How to Select Safest Cookware For Healthy Cooking?

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These are the times where people have become health conscious and started to take conscious effort to make right choices – healthy choices. Be it exercise, diet, change in lifestyle, the mind is now open to welcome ideas for a better quality in life.

We are constantly looking for products which do not bring the harmful chemicals into our body. Organic foods, herbal care products, natural remedies have become a popular choice.

Select Safest Cookware for Healthy Cooking!

In this scenario, it is also important to look into an important aspect, that is the cookware we use. However organic we may go, using the wrong kind of cookware may lead to a health hazard in the long run. We believe home cooked food is the safest and hygienic. But have you looked whether you are using safe cookware? Are we serving just the food or also the chemicals in the cookware?

So, what is the safest cookware? I can understand your confusion and hence we will list out in this article the best cookware for a healthy cooking and those that should be avoided.

Cookware To Be Avoided

Before going to the list of best cookware, let us first get rid of the most hazardous ones.

1. Nonstick Cookware

It found its place in almost all the household in the world with its promise less oil and non-stick surface. But it delivered something deadlier.

The Teflon coating is made of a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). It was discovered that toxic fumes from the coating get released when cooked in high flame. Also, the surface gets easily scratched and minute particles get mixed with the cooked food.

Many studies showed that these fumes and ingested particles lead to cancer, heart attack, stroke, and damage to the immune system. Is nonstick cookware bad for you? The answer is a big YES and recommends to avoid at all cost.

2. Aluminium Cookware

Is it safe to use aluminium cookware? Well, it depends on the kind of aluminium. Pure aluminium cookware is made of toxic materials that bleach int the food and lead t diseases such as Alzheimer and dementia.  It is said that anodized aluminium is safer, but there is still the potential of the toxicity of aluminium. So kindly retire that traditional aluminium cookware of yours.

3. Copper Cookware

Though copper is becoming extremely popular for storing drinking water, copper for cooking purpose has its dangers. As per research, exceeding the copper intake of 900 micrograms a day causes health risk and poisoning. Copper pans leach more copper in food and potentially exceed this limit. Hence be cautious and avid copper for cooking.

Best Cookware For Health

1. Ceramic Cookware

Ceramic cookware is becoming very popular due to its ease of use and safety. It is basically baked in a Kiln and hence is strong and durable. It is certainly the best cookware in the market.

Since the ceramic is dipped in a glaze, it provides a non-stick coating as well as stain resistance. Two important must have for chefs around the world. It is the best replacements for the toxic non-stick pans.

 Ceramic Cookware Benefits

  • Cleaning made easy due to the non-stick coating.
  • Safe to use since it is non-toxic and does not react to food.
  • Food can be cooked using less oil
  • Food does not stick to the pan.

2. Cast Iron Cookware

This traditional cookware is easily the best cookware for healthy cooking.  We think that this heavy metal may be tough to use and clean but the truth is far from that. Cast iron when seasoned properly can be as good as nonstick cookware.  It is great for use in the oven as well as the stove top.

Maintenance is the key. When cleaning, use a gentle scrub rather than abrasives. When coated with oil, it acts as an excellent nonstick surface t cook in. It also cooks evenly and adds flavour to the dish.

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3. Stainless Steel Cookware

This is popular due to its affordability and easy maintenance. It does come with its own small concerns, but still a better choice than aluminium or nonstick cookware.

The only caution that needs to be taken into avid slow coking acidic dishes very a long period of time. It also does not have a downside n the non-stick surface and hence such dishes cannot be cooked in stainless steel.

It is best for boiling rice, pasta, simmering non-acidic soups etc.

4. Stoneware

This old age cookware is making a comeback. It is now trending as the best cookware on the market. The benefits are numerous.

  • Free from toxins
  • Non- reactive
  • Loaded with minerals
  • Retains heat for long duration
  • Adds wonderful flavour to food
  • Cooks evenly

Then the only drawback of using stoneware is that efficient use comes from practice. Since it heats quickly and retains for long, it takes time to get the handle of when to turn off the heat source. For cleaning purpose plain water should be used avoiding soap and abrasives.

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5. Glassware

Glass can be termed as the best cookware for health when considering the fact that it is the most inert material available. It is completely non-toxic and popularly used in a majority of the households.

Apart from use in the oven, there are also glass skillets and saucepans that can be used in stoves.

Benefits Of Glassware

  • It is nonporous.
  • Does not retain odour and flavour of food.
  • Bakes faster than metal.
  • It is rust free and easy to remove stains.
  • With good care, it is durable and can last a lifetime.

6. Earthen Pots

It is believed that the food cooked in clay cookware is very tasty as well as nutritious. The clay pot is porous and hence absorbs moisture and circulates it. It heats slowly and hence nutrients are not lost while cooking.

Unglazed ones are safer than the glazed ones. Though they look shiny, the glazed ones contain harmful chemicals like lead, mercury etc. Best way to start using clay pots is to soak it in water overnight before first use. Then coat the insides with coconut oil and leave it till it completely absorbs. Now it is ready for cooking purpose.

FAQ on Best Cookware

1. Can I use ceramic in a microwave?

Ceramic is safe for the use in the microwave with exceptions. The best way is to test by placing the ceramic in the microwave oven along with a glass of water. Microwave for 1 minute, If the ceramic remains cool, you can use it safely. If it is hot, it is best avoided.

2. Is anodized aluminium cookware safe?

Anodizing means making the surface more hard, durable and corrosion resistant. Manufacturers claim that leaching is very less and harmless in anodized aluminium cookware. However, considering the environmental damages and health hazards of aluminium manufacturing, it is advisable to stay away from these containers.

3. Why can’t I store food in my cast iron cookware?

It is mainly because it might lead to ingesting excess iron and may lead to iron toxicity. Also, acidic foods will react with the iron and change the flavour of the cooked food. There is a chance to develop rust when moisture is in contact for long.

Enjoying nutritious home cooked meal which is tasty and nutritious is the trending practice of the coming generation. We now respect the cooking methods of our ancestors as well as have become wary of cookware abuse. This article removes any kind of confusion in mind as to the choice of cookware. S go ahead and chuck these harmful non-stick cookware and aluminium cookware. Bring in the best cookware for health listed above and enjoy healthy cooking!

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