Tattoo Aftercare Instructions – How to Take Care of a New Tattoo?

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Some Interesting Facts About Tattoos

  • While making a tattoo, piercing is carried out around 50 to 3000 times in a minute with the tattoo machine.
  • When it comes to tattoos, angel and hearts are the most selected designs.
  • The tattoo is etched to the second layer of the skin that is popularly known as the dermis.
  • In the English language, the tattoo is one of the most misspelt words.
  • The area where the colour of the tattoo fades is known as a holiday.
  • During the period 1961 to 1997, getting a tattoo done on your body was considered to be illegal in New York City.
  • For temporary tattoos, the artists used Black Heena that contained p-phenylenediamine, popularly known as PPD.
  • 75 percent people come up with tattoos that have a deep relevancy with their life with different meanings.
  • Otzi, the Iceman, is the oldest human skin that is tattooed which is considered to be in between 3370 BC to 3100 BC, which contained patterns like simple dots and lines made from carbon ink.
  • Scott Campbell is the richest tattoo artist who is paid $1000 for an hour, and he works only on weekends.
Tattoo Care Instructions

What is a Tattoo? Why is Aftercare for the Tattoo an Important Part of having a Tattoo?

Got your favourite tattoo design on your body? But have you read about tattoo care instructions for protecting your skin from any kind of infection?

Tattoos, popular by names like skin art, tattoo art, ink pieces, etc. are creative designs that are carried on the human body with the help of ink. The body is punctured thousands of time in this process with the help of a needle that carried ink with it. Priory, they were carried out with simple black ink, however, these days, colourful tattoos have replaced the black ink to a great extent.

Having a tattoo is the dream of many people, especially, the youth. But it is also necessary to know the possible steps for tattoo aftercare. The tattoo if not looked after in the initial days can lead to some serious infections or skin problems, and hence, it is important that healing process is given proper attention. For precautionary steps, the individuals are also suggested to reach a reputed and licensed tattoo artist, as he too holds an important role in the healing process of the tattoo.

What Should Aftercare Instructions be Followed For Your Tattoo?

The tattoo aftercare process begins once when you are done with your tattoo. The tattoo artist generally applies some petroleum ointment forming a thin layer on the tattoo, which is then covered with a plastic wrap or a normal bandage. This covering is mostly done to protect the skin layer from bacteria. It also protects the tattoo skin portion from getting rubbed against the clothes which can lead to irritation.

Want to know how to take care of a tattoo? Here are some basic ways that would help you in the best possible way.

1. Listen to What Your Tattoo Artist Suggests You

On the completion of the tattoo, the tattoo artist would provide you with some suggestions that would help in the aftercare of the tattoo. Also, the aftercare suggestion would vary from artist to artist, it would be helpful for the quick healing of the tattoo. Make a note of all the instructions the artist gives you. There are some artists that would provide you with leaflets that would provide you with printed advice to take away. Make sure you follow each instruction mentioned in there.

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2. Wash the Tattoo Well after Some Hours

Nearly all the tattoo artists would advise you to keep the tattoo covered for the initial 3-5 hours. However, after that, they would ask you to gently remove the cover and wash the tattoo with slightly warm water using some mild soap in liquid form. This is one of the important steps of the tattoo healing process.

3. Use Some Moisturizing Cream that is Unscented

Along with washing the tattoo after some hours, the tattoo artist also advises you to apply some moisturizing cream for effective new tattoo care. The artist mostly suggests unscented creams like Bepanthen that helps in covering the tattoo and protecting your skin from any kind of irritation. When applying the cream, they mostly ask to leave the tattoo open and continue the cleaning process for around 3-5 times in a day.

4. Make Sure the Tattoo Remains Dry and Clean

One of the answers to how to take care of a tattoo is keeping it dry and clean. Don’t soak the tattoo in water for nearly a month. For this, the artists would recommend having showers while they would ask you to avoid baths, swimming, etc. If the tattoo is at a place where there are chances of the clothes getting rubbed, the artists would suggest you cover the tattoo with a gauze, medical tape, etc. to avoid irritation.

5. Protect Your Tattoo from Direct Sunlight

Another tattoo care tip provided by the tattoo artists is to avoid going into direct sunlight. The tattoos can fade when coming in contact with the direct sunlight. Among all types of tattoos, the colourful tattoos are at more risk of fading away even if they are completely healed. While walking into the sun, make sure you use some strong SPF or sun creams that would protect the tattoo from the sun rays.

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6. Keep Patience

When it comes to tattoo healing, it may take some time as the healing time depends on the size and design of the tattoo. The healing can take a good time period from days to weeks, and months also in some cases. The larger the size of the tattoo, the more time it takes for healing. Hence, it is important to keep the tattoo moisturized for a couple of months that would help in avoiding skin issues.

7. Avoid Itching

During the tattoo care, when the tattoo begins to heel, it might give you a flake like feeling. Make sure you don’t pick the portion as this may lead to the removal of the ink. This can also result in patches on the skin when removed. Hence, when you feel itchiness or irritation, instead of scratching it, slap the portion lightly. However, this situation would last only for the first week of the tattoo, and if it still continues, it is better to see a doctor before it swells, turns red, or bleeds. Even if the tattoo turns out to be hot when touched, visit your tattoo artist or look for medical help.

8. Visit Your Tattoo Artist for Touch Ups

In the process of new tattoo care, if you observe your tattoo is losing some colour or ink, it is the right time to visit your tattoo artist for a touch-up. There are chances that due to bad ink, or bad tattoos, the ink might lead to bad reputations or outcomes, for which the individual needs to retouch the tattoo from the artist. However, if it is needed, make sure you go to the tattoo artist after 6 weeks for the touch-up.

Hence, in this way, by giving some attention and care to the tattoo, you can help it heal in a proper way without any kind of side effect or medical emergency. Also, it is normal if you find your tattoo scabbing or developing hard layers, for which one shouldn’t panic. In such situation, it is advisable not to pick or peel the tattoo, but instead, visit your artist to avoid any kind of infection.

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What are Some of the Tattoo Care Products Suggested by The Tattoo Artists Or Doctors?

For new tattoo care, the artists or the doctors generally suggest using mild soaps that are fragrance-free.Some also help you with particular tattoo cleansers that help in cleaning the area.

Some of the recommended soaps for cleaning the tattoo areas include:

  • Neutrogena
  • Dial
  • Dove

For the initial few days, the artist would also suggest you some petroleum-based ointment or cream like Aquaphor, A&D, etc. that would help in quick tattoo healing process. Going for cosmetic based petroleum jelly would lead to infections as it is non-comedogenic. Hence, it is advisable to use some specific and non-fragrance moisturizer that includes:

  • Aveeno
  • Lubriderm
  • Eucerin
  • Curel

Hence, make sure you ask your tattoo artist for the tattoo care products that should be used after the tattoo which are not additives. If proper care is taken, you would end up with a brilliant tattoo without any kind of adverse effect.

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What are the Best Tips for Long-Term Tattoo Aftercare?

In the category of how to take care of a tattoo, there are few tips which help in maintaining the tattoo for a lifetime. Even when your tattoo is healed properly, working on these tips would help the ink from degrading and that tattoo would remain the same for years. Some of the widely suggested tips are:

  • Make sure you use a gentle and unscented soap, and clean the tattoo every day, if possible twice a day
  • Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated as it would help in keeping your skin moisturized
  • Look for the material while you select clothes and pick up clothes that wouldn’t lead to itchiness on the tattoo part. Avoid fabrics that are scratchy, as it would destroy the tattoo
  • Maintain your weight as gaining lots of weight or losing it would lead to stretches that would spoil the outlook of the tattoo badly

Hence, when proper tattoo aftercare steps are followed, you can enjoy the creative look with any kind of skin problems. So, look after your tattoo well while you give yourself a trendy look.

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