Hair Care Tips for ‘Curly Hair’ That You Wish You Knew Earlier!

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Curls, if maintained, are the best but if go out of control make you look like you just had an electric shock! It is really difficult to manage curly hair and to play with hairstyles in curly hair. Curly hair is also quite frizzy and dry. Because of all these reasons, curly hair requires a great deal of care and attention. Out of all hair type, Curly hair is considered as the most unmanageable type of hair. Curly Hair Care, hence becomes the toughest beauty regime and if you are blessed with this type then you need to be extra cautious while maintaining them.

If you have curly hair then all credit goes to your genes, as any one of your parent who have curly hair will pass it on you. The hair produced by an asymmetrical follicle is oval in shape and it tends to curl giving you curly hair. The two distinct features of curly hair are composition and structure. But if styled well with the help of gels and other styling products they make you feel like a princess with a natural crown.

Curly hair care

Below we are sharing few simple hair care tips for curly hair which will surely help you to manage your curly locks in easy ways.

Curly Hair Care : How to Care for Curly Hair in Simple Way?

First and foremost, identify the category to which your curls belong. There are three types of curls or curly hair i.e Wavy, Curly and Kinky. First of all find out which type of curl pattern you have. Doing so, will help you choose the best care according to it.

Which is the Best Shampoo for Your Curly Hair?

Finding the right kind of shampoo for curly hair is a task in itself. Curly Hair Care needs a kind of shampoo that tames that unruly and wild mane. This is very important hair care tip for curly hair. Choosing right shampoo doesn’t mean to go and select the most expensive shampoos available in the market. But what it means is to choose a shampoo which works best for your curl type. You have to initially make a search for it along with some trial and error methodology, to find out what suits you best.

After finding the right shampoo for your hair, just stick to the What Color Clothes Will Look Good On Me? it and do not make any changes for as long as possible. If you still want to change the shampoo, exchange your old shampoo with the suitable new one with the same ingredients. Curly hair tends to become dry in nature and hence use sulphate free shampoo as sulphate tends to dry the hair. Try to avoid shampoos which have harsh chemicals in it.

The Best Way to Moisturise Your Hair

Moisturising makes your hair healthy and strong by providing the needed moisture. Always use a good quality conditioner (organic – if possible) after you shampoo your hair. Conditioning is very good for such type of hair as it avoids hair drying. Give extra nourishment to your hair by applying a deep conditioning mask every week. If you want to know how to make a hair mask, we have plenty of tutorials and guides available on this here.

Properly moisturised hair give you a good look and you also feel better. It also keeps those flyaways right in the place where they should be. Friction is easily created in dry hair which causes damage to the cuticles making them frizzy. The friction of hair leads to tangling of hair. By moisturising them you can avoid this damage.

How to Comb Curly Hair?

Combing hair is an energy-demanding task for ‘curly haired’ people but following a few precautions can ease this process for you. Some of those precautions for Curly Hair Care are –

  • Never comb or detangle your hair when you are under the shower as it will cause more damage to your hair. Detangling wet hair means pulling out hair from the roots as wet hair are considered to be weak at the roots.
  • Try to detangle your hair before washing them. After conditioning your hair wash the conditioner under the gentle flow of water and try to detangle your hair at that time. This is a much better option to detangle as compared to combing.
  • After a proper wash allow your hair to dry in a natural way. If you want to use a hair dryer then keep it to minimum heat before you blow dry.
  • Use a wide toothed comb to brush your hair. Start combing your hair from the ends. This help you de-tangle your hair faster and easily and your hair will also break less.

How to Give Massage For Curly Hair Care?

Giving a proper massage to the curls is a tricky task. Curls are like handling a picky child. Deeply rooted nourishment and strengthening from the roots is a must for curls.

Massage your hair with essential oils like Almond oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil etc. twice every week. As curly hair has a tendency to become dry easily, a good massage can help you give your hair required moisture, giving it a healthier look. By using various types of oils you will get the complete variety of nutrition that each oil type offers.

How to Protect Curly Hair from Damage?

Curly hair often has to go through tortures of heat and styling that causes damage to them. Don’t worry we have some awesome Curly Hair Care tricks up our sleeves that will help you to save your lovely ringlets from all this mayhem.

  • Always try to protect your hair from the environmental pollution. Wear a scarf or use an umbrella whenever you are going in the sun.
  • Avoid maximum exposure to sun as this can cause more damage to your hair. Using a heat protectant spray before heat styling your hair can be a good idea.
  • Do not use oil based heat protectants as they will cause damage to your hair.
  • Use a silk pillow while you sleep as it will cause less friction and your hair cuticles will not get damaged to a large extent.

Fight the Frizz!

Frizzy hair is termed as a very stubborn and untamed hair types and hence are really difficult to manage. But there ways to manage and tame such type of hair. The most effective ingredients when it comes to handling frizzy hair are Vinegar and Aloe Vera.

How to Use Vinegar for Frizzy Hair?

Vinegar is the best conditioning agent for frizzy hair. It also adds lustre to your hair. Here’s how to use it –

  • Take ½ cup of vinegar in 2 cups of water. Mix it well.
  • Use this liquid as a conditioner for your hair after you complete your shampoo.
  • Leave it on your hair for 15 minutes and then rinse off completely.

How to Use Aloe Vera for Frizzy Hair?

Aloe Vera is one such ingredient that helps to get frizz off your hair. It moisturises hair even better if paired with a few other products. Here’s how to use it –

  • Make a paste out of 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, 4 tablespoons of Aloe Vera gel, and 3 tablespoons of curd.
  • Apply it on the scalp and along the length of your hair. Keep it for 30 minutes and follow with a regular cleansing and conditioning.

Style Your Curls!

After you have pampered your curls so well, it’s time to style them up. Whether its a party or a conference, or a girl’s night out, curls give a dramatic look like no other kind of styling gives.

Have a look at the ways to manage Styling Curly Hair

Here are a few looks you must give a shot to –

  • Curls look the best when set naturally. Use a styling gel and leave your hair open. Effortless beauty!
  • Try the twisty top-knot. It’s the easiest party hair to pull out!
  • Half Crown Braids are an excellent way to keep hair away from your face and flaunt those curls as well.

Now, watch those ringlets play their magic on everyone around and get set to grab some compliments.

Hope you found our tips for Curly Hair Care. If you really liked them then please share with your friends on Social Media. Also do share your feedback in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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