Easy to Use Guide to Colour Your Hair At Home!

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So you saw your favourite celebrity Deepika Padukone got the latest hair color and now you are obsessing over it. Isn’t it? after much thoughts, you decide that you need that color. Amazing! Feeling excited already but here the question arises; how will you get Deepika’s hair color at your home without any regret next day? To answer your question “how to color hair at home?“, we bring you easy to use guide.

In this guide of how to color hair at home, we share all the advice from the professional hairstylists about your DIY hair color decision for giving your hair a complete makeover or just subtle highlights.

How to Color Hair At Home?

How to Color Hair At Home?

Before the final application day, make sure you perform an allergy test almost 24-48 hours beforehand. Keep old towels handy with you and also try to use the space of your house which can be cleaned later. To learn, how to color hair at home, first you need a couple of combs to part your hair and create sections, clips in order to secure the hair in the position.

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Rule No.1

When you buy a professional color, it comes with a set of instruction. Always use the directions mentioned on the box. As per the hair experts not following the directions during the application of the color is the top reason ladies end up going to salons for the quick fix. Always wear disposable gloves on your hand and old home clothes to avoid spilling color on your new ones.

Tips to Do All Over

When shopping for hair color, look for ‘before’ shades on the label box to get the accurate result. Always ensure that the starter color matches the color on the box.

Total Time: Approximately One Hour

  • Before you color your hair, don’t wash your hair for nearly two days. The reason because you need the scalp’s natural oil to work as a barrier or protection against the temporary irritation caused by the color.
  • Always start with a strand test first. Apply little color on the smaller section of your hair and check the timing as well. Remember, the finer your hair is, the faster it will color. You need 5 to 8 minutes lesser than the time mentioned on the box. However, if you have thick and coarse hair, you need to go with the recommended time.
  • Read and then re-read the instructions on the box. However, skip the part where it says to apply the color all the way from roots to ends in the single application.
  • Start by applying the dye nearly half an inch away from your scalp and then coat the rest of your portion till the end. The reason for doing so is that the heat from the head makes your color develop much faster at the root. Once you are done dying your hair, cover the roots.

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Tips To Do Highlights

The basic trick for how to color hair at home to achieve the sun kissed style is by choosing one shade light color than your actual base color.

Total Time: One Hour Approximately

  • Once again begin with the strand test and read all the important instructions. Start by styling your hair by the blow dry and part your hair normally. Style like your normal hair style in order to see which areas are to be highlighted.
  • Now completely ignoring the instructions a little bit start taking your hair from the front portion and work it back towards the crown. Section out few pieces of strands but don’t space evenly. Some of the naturally looking highlights are symmetrical.
  • Instead of using the kit brush, take a toothbrush and apply the dye from all the way from roots to the ends. To avoid letting the color spill, prop each strand away from your face with a piece of cloth.
  • Let the color sit for the given time and rinse the hair piece almost 5 minutes early to check if the color has come or not. Once you are done with all the chose pieces, wash your hair and boost shine with gloss or hair serum.

Tips to Cover Up The Bad New Hair Colour

  •  We all have been in that situation where we end up facing a new hair color mishap and then start panicking. Instead of running to the salon instantly, just pick few essential hair care products: a shampoo, a conditioner, and few pantry goods.
  • For dark hair, wash your hair immediately. In case your hair gets too dark, simply add little amount of baking soda which works as a mild detergent followed by any clarifying shampoo. Allow it to stay on damp hair for almost 5 minutes. You can also apply olive oil on your wet head. Wrap up your hair in a shower cap and place a hot water towel. The heat helps in opening up of hair cuticle enough to allow few color synthetic slip out. Once you are done with all that, follow your shampoo routine ASAP.
  • For too light hair color you need to add more color to your mixture. For those with pale hair, choosing the one level up darker shade than what you started with is a perfect choice. Only apply the coat on those hair pieces which appears to be too dull.  Allow color to stay for half the time it is indicated on the on the coloring box. Keep on checking to ensure that it doesn’t stay for long and damage your hair. In case you are too light hair, consult a professional.
  • If your final hair color is too brassy, you will surely need to bring down the warm tint of your hair color. For the permanent color, you should choose the shade that’s two tones darker. From next time instead of going with warm tones, stick to cooler tones such as blue.
  • If your hair turned green after coloring (it could be due to the exposure to chlorine) treat your hair with a deep hair treatment mask after washing with a clean and clear shampoo. If there is still no change, rinse your hair with ketchup. The red color found in ketchup counteracts green and the ketchup’s acidity helps in neutralizing the action. Make sure you protect your colored hair before getting into the pool.

Tips To Make Your Hair Colour Last

  • It’s important to use the right products and also a good brand.
  • Treat your hair same as you treat your skin.
  • Alway go for sulfate free, color saving shampoo and sulfate free conditioner formulated for colored hair.
  • Stay with alcohol-free stylers because it will prevent your hair from drying out.
  • Try to shampoo less because water is considered to be the worst enemy of colored hair. The days you skip washing your hair, spray some dry shampoo to the roots or perhaps you can just rinse your hair with warm water and use conditioner.
  • Once a week, apply deep moisturizing conditioner on your hair to keep them soft and hydrated. Afterward, allow your hair to dry naturally.

How to Remove Colour From Your Skin?

Colour helps in lifting the color so when you rinse off the color ensure that you clean your hairline to remove any extra color. The best way to do so is to apply petroleum jelly to the sides of your hair.

Washing off

While washing off your hair color, first of all, spend little time emulsifying the shampoo. Add a small amount of water and gently massage your hair color in a circular motion to ensure the complete coverage as this will also help you in fighting against the stains on your skin that could have started to develop.


To conclude, hair coloring idea might be interesting but remember it’s challenging at the same time. You will be able to achieve the desired results after trying the right technique once or twice. The most important part of how to color hair at home is to select the right color, directions, applications and aftercare. Right maintenance of colored hair can give you soft and shiny hair. We hope you got it all sorted now and you will get ready for little experimentation.

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