Detailed Guide About Korean Skin Care Routine!

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Cracking Some Myths About Korean Skincare Routine

Myth 1: Korean skincare routine is not meant for Indian skin

Fact: Wrong. Korean skin care can be used for any type of skin from any country for obtaining the best results.

 Myth 2: There is only one kind of Korean skincare regime

Fact: False. The skin care regime includes a cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, and a moisturizer too.

Myth 3: You would require the Korean Skincare routine for the face only

Fact: Wrong. Not only the facial skin needs required care and nourishment, but the entire body skin especially the elbows, neck skin, back, neckline area, etc. need special care.

Myth 4: There are no Korean products for toning the skin deeply

Fact: As the Korean products are getting popular in the market, they are boosting their product collections which now includes every product related to skin care globally.

Myth 5: Both men and women should use different skin care products

Fact: The skin of men and women are much different. Men might have larger pores, blackheads or oily skin compared to women. Hence, Korean skincare comes with different products for both men and women.

Korean Skin Care Routine

Korean Skin Care Routine – An Introduction

Koreans are quite popular for the glowing and clear skin they have. The ever-shining glow they have on their face is the desire of everyone with age no bar. But have you ever thought what is the secret behind such glowing and nourished skin? The Korean skincare routine is the answer to your requirements.

The prime reason for the Koreans having such flawless skin is the traditional regime they are following since ancient times. Whether it is waking up early in the morning, or coming home after a long tired day, they have a habit of sparing some time for cleaning their skin and providing it with required nourishment. And this routine is the only secret which keeps them glowing every time.

The Korean skin care comes with simple ten steps which when carried out provides with desired results. These steps include an oil cleanser, foam cleanser, toner, essence, emulsion, serum, sheet mask, eye cream, moisturizer and lastly sunscreen.

Are you also looking for having a similar glow on your face? Let’s take a drive on the Korean skin care routine that would surely help you out if followed properly.

10 Steps to the Korean Skin Care Routine

What if I ask you to care for your skin as the very first thing as you wake up in the morning? Yes, the Korean skin care routine morning begins as soon as you step out of your bed. Every woman in Korea considers 10 steps on a daily basis for looking beautiful and having healthy skin.

Here are the 10 step of Korean skin care that you need to follow too for obtaining similar skin.

1. Clean With Water

The very first thing you need to do in the morning is to clean your skin simply with water. Water is helpful in removing all the impurities that have attacked your face at night as well as hydrates the skin too. This step of Korean skin care routine can be carried out in two different ways.

Firstly, with the help of oil-based cleansers like SPF which pushes all the impurities and makeup particles from the skin. This is considered the best way to remove each makeup particle, especially the mascara, without fighting to remove it.

Secondly, water-based cleaners are used that clean and nourish the skin leaving your skin quite supple. It gently cleans your skin from any residue and protects it from getting dry.

2. Tone The Skin With Toner

Toning the skin balances the PH levels of the skin. If the toner is not used on the skin, the skin would be dehydrated and completely dry. Again, the toner also absorbs the harmful particles of the products you would be using on a daily basis. Made out of natural ingredients, the natural toners not only hydrate the skin but also provide it with proper balance and moisturizes it too. The toners used in the 10 step of Korean skin care made in Korea are made with active elements like BHA and AHA that gently works on toning the skin and working against skin issues like acne, aging, fine lines, wrinkles, etc.

3. Essence

Essence is believed to be a beneficial combination of a serum and a toner. The essence is much helpful in hydrating the skin complexion and providing with required cellular elements that would increase the youthfulness of the skin. According to the Koreans, the Korean skin care brands provide with natural products that permit the skin to breathe and avoid the formation of pores and clogging. Hence, after toner, the second layer is the essence which is much thinner and gives the skin a watery effect. It deeply penetrates the skin and helps it in absorbing various products.

4. Ampoule or Emulsion

If you are thinking what wonder would this phase come with, let me tell you, emulsion or ampoule as it is called, is a phase that is similar to other Korean skin care steps that include the usage of serum. The ampoules are formed with additional active ingredients which are included for particular skin care issues. They basically boost the skin to a healthy state. The layer of emulsion provides the skin with richness with extracts from botanical and other packed ingredients. The emulsion layer provides the skin with required hydration and eliminates the greasy impact on the skin. It provides required plump to the skin and also hydrates it well.

5. Serum

The fifth step of Korean skin care is using the serum. With various effective concentrated formulas and active ingredients, the serums work on various skin issues like dehydration, dark spots, and even on wrinkles. This is the best step to de-stress as your skin would be enjoying the active elements of the serum. With the intense moisturizing impact, the serum adds more goodness and thick texture to the facial skin. At times, people tend to skip this step and avoid the serums, however, according to the Koreans, this is an important step to relax the skin and giving it an amazing glow.

6. Sheet Mask

Thinking what a sheet mask is? In simple words, a sheet mask is a gel mask or cloth which is soaked in various healthy serums and used for the face. This step boosts the collagen levels and helps the skin to fight against the aging symptoms for brightening the skin texture. The sheet masks are used for around 15 to 20 minutes on the skin for obtaining maximum benefits. They are widely used on the skin at times like exposure to the sun, before any special function or event, exposure to pollution, etc. The juicy impact it provides to the skin hydrates and moisturizes the skin to keep it moist for long hours.

7. Eye Cream

The eye cream is yet another important step for the Korean skin care routine.If you are under the age of 40, this product is sure to attract you as using it would help with various skin benefits, like aging. The skin around the eyes come with a thin layer, and the eye cream is definitely made with elements that moisture the skin around the eyes. Using the fingers gently on the skin with required pressure, the eye cream helps in cleaning and hydrating this sensitive area. No matter whatever season it is, the eye cream moisturizes the skin around the eyes and helps in dealing with dark circles.

8. Moisturizer

Thinking why an additional moisturizer after so many layers? But the Korean skin care routine includes this additional step for the betterment of the skin. This step properly locks the moisture of the skin which helps in fighting against a list of skin issues. With a number of adorable fragrances, textures and required thickness, the moisturizers help the best for any skin texture. Again, for the oily skin types, they are much helpful in dealing with the pores that are clogged. However, after a long 7 steps journey, you can simply go with a thin layer of moisturizer for required benefits.

9. Sunscreens

The skin is sure to get exposed to the sun every day. And hence, it becomes important to protect it from the harmful sunrays, UVB rays, and the UVA rays too. The exposure also tends to provide your skin with some tanning effect which is also to be considered. The sunscreens obtained from the Korean skin care brands are the best to go with for treating your skin with some natural and gentle care. No matter whether you go with the physical sunscreens or the chemical sunscreens, they are sure to protect your skin from the UV radiations and eliminate any kind of damage to the skin. Again, the people with sensitive skin textures, the physical sunscreens would be the best to go with rather than chemicals.

10. Sleeping Masks

So, how are you feeling after having all these creamy layers on your face? Here is a step that would help you relax from all those layers. The 10 step of Korean skin care is using the sleeping masks which would eliminate all the creams on the face and allow your skin to enter a phase of repairing mode while you relax at night. Similar to the night creams or any other particular treatments, the sleeping mask brings an additional layer of moisturizer to the skin providing it proper rest after a day of the creamy layers.

So, are you planning for any cosmetic treatments? Just look for the Korean skin care brands and begin with the Korean skin care routine for availing the best effects for a natural glow.

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