Health Benefits Of Peaches And Some Peachy Facts!

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There’s a saying ‘Apple a day, keeps the doctor away’ the underlying meaning of this saying is that the fruit bears extremely beneficial health properties that allow keeping the body healthy and strong. However, this is not the case with just this fruit. All the fruits have some or the other health-related benefits. Peach, the juicy, highly nectarine, pulpy and beautifully coloured fruit is also one of its kinds. Here today, we are going to discuss all the known peach benefits and facts.

Peach Benefits

Is Peach Really Related To Almonds?

Yes, absolutely.  Peach belongs to Prunus genus of the Rose family that includes the other fruit plants like almond, plum, cherry, and apricot. This plant is indigenous to Southeast Asia and China. But, China is the major producer of peaches while Georgia produces the highest quality and nutritionally valuable peaches.

Nutritional Peach Benefits

One of the best peach benefits is that it is low in calorie content, doesn’t contain saturated fats and cholesterol. They have a high amount of fibre content. Other than that, peaches are a rich source of vitamins, calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese copper and phosphorous.

Nutritional components per 100gm of raw fruit
Energy 165kJ(39 kcal)
Carbohydrates 9.54g
Fat 0.25g
Protein 0.91g
Vitamin A 16 ?g
Vitamin C 6.6mg
Calcium 6mg
Magnesium 9mg
Zinc 0.17mg
Manganese 0.061mg
Phosphorous 20mg
Potassium 190mg

Peach Health Benefits

Apart from being visually pleasing fruit, this fruit is a favour done to the man by the creator of nature. It has numerous health benefits and if consumed also meets the daily nutritional requirement of the body. Below discussed are some of the peaches nutritional benefits for health.

1. Is Antioxidant activity one of the benefits of peaches?

Yes, peaches are responsible for antioxidant activity. The higher content of chlorogenic acid contributes to this type of activity. Other than this acid it is rich in phenolic compounds, lutein, beta-cryptoxanthin, and zeaxanthin that promptly scavenge the free radicals formed in the body.

2. What is Hypokalemia and how peach helps its prevention?

Hypokalemia is a disorder where there is a lack of potassium in the body. Improper amount of potassium leads to weak muscles and irregular heartbeat. Potassium content of peach is high compared to the other minerals and thus it helps in prevention of hypokalemia.

3. Does it help in cancer prevention?

One of the best benefits of peaches is that it does help in the prevention of cancer without affecting the normal cells of the body and causing any other side effects. The chlorogenic acid and neogenic acid hinders the formation and growth of breast cancer cells. Studies also show that b- carotene helps fight lung cancer.

4. Benefits Of Peaches For Skin And Haircare

The abundance of Vitamin A & Vitamin C is the key factor responsible for peach benefits in skincare. It imparts glow to the skin and clarifies it. There are also known cases where peaches have shown a considerable decrease in the rate of hair fall.

5. Does peach help with eyesight?

Yes, it does. Vitamin A and carotenoids help maintain better eyesight. Hence, the doctors advise inculcating proper amount of Vitamin A and carotenoids rich foods in the diet. Peaches are a great source of these nutrients needed to maintain the eyesight.

6. Peach Nutritional Benefits In Pregnancy

For pregnant ladies, this is a must fruit since the nutritional contents of peaches aid in the absorption of iron, proper development of bones, blood vessels, muscles, and skin of the baby. It prevents spinal Bifida and other neural defects. For expecting mothers, it keeps fatigue and cramps at the bay.

7. How does the peach benefit for Digestion and Detoxifies body?

Peach is a highly fibrous fruit. This fibrous content absorbs water and helps maintain stomach pH. Thus, it prevents the occurrence of stomach disorders like ulcers, constipation, irregular bowel and gastritis. The laxative nature of the fruit causes dissolution of kidney stones and bladder stones. This reduces the pressure on the kidneys and promotes in the cleansing of the body and detoxifies it.

8. Peach Benefits For Stress Relief And Nervous System

Peach is rich in both magnesium and Vitamin B6. Both of these are needed for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Studies have proved that Magnesium intake has helped in recovering from major depressions. Ayurveda also boasts about the use of peaches for maintaining the overall health of the nervous system.

9. Peaches Helps In Obesity And Cholesterol Control

Peaches, nutritional benefits are innumerable; however, the phenolic compounds present in the fruit inhibit production of high levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) and stimulates the production of HDL cholesterol. Cholesterol levels when managed appropriately prevent the risk of obesity.

10. How do peaches help with Immunity?

Peaches are the rich source of Vitamin A&C, Zinc, and ascorbic acid that are needed to keep up a balanced and healthy immune system. These Vitamins and minerals keep body disorders like a common cold, diarrhoea etc away.

11. What is Blood stasis and how peaches help?

Blood stasis is a disorder where blood becomes stagnant, inactive or also termed as dryness of blood. This occurs during surgeries, some other external injuries or due to childbirth. There are proven peach health benefits for this disorder. Inner peach kernel plays an important role in fighting against this disorder.

12. How peaches prevent brain disorder?

Benefits of peaches are now known in the prevention of brain disorder. The folate present in peaches works on the cholinergic system of the body. It prevents the occurrence of Alzheimer’s by acting on the memory and learning function.

13. Can people aim for weight loss opt for this fruit?

Definitely, yes. Peaches are low in calorie value and have a higher content of fibres. This maintains the diet and the cholesterol levels, blood sugar and blood pressure. Since it is a fibrous fruit and with a low calorific value it is the best fruit to have if you are conscious about your diet.

14. What is Metabolic Syndrome and how the peach benefits?

Metabolic Syndrome is the abnormality related to the cardiovascular diseases and diabetes due to high blood pressure, sugar, fats, and cholesterol. The phenolic components present in the peaches have the anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory effect. This prevents the emergence of ‘metabolic syndrome’ and also the other blood pressure and sugar related disorders.

15. Do peach flowers exhibit sedation effect?

Yes. Boiling of peach flowers with honey in water creates a sedative effect and can be utilized to provide calmness to the mind.

16. How does peach benefits for Anemia?

Anemia is caused due to the deficiency of iron and vitamin C. Vitamin C allows absorption of iron in the body deficiency of either can be responsible for the disease. Peaches are a great source of vitamin C as well as Iron. And the absorption of iron is fastest in the body when obtained from the plant sources. Peach nutritional benefits are at its best when comes to fight or prevention of this disease.

17. What benefits of peaches contribute towards the fungal treatment of Candida?

Candia is characterized by overgrowth of the ‘Candida albicans’ fungus. Those suffering from this disease may sometimes be asked to avoid the fruit diet. However, peach is one such fruit that can fight against the fungus causing the disease as flavonoids, polyphenols, and tannins present in the peaches are the major constituents that help in offering protection and treatment against Candida fungus.

Peachy Facts

  • Chinese symbol of longevity and immortality.
  • “Georgia, a country in Eurasia” is known as ”Peach State”.
  • Peach is termed as “fruit of calmness”.
  • Even the seeds are useful. Peach seeds are used in the production of liquor.
  • It is a symbol of longevity.
  • However bizarre it might sound but they belong to ‘rose’ family.
  • Water tower built in a shape of peach is located in Gaffney, South Carolina.
  • They are also called “Stone fruit” because of the hard covering surrounding the seeds.
  • Almost all the peaches production is obtained from the peaches grown on the grafted trees.
  • Peaches are exported worldwide.
  • There are normally two varieties of peaches available clingstone and freestone.
  • There also a national Peach month. Any guesses?? It is August.
  • It is on the list of 20 essential foods for healthy living.
  • Peaches are also known as Persian apples.

With the above, I can now mention that you now have enough knowledge over the uses of peaches and peaches nutritional benefits. Also, we have gained just the needed insight on some of the peachy facts of the peaches present around the world. Good things always take time to build up. Build up this habit. Start having fruits in your daily diets. Make your breakfast plate variety of fruit ingredients to meet your daily dietary needs. The minerals and vitamins obtained from the plant sources are easily absorbed in the body compared to any other sources. Also, don’t forget the peaches.

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