.


  • Mustard oil is taken in a container and a cotton ball is soaked in the oil.
  • The excess oil present in the cotton is then squeezed out and the cotton is kept in the gums for some time.
  • Swish the mouth with normal water.
  • This will help to reduce the swelling and prevent pain in the wisdom tooth.


  • Warm mustard oil can be massaged gently on the affected areas for few minutes and then the mouth can be swished with warm water to get relief from inflammation and pain.

Also, a pinch of salt can be mixed with mustard oil and the teeth and surface of the gums can be massaged with the mix for instant relief.

8. Guava Leaves

Guava leaves are excellent when it comes to any kind of teeth problems. It therefore also helps to provide relief from a wisdom toothache.


  • Pluck few fresh and tender guava leaves.
  • Boil these leaves in a container fro few minutes till it becomes soft.
  • Chew these leaves for some time and then spit out the same. Do not swallow the chewed leaves.
  • The juice of the guava leaves provides relief from pain and swelling.
  • Following this process daily will help to reduce the pain permanently and in a natural way.

9. Vinegar

Vinegar is very effective for wisdom teeth pain relief.


  • Vinegar can be diluted with water and the mouth has to be swished with this solution several times in a day.
  • This is one of the simplest and easiest methods to get rid of the pain.
  • This process needs to be repeated till the wisdom tooth pain is completely gone.

10. Tea Bags

Tea bags help to provide immediate wisdom teeth pain relief.


  • A tea bag soaked in hot water needs to be placed on the cheeks where the wisdom tooth is causing the pain.
  • It needs to be kept in that state till the tea bag cools down completely.
  • Repeating this process throughout the day helps to a great extent.
  • As a caution, do remember that you should not place the tea bags directly on the gums and the aching tooth as it will worsen the condition.


Wisdom tooth ache is a common problem which most of us face during our life time. Our simple home remedies will help to reduce the pain and swelling and alleviate the pain. Ideally, it does not require medicines and can be healed in a natural way.

However, If you do not get any relief and the condition worsens day by day, then rush to a doctor immediately.

Hope this article satisfies the different home remedies which can be used for wisdom teeth pain relief. Please provide your suggestion or feedback in the comments section below.

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