Yummy Healthy Snacks Ideas That You Will Love For Sure!

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Do the hours between meals make you hungry? If so, you may be tempted to munch on some chips or cookies or candies all of which are loaded in useless calories and lots of sugar. But the simple solution to this is healthy snacks ideas that you can replicate yourself at home. These neither cost a lot nor do they fill you up with unwanted calories. Most of these snacks require 30 seconds to assemble and keep you full for longer than processed snacks. So these are also healthy snacks ideas to take to work.

Yummy Healthy Snacks Ideas for Less Than 200 Calories

Healthy snacks ideas

If you are adhering to a diet, you may want to find healthy snacks for weight loss like the following:

1. Cheese and Popcorn Snacks

Top two cups of popcorn with one tablespoon of Parmesan cheese, toss it around and enjoy. You can buy the fat-free popcorn to reduce the calorie count.

2. Deconstructed Tzatziki

This is a refreshing snack which packs a lot of protein. Cut thick medallions of a cucumber, top it off with a dollop of fat-free yogurt and a sliver of feta cheese. Place a halved walnut on top and voila! A healthy snack you can even serve at parties.

3. Mexican Twist

Mix two tablespoons of guacamole with one tablespoon of spicy salsa. Bake tortilla chips until crispy and serve with the guacamole.

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Few Sweet Cravings for kids

If you wish for sugary snacks like chocolates or cookies, you can sate your sugar-craving taste buds with these-

1. Dry Fruit Oatmeal Bars

  • In a cup of rolled oats, add 2 cups of assorted seeds, nuts and dry fruits of your choice.
  • Add two large mashed bananas, a tablespoon of peanut butter and one egg white. Mix these well and spread into a sponge cake pan.
  • Bake for twenty minutes at 350 F and cut into squares. It takes a bit longer than the two-minute assembly, but it can make a store of snacks that lasts for two weeks.

2. Fruit Salad

There is nothing healthier or more delicious than this snack where you add your favourite fruits, chop them up, top with a dollop of low-fat frozen yogurt.

3. Berry Smoothie

Freeze your favourite berries overnight and chuck them in the blender. If you have particularly ripe berries, you won’t even need to add any sugar to the smoothie. To bring out the flavors, you can add a squeeze of lemon juice.

Salt Cravings

For your salty cravings, you may make any from this healthy snacks list.

1. Baked chips

Slice up potatoes with a mandolin and bake them for five minutes at 450 F. This will crisp them up. You can serve it with a cheese dip.

2. Butter Boat

Take a stick of celery, scoop it a bit of flesh from the middle. Load this with homemade or organic, salty peanut butter. Top off with a few raisins.

3. Meat Sandwich

Take two slices of boiled chicken, a thin slice of cheese and sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper on them. Roll these up inside a lettuce and enjoy!

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These are some ideas that will help you make portable and easy to make snacks. But don’t forget to try and test out your own healthy snacks recipes.

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