10 Powerful Oils to Treat Sore Throat!

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Some Quick Facts Regarding Essential Oils

  • Essential oils are helpful in various sleeping disorders as it comes with relaxing properties.
  • The use of essential oils can help in reducing anxiety and stress.
  • Using essential oils for massage therapy is much helpful for the muscles and nerves as it provides with relaxation.
  • Essential oils are also used for cleaning purposes as they come with antibacterial and antiseptic properties.
  • Using essential oils for bathing or simply massaging helps in relief from pain like headaches.
  • Essential oils are also helpful for the people willing to lose some weight by toning their body.
  • Some of the essential oils come with anti-cancer properties which makes it an effective therapy for treating cancer.
  • Essential oils also help in the various stomach and digestive issues like bloating, nausea, etc.
  • The therapy carried out with essential oils is also helpful to boost the mood for dealing with depression and stress.

Do Essential Oils Actually Help In The Treatment Of Sore Throat?

10 powerful oils to treat sore throat.

Having a sore throat makes your day really go crazy. However, most of the people generally avoid going for treatments and look for some home remedies. Similarly, there are some who look for medical assistance and visit the doctor to get chemical medications. But did you know, the powerful oils for sore throat is emerging as a natural remedy widely adopted by many people!

The essential oils are extracted from the roots, flowers, leaves, and other parts of particular plants. This is nothing new as there are proofs of essential oils been used in the ancient times for various medical issues. The oils can either be inhaled, applied on the skin or even used orally for getting relief from the health problems from its roots.

A sore throat, medically known as pharyngitis, is a bacterial or viral infection which is quite common, contagious as well as uncomfortable for both talking and breathing. It leads to situations like scratchiness, hoarseness, the problem in swallowing food and water, the problem in talking, etc. They may accompany with flu and cold sometime in the worst situations.

There are various oils for sore throat that are rich in properties that help in fighting against bacteria and viruses that lead to a sore throat. The oils help in reducing the pain in the throat, inflammation, and help in fighting against the infections by killing the bacteria and viruses as it boosts the immune system.

Which Essential Oil Is Good For Sore Throat?

As mentioned above, the essential oils come with a soothing impact on the sore throat which helps in reducing the pain and fighting against the infections. Here are some of the essential oils that help in dealing with a sore throat.

1. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is among the common oils used for treating the common cold, sinus infections, cough, respiratory infections, inflammation, and sore throats. The oil contains a good portion of menthol in it that provides the throat with a soothing and cool sensation along with the body. It is rich in properties like antimicrobial, decongestion and antioxidant that are effective on a sore throat.

2. Juniper Berry Essential oil

Juniper berry essential oil is among the popular essential oils for sore throat and drainage. The oil works perfectly on other respiratory infections also with elements like antibacterial, antioxidants, and antifungal which is helpful in fighting against the infections. However, the oil shouldn’t be used by the pregnant women or even if you are trying to conceive as well as the kidney patients.

3. Thyme Oil

Thyme oil ranks among the essential oils for sore throat as it comes with herbal medicinal properties. The oil works magically in treating the bacterial infections and the irritations in the throat. When combined with other essential oils, it comes with effective results for coughing, bronchitis, production of mucus, and other respiratory infections.

4. Lemon Essential Oil

To your surprise, lemon essential oil for sore throat has been the best technique adopted by using the skin of the lemon. Along with anti-inflammatory properties, lemon is also rich in Vitamin C, which helps in soothing the irritation in the throat. It increases the moist in the throat through saliva production and also kills various bacteria in the throat. The oil is widely used for gargling or added to tea.

5. Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger is an ingredient that is easily available in the kitchen. But did you know that among the various health benefits of ginger essential oil, sore throat is the primary benefit? Ginger essential oil works similar to the medicines for the treatment of various gastrointestinal issues, and respiratory problems too as it comes with anti-inflammatory features with it.

6. Sage Essential Oil

Also known as Spanish essential oil, this oil ranks among the oils for a sore throat as it comes with the potential of dealing with viral infections. The oil works effectively on rhinovirus by killing it as it is the root cause of getting common cold and sore throat. As it is also analgesic, it helps in soothing the throat and provides relief from pain, helping to sleep at night. The antiseptic properties in the oil kill the germs and tighten the inflamed tissues to flush down the toxins causing a throat infection.

7. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

This ranks among the top essential oils for sore throat. Used in various ways, the oil serves as an antimicrobial for preventing the spreading of infection in the throat leading to severe conditions. When used, the oil provides a relief from the throat pain and also boosts the immunity to fight against the pain. The oil helps in breaking the mucus and reduces the congestion along with phlegm. Eucalyptus essential oil is the best for dealing with sore throats caused due to any kind of infection or allergies. However, make sure to avoid the oil during pregnancy, breastfeeding and over infants below 2 years of age.

8. Wintergreen Essential Oil

Wintergreen is considered to be one of the powerful essential oils for sore throat and drainage. With features like anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and stimulant of circulatory, the oil comes with 90% content of methyl salicylate that is also popular in the formation of painkillers like aspirin. The oil works as an effective pain reliever and helps in cooling the inflamed tissues for providing the throat with a soothing impact.

9. Oregano Essential Oil

Oregano oil is a smart choice among the essential oils for sore throat. The oil works for a sore throat due to both bacteria and virus infections as it comes with antifungal and antibacterial properties. The oil is also effective over a bacterial infection named MRSA that can lead to serious throat infections.

10. Clove Oil

Again, another oil that is easily available in the kitchen, Clove oil comes with amazing analgesic properties that provide quick relief from throat infections. It is a strong ingredient and a powerful antiviral source that comes with quick relief from severe throat pain as it also strengthens the immune system.

These were some prime essential oils for sore throat and drainage. Some other oils used include Lavender oil, Echinacea oil, Bitter Orange oil, Rosemary Essential oil, Tea tree oil, Hyssop oil, Frankincense Essential oil, Thieves oil, Basil oil, and many more. All these oils come with a soothing impact on the throat providing quick relief from soreness.

How To Use Essential Oils For Sore Throat?

When asked how to use peppermint oil for sore throat, or any other essential oil, the oils can be used in various ways. Here are some of the popular ways of using essential oils for treating the sore throat.

1. Gargling

When it comes to throat treatment, gargling is considered to be the best way to get rid of the discomfort. This process can be carried out by adding a drop of essential oil with around 2 tsp sea salt to warm water. Mix the water well and gargle three times in a day with such water. The technique also works on controlling infections leading to soreness.

2. Throat Spray

This kind of treatment is the most effective one for a painful sore throat. For making the throat spray, add a drop of essential oil in a spray bottle. You can also take the measures as 6 drops for every ounce of water. Shake the bottle well and use this spray for reducing inflammation and controlling the infection. Make sure you mix the bottle well before every spray and allow the mixture in the mouth for as long as you can before you swallow.

3. Steam

The intake of the essential oil through breathing is also helpful in quick relief from a sore throat and congestion. For taking a hot steam, get a bowl of boiling water, and add around 6 drops of the essential oil in the water. Breathe the steam of the water for around 15 minutes, or as long as you can. Repeat the process for around 2 times in a day for quick and better results.

4. Massage on Skin

Yes, the essential oils for sore throat can also be used directly on the skin in the form of a message, or simply an application to get relief from a sore throat. For using the oils in this way, add a drop or 2 of essential oils to some sweet almond oil or coconut oil that are warm. Apply the mixture on the outer side of the throat and the chest. Gently massage for quick absorption of the oil.

Looking for some more ways of using the oils for a sore throat? Well, you can add around 2 to 3 drops of the oil on your handkerchief or cotton ball for inhaling the fumes at the particular time period. The oils can also be used in the form of a diffuser into the air for effective results.

The essential oils are generally safe for use. However, it is better to avoid the oils on infants as well as when your pets are around. People who are allergic should also take a patch test before using the oil properly. The essential oils are not also a good option for the pregnant women, women looking for conceiving as well as breastfeeding women too. Also, after using the oil, if you find any kind of adverse impact like allergic reactions, sun sensitivity, skin irritation, shortness of breath, increase in heartbeats, etc. it is time to see the doctor soon.

So, next time when you are irritated with a sore throat, try the natural way of treating it with essential oils.

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