50 Life Hacks Everyone Should Know!

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In today’s busy and hectic life, it is very important to find some shortcuts and easy ways to do things. The simple life hacks can make the life easier and flexible. These life hacks are for everyone from children to the adults and are so easy and quick! Here are some surprising and cool hacks which everyone must know!

Life Hacks

Let’s know some of the best life hacks which are rocking the world nowadays!

50 Life Hacks

1. Use hair drier for drying your clothes!

If you are getting late for an event and your loved outfit is partially dried out, you can use the hair drier to dry the clothes and get them ready! No need to wait for hours to let your clothes dry!

2. Keep your dustbin clean and odour free

If you don’t have different dustbins for dry and wet garbage, you must be facing the problem of wet and pungent dustbin! Place a layer of newspapers on the base of the dustbin which will absorb all the liquids and will keep the dustbin free from the extreme smell!

3. Get ice cold drink in minutes

If you love ice cold drinks and your beverage is at a normal temperature, wrap and paper towel around the beverage bottle and place it in the freezer. Within 10-12 minutes, the drink will get completely frozen and ice cold!

4. Don’t have a toothbrush stand? Follow this

If you don’t have a toothbrush stand, get a glass, tie some rubber bands horizontally and vertically to make partitions and settle the toothbrushes in different segments! This will make tooth brush storage and usage easier!

5. Don’t want to get your cola watered down? Here’s a tip

When you put a lot of ice in your soda, at the end, the taste of the cola gets watered. If you don’t want to compromise with the yummy taste of the cola, put some cola in the ice trays and fill the ice tray with this cola. Use these refrigerated cola cubes in your soda and the taste will remain simply yummy!

6. The Coolest Health Tip

Doctors say drink a lot of water every day and if you are among the people who often forget to drink enough water, mark your water bottle with time.  Make sure you drink the decided amount water with this marked bottle!

7. Store the herbs like a pro

The lifespan of fresh herbs is very low and if you want to store the fresh herbs for any emergency condition, place the herbs in a huge container, add water and freeze it. The ice cubes will keep the herbs fresh and when you need to use them, melt the water!

8. Get the most out of your toothpaste

If you hate squeezing the toothpaste hard when it ends, here are some cool hacks which will get you loads of remaining toothpaste. Roll a rolling pin from the end to the front of the toothpaste and this will burst a lot of toothpaste on your brush. Also you can cut the toothpaste container from centre to extract all the paste without exert!

9. Tired of peeling potatoes? Here is a quick tip

Peeling the boiled potatoes creates such a mess, your nails get all the potato stuck and the skin of potatoes doesn’t get peeled of easily. For this, make an incision around the entire potato from the centre. Now boil the potatoes for the desired time. Wash them with ice cold water and peel the skin from the incision!

10. Glass windows? Use coffee filters

If you have a lot of coffee filter bags in your home, open them up and clean your glass windows, doors and mirrors with this paper! It will shine as never before!

11. Don’t have a funnel? Here is an amazing quick tip for you

The funnels have already made our life easily although, there are many people who still don’t have it. If even you are the one, cut the plastic bottle from the centre and use the top of the bottle for pouring liquids.

12. Measure the life of your battery

If you want to measure the life of your battery, just raise the battery and make it fall down. If the battery stands up with a little bounce, it has a lot of power and if it bounces and falls down, it has very less life left!

13. Power cut in your home? Use a bigger flash light!

If you are facing the trouble of power cut, here is a tip which you can use. Get a bottle filled with water and rubber band. Turn on the flash light of the phone and tie it to the bottle. This will spread a lot of light in the entire room!

14. Often get hurt by the broken glass pieces? Watch the tip below!

We all break some crockery and glasses. The small and tiny pieces of these glasses can stick to your feet and hurt a lot. To prevent all this pain, here is a genius hack which you must try. When you break glass crockery, get bread and make the bread clean the area. When you press the bread on the floor, all the broken pieces will stick to your bread saving all the pain and cuts!

15. To eat your snacks comfortable form the packages

We all have those tight and small snack packages which won’t let our hand enter the opening of the pack! If you want to eat your snacks properly, cut the snack packaging from the backwards in a square shape and open get a full wide area to place your hand and pick your favourite snacks!

16. Use tongs to clean window strips

We have some equipment like straightener and tongs in our home. You can use these to clean the areas with low gaps just like the window strips. Wrap your cleaning napkin around both the edges of the tongs and tighten with a rubber band. Now, clean the space with this amazing cleaner!

17. Use curtain hooks to hang the caps

If you have a lot of caps, here is an amazing quick hack which you can use. Get the curtain hooks and hang the caps in these hooks! Place a hanger and hang all the hooks in it for a more organised and cool storage!

18. Hold your recipe book in your kitchen easily

If you love cooking and your messy hands can’t turn the pages of the recipe book, here is a supreme trick to hold the book. Get the pants hanger and place the book on this hanger. Flip whenever you want and cook without getting you book messy!

19. Basketball net for cleaning

If you are worried about the non-stick coat of your pan, use the basketball net to clean the pan! Fold the net and use this smooth and easy net to clean the pan which won’t cause any trouble to the fabrication. You can also use this net with a soap to make a diy hand scrubber!

20. Use Hair clips to organize the multiple cords

In this technical and musical world, we have a lot of cables, speakers and hands free cords lying on our bed. If you don’t have an organizer, use your hair clips to handle the hands free cord! Such a life saving hack it is!

21. Use essential oil as air freshener on the filters

If you have a ceiling air filter or the filter fans on your walls, these can be sued as air fresheners too! Put some drops of any essential oil or vanilla oil on the air filters. This will freshen up the air in your entire home and will keep you calm! No need to get all the expensive air fresheners from the malls!

22. Sand paper for sharpening scissors

Often after some uses, the scissors get blunt and won’t work as effectively. To make the blades of the scissor more sharp and crisp, here is an awesome tip. If you have some sand paper in your home, cut the sand paper with the scissor and then cut the paper you want. The scissors will instantly get sharper! You can also rub the knives and scissor blades with sand paper to make them sharp!

23. Arrange the clothes in a vertical way!

If you get your drawer messy while searching for your favourite clothes, arrange your clothes in a vertical way in your wardrobe. This will make all the clothes visible to you and you can choose from your favourites!

24. Use pens and pencils to get beautiful nail paint!

We all love nail paints which get quite messy while we apply it on the feet nails. When the fingers touch each other, the polish stains would bother you. To prevent this, place the pens and pencils in between the fingers which will help you get clean nail paint in legs!

25. Clean the fan with pillow cases!

The fans are quite hectic to clean and thus, here is a hack which you must try, cover the fan wing with a pillow case and clean it while wiping it off with the pillow case! Cleaning fans has never been so easy!

26. Wash diamond jewellery with toothpaste

If your diamond jewellery gets dirty and dark after few days, here is a stunning and promising tip to get shiny diamonds soon. Get some tooth paste and brush and rub this brush on your diamonds. Rub for 5 minutes and rinse with water. This will give you fine and shiny diamonds in no time!

27. Use buttermilk to clean copper, silver or brass!

Though, this is pure science, here is a stunning tip which will give you shocking results. If you want to clean any silver, brass or copper vessels, soak them into the mixture of buttermilk and lemon juice for 1-2 hours. You will get super shiny and awesome items!

28. Ear bud cleaner as a nail polish remover?

We all face this issue when the nail polish from the edges and corners won’t get off easily. For this, dip your ear cleaner buds in the nail paint remover and clean the nail paint from the edges! This will give you clean nails quickly!

29. Use the nail polish removers for cleaning the hair dye stains

If you are the one who applies the hair dye at home and are also worried about the stains of the dye on your forehead and skin, here is a super tip which you must try! Remove these stains with the help of a nail polish remover and within few seconds, the stains will get disappeared!

30. Remove the stem of the strawberries with a straw

This is a quick and awesome way to remove the stem from the strawberries. Push the straw from the base of the strawberry to the front and effortlessly, the straw will remove the stem in a second! It makes me think whether the straws are simply made to remove the stems from the berries! This is one of the best life hacks ever!

31. Make waxing more easier

Sometimes during a sunny day, it is quite hectic to get your hands waxed. The waxing strips stick to your skin and the hair won’t come off. In this case, when you place the waxing strip and find it greasy, apply some talcum powder with the help of a sponge and rub it on the strip. Now, peel off the strip which will come out quickly and get your hair free skin!

32. Make your own nail polish remover!

If you want to remove nail paint easily, get a small glass bottle, pour some sponge and fill some nail paint remover in this. Let your finger in and remove the nail polish in seconds without any trouble!

33. Use a glass as a speaker

If you want loud music and don’t have a speaker, place your phone in a glass and this will double the sound!

Travel Hacks

If you are a travel freak, here are some exceptionally well Travel hacks which will get you crazy!

34. Troubled in finding your luggage during travel? This tip is for you

If you are a traveller and frequently visit new places, you can try this amazing tip. Place a coloured ribbon on your baggage or label your luggage to make them easily visible. This simple step will prevent your luggage getting lost!

35. Prevent your shoes from getting wet during a trip!

If you love to travel or live in a place filled with small water ponds on the streets, here is a tip which you can use. Rub some beeswax on your shoes and step out with confidence! This will prevent your shoes from absorbing water and will keep it dry!

36. Get fresh smelling laundry!

Not everywhere we get the best laundry facilities while we travel. The dirty smell in the clothes can create a problem and thus, here we are with an aromatic hack! When you move out for travel, place some small scented soap in your clothes which will keep your clothes fresh and amazing!

37. Save space by rolling clothes and not folding them

If you have a small bag and huge luggage to carry, you can roll the clothes instead of folding them. This will save space and get a lot of free space for you to store other things!

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38. Make a cool soap pouch

If you love to carry your favourite soap, cut the wash cloth or napkin and wrap the soap in it. This will keep the soap dry and will also work as an amazing container!

39. Use the sunglass cases to store cords

There are many cords and cables like the charger, speakers which you carry. You can place all these cables in your sunglass case and save space!

40. Use straws to store body lotion

If you are on a 1-2 day trip, don’t carry the lotion bottles together. Pour some body lotion in the straw and seal the straw from both sides. Remove one seal when you need it! It saves space!

School Life Hacks

Try our amazing School life hacks and make your life easier to live!

41. Mark the notes with different coloured pens

If you love to mark notes, and tick the special notes, here is an amazing trick to get the notes. Use green for important, yellow for the explanations and such different colours for different purposes!

42. Reheat the pizza or burger without making it stubborn

We understand that life, for students living in hostels is simply not easy and thus, here is a cool hack you must know! For all the students, it gets quite irritating when the leftover food like pizza and burgers get dry. For making the pizza ready to eat, hot and fresh, place it in the oven along with lemon which will make the food more moist and fresh!

43. Trouble identifying your different subject notebooks?

If you find it cumbersome to find a notebook from the pile of notebooks which look similar, you can paint or label the corners of the book with different colours. After this, set your books vertically and finding your book is no longer a trouble!

44. Keep your laptop/computer keyboard super clean!

If you think, we would suggest cleaning the keyboard with a cloth and liquid, pause! This is a quick cleaning tip which you can use at any random moment. While you throw your sticky notes, place these notes on your keyboard and in between the switches. This would clean your keyboard and will get you no trouble!

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45. Always late for school? Here’s a hack

Always keep your alarm far away from your bed. It may happen that you may turn off the alarm and go back to sleep if the alarm is handy. Keeping the alarm far away will simply make you wake up and move the distance towards the clock which will wake you up!

46. Got a punishment? Here’s a solution!

If you are often given punishments, here is a cool way to complete these punishments. If you are tired of writing the same sentence 100 times, use multiple pens to get the task completed easily. Get 5 pens and tie them with a rubber band. Now write 5 sentences together with this single pen!

47. Erase pen ink stains with toothpaste

If you have the habit of writing with pen on your hands, here is a quick and easy way to clean the stains. Use toothpaste to clean the stains and it will get off from your hands easily!

48. Drill the back of your rubber and place the pencil

Here is an amazing tip which you can try. If you want an eraser and pencil together, drill the edge of your huge eraser and fix the pencil on the end. This is a diy mixture of pencil and eraser!

49. Use saucepans and cooking utensils to iron your clothes

If you don’t have an iron, here is a cool tip to iron your clothes. Pour some hot water in a small pan and move it on your clothes. This hot pan will easily iron your clothes just like the iron itself!

50. Mini fry or heat your food with an iron

If you love the amazing snacks and foods but don’t have a stove or microwave, here is a tip to get the snacks grilles. Get aluminium foils, place the food inside and place it on the hot iron. Soon your food will get hot and crispy!

These everyday hacks will help you at each stage and will surely save a lot of time, money while making you smarter!

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