15 Health Benefits of Red Wine That You Should Know!

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Wine is one of the popularly consumed drinks by people. Red wine is one of the variations in wine that assists people to live longer. It also safeguards people against specific types of cancers, enhance mental health, and improve cardiovascular health. These benefits can be realized when it is consumed in moderate amounts.

What is Red Wine?

Red wine is produced by fermenting dark colored whole grapes. Some of the common variations of red wine are Shiraz, Merlot, Pinot noir, Zinfandel and Cabernet sauvignon. The amount of alcohol in it usually ranges between 12% to 15%.

Is Red wine Good or bad?

Red wine is loaded with potent antioxidants and plant compounds such as resveratrol, epicatechin, and catechin. When you drink this wine in permissible amounts, then it results in various types of health benefits. These antioxidants lessen oxidative damage inside the body. Drinking red wine helps in prevention of heart ailment and cancer.

However, the amount of resveratrol in red wine is very low. To get the above benefits requires one to consume red wine in large amounts. Excess drinking can make your body suffer from high levels of alcohol. This can ruin your health. It is thus advised to consume resveratrol in the form of supplements than in the form of red wine.

It has been noted that people who consume other types of alcoholic drinks such as liquor or beer regularly and moderately are at 4 times more risk than the ones who consume red wine. Thus, red wine is far safer and healthier option for people.

What is the Safe Limit of Red Wine?

The permissible amount of red wine is up to 1 drink everyday for female, and 2 drinks per day for male men. Also, to consume it, a person should be of legal drinking age. He should also be devoid of health issues that can get aggravate by wine’s consumption.

Health Benefits of Red Wine

A lot of research has been done on red wine. There is a scientific proof that red wine provides immense health benefits to a person. This is due to the potent plant compound “Resveratrol” present in it. This compound fights off fungi and bacteria and safeguard against harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sun. Besides these, there are innumerable health benefits of consuming resveratrol, a few of them have been described below –

1. Red Wine Boosts Heart Health

Resveratrol can enhance heart health in a variety of various ways. It positively impacts the gut microbiome and lowers the chances of heart ailment.

2. Increases Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Red wine has less amounts of alcohol in it. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These acids reduce possibilities of occurrence of heart ailments. Regular, and moderate drinking of red wine leads to an increase in omega-3 fatty acids.

3. Reduces Possibilities of Type-2 Diabetes

Red wine help in reducing cardiometabolic risk. It is seen in people with Type-2 diabetes. Ethanol present in this wine plays a critical role in metabolizing glucose.

4. Healthy State of Blood Vessels and Managed Blood Pressure

Red wine contains procyanidins that is found in abundance in red wine. In this way, it helps in keeping your blood vessels healthy. Many people believe that this drink relaxes them and also lowers blood pressure.

5. Protects Brain from Stroke

Resveratrol aids in efficient protection of the brain from stroke. It leads to an increased amounts of heme oxygenase enzyme in the body. This enzyme safeguards central nervous system from stroke.

6. Prevents Visionary Loss

Age-prone macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy are major reasons behind blindness in people more than fifty years of age. Resveratrol prevent loss of eyesight due to uncontrolled growth of blood vessel in the eyes.

7. Prevents Colon Cancer

Low amounts of resveratrol lower the size of bowel tumors by half. High dosage can even reduce the tumor size by 25 percent. However, alcohol is a major cause for cancer. So, any advantage that you obtain from resveratrol will outweigh by the adverse impact of the alcohol.

8. Saves from Breast Cancer

Regular intake of most of the alcoholic drinks raises the chances of breast cancer in a person. So, it is better to choose red wine over other alcoholic beverages. This is because of the chemicals present in the skins and seeds of red grapes.

In addition to it, the aromatase inhibitors present in red wine are proven to lower estrogen levels and raise testosterone levels in adult women. The component responsible for preventing breast cancer is the grape in place of the red wine. This makes sense to consume red grapes in place of red wine.

9. Enhances Lung Operation and Eliminates Lung Cancer

Red wine in low dosage enhances functionality of lungs in the body. By keeping lungs in the best state, it prevents lung cancer causing cells from propagate.

10. Makes You Immune to Prostate Cancer

With moderate levels of red wine, there has been seen a reduction in the possibilities of getting identified with prostate cancer. These benefits can be seen when 4 to 7 glasses of red wine are consumed per week.

11. Prevents Dementia

Moderate consumption of red wine reduces the probabilities of developing dementia. As per the study conducted in 19 countries, it was found that red wine substantially reduces the chances of dementia among people who have consumed red wine regularly and moderately.

The key element “Resveratrol” in red wine reduces the adhesiveness of blood platelets. When you intake red wine, it opens your blood vessels and makes it flexible. Red wine promotes a constant and smooth flow of blood to the brain.

12. Works as an Anti-depressant

Researchers have reported that people who drink red wine regularly between 2 to 7 glasses are immune to depression. These results were seen on people between the age of 55 years to 80 years over a period of seven years. These people were less likely to check a doctor for depression.

13. Relieves from Sunburn

Harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun cause damage to the skin. This is more likely when you go bare skin during the noon when the rays are dangerous for your skin. Red wine is made using the skin of red grapes that has immense antioxidants in it. It protects your skin from all kinds of the damaging impact of UV light obtained from the sun.

A person who drinks red wine has the better ability to combat risks associated with UV rays. When these rays touch human skin, then it triggers “reactive oxygen species” (ROS).  This action oxidizes DNA, fats, and excites other enzymes that damages skin cells.

Both red grapes and red wine contain flavonoids. It hinders the development of the “ROS” in the cells of bare skin that are susceptible to sunlight. In place of consuming more wine, the researchers advise to include grapes into your diet to protect from harmful sun rays.

14. Prevents Liver Disease

Moderate consumption of red wine reduces the chances of nonalcoholic fatty liver ailment by 50 % compared to those who don’t drink it. A maximum of 1 glass per day will help in keeping liver diseases at bay.

15. Keeps Dental Cavities at Bay

Red wine promotes better dental health by preventing decay and dental cavities. It does this by eliminating development of bacteria on the teeth.

16. Treats Acne

Research has indicated that resveratrol, with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, could help treat acne. The scientists suggest combining it with benzoyl peroxide and applying it directly to the skin, to maximize antibacterial activity.

Cautions While Consuming Red Wine

Consumption can pose a lot of therapeutic benefits on a person. As everything done in excess is harmful, so is with red wine. When you drink it in more than admissible amounts, then it can cause you below risks –

Most of the severe diseases result from excessive consumption of alcohol. According to scientists, there is a direct connection between excess alcohol and high danger of aggressive melanoma. Throughout the world, around 3.6 percentage of a variety of cancers are credited to alcohol. Due to these side effects, health experts advise people to become fitter and healthier by exercising more and eating less.


Red wine contains several beneficial antioxidants including resveratrol. It is considered to have a lot of positive impact on the body. However, drinking red wine to obtain its benefits is not advised as the consumption of alcohol brings its own share of risks. Occasional drinking of red wine in moderate amount causes no harm. Taking resveratrol as a supplement is more beneficial way to obtain its benefits.

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