Eggshell Uses Will Surprise You!

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Did You Know!

  • People have a myth that brown eggs are healthy, and that’s the reason they are expensive.
  • There is no guarantee that the eggs labeled with cage-free actually come from cage-free hens.
  • The eggs are actually free from hormones.
  • The blue colored eggs caught the color after some virus had infected particular species of chickens in South America known as biliverdin, after which the chickens produced green or blue eggs.
  • The age of the hen laying the egg is responsible for the thickness of the eggshell.
  • The nutritional advantages cannot be obtained from the color of the eggshells.
  • The eggs from US market are banned in the supermarkets of British, as they are not washed, similarly, the eggs from the British markets are banned in the US as they are washed.

Eggshell Uses

Are Eggshells Actually Used?

What do you do with the eggshells? Most of the time, they are simply discarded in the dustbins as the people mainly focus on the egg and not the shells. But did you know there is various surprising eggshell uses also?

It might be shocking, but it is true that eggshell also comes with some benefits like the eggs. They are used in various ways and also eaten for the health benefits it comes with. The only point is that they should be cleaned well before making them edible.

What Is An Eggshell?

When asked this, what does come to your mind? Definitely, the broken shells that you throw in the dustbin, right? But here we are talking about something different.

The eggshells are made up of three layers. The primary one is the hard one that can be easily plucked out from the batter when broken. This layer serves with crystals of calcium carbonate in high quantity. The other two layers are the inner membranes and the outer membranes which provide with proteins which are both strong and flexible. The inner and outer membranes are transparent and smooth and also protect the yolk from any kind of bacteria. The proteins here are the keratin layers.

What Are The Eggshell Uses?

Surprisingly, there are various uses of eggshells as well as benefits too. The eggshells come with a number of health benefits as well as skin and hair benefits too. The immense quantity of calcium and protein the eggshells provide with are counted for these benefits.

Here are some surprising uses and benefits of eggshells.

1. Helps You With Required Calcium

The eggshells can complete the requirement of calcium that your body requires in a day. It ranks among the calcium-rich ingredients that help in the development and growth of the new bones. The eggshells are also helpful in regulating the heart beats, promoting the functions of muscle, and controlling the levels of phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, etc. in the blood. Just as it is the best source of calcium for the ones suffering from its deficiency, it is also helpful in the protection against conditions that arise due to calcium overconsumption.

2. Helpful In The Treatment Of Osteoporosis

The list of eggshell benefits also includes the treatment of osteoporosis. As mentioned in the previous point, eggshells are the best sources of calcium, however, it also provides with fluorine and strontium that are very helpful for the metabolism of the bones and for the stimulation of the cartilage growth. They are also recommended by the doctors during the postmenopausal phase for reducing the pain that is associated with osteoporosis.

3. Protecting The Tooth Enamel

This might shock you but the uses for eggshells also counts dental issues. The powder of the eggshells is used while focusing on the calcification of the enamel of the tooth. It is mixed with other toxic materials like cadmium, aluminum, mercury, etc. By combining it with other bioactive ingredients, it is also used for the prosthetics of dental root.

4. For Making Herb Gardens

Are you thinking about how to use eggshells in the garden? Well, they can be used for growing small herb gardens in the house itself. For this, the eggshells are washed away properly from inside and filled with soil and the seeds of the herbs you want to have. The shells are then to be placed by the window side for sufficient air and sunlight. Watch them grow as you water them daily.

5. For Making Tasty Brownies

This among the eggshell uses would make you go crazy. The brownies are given an interesting concept by cooking them inside the eggshells. For this, the eggshells are slightly cut off from the top and the mixture is then poured inside after emptying them. Bake them and serve you kids with yummy surprises.

6. Use As A Fertilizer

Using the eggshells in the garden in the form of fertilizer would surely serve your plants with plenty of minerals and calcium for healthy growth. They are used by finely washing them with warm water, after which they are crushed into fine powder and sprinkled in the garden holes before planting the plants on the base.

7. Eggshells For Pest Control

The eggshells are also the best natural pest control ingredient. When used by spreading them around the flowers and vegetables, they protect them from pests. It is the best for protection from snails, worms, slugs, etc. The smell of the eggshells irritates them as well as the rodents and cats.

8. For Feeding Them To Chickens

Among the eggshell benefits, this is also an ideal way to use them to feed the chicken. As it is high in calcium, it is much helpful for the hens laying eggs who require calcium in much quantity. For this, they are cleaned well by removing the membrane and baked in the oven for around 10 minutes. Later they are crushed into small pieces and given to the chickens for boosting the calcium levels.

9. For Making The Best Face Scrub

Making a face scrub is among the best eggshell uses for the skin. They work as the best natural exfoliator for the face. When used as an ingredient in making the homemade facial scrub, they give out the best results for exfoliating the skin. For this, they are mixed in the scrub ingredients and used on the face for around 15 mins.

10. Healthy Hair

The eggshells for hair make the best homogeneous mixture for the hair. The mixture is made by removing the white membranes from them. It is then stored in the refrigerator. After that, it is mixed with other ingredients like water and avocado. The mixture is then applied on the hair freshly, left for an hour and then washed away. This would not only nourish the hair but would provide them with some extra shine.

11. For Bidding Goodbye To Wrinkles

Is aging troubling you? The eggshell uses for skin includes this also. To make this magical pack, the eggshells are crushed into powder after which it is placed on the ice cube trays. It is then rubbed on the face with the help of water in circular motion. This trick would not only help you in reducing wrinkles but also provides you with soft skin texture.

Hence, the eggshell uses come with a bunch of benefits. Apart from all these, the eggshells are also used for decoration purposes by making out candle stands from them, for using them as serving bowls for chocolates and mouse, making crafted photo frame out of it, and much more. They are also active cleaners for sinks as well as household items that are difficult to clean like a vase, thermoses, pans, pots, etc. Eggshells also serve as the best ingredient for pet servings like dogs for making their bones strong. Some have also listed juices and drinks for uses of eggshells where they are mixed with lemon water for making out natural juice filled with minerals.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Eggshells?

Just as there are a number of eggshell uses, there are few side effects for the same also. Some of the widely observed side effects of using eggshells include:

  • Some people have complained about upset stomach or constipation after having eggshells.
  • Nausea or vomiting, unusual weight loss, loss of appetite, mood swings, etc. also should be quickly reported to the doctors.
  • Pain in muscles or bones.
  • A headache, increase in urination or thirst, weakness, or getting tired often are also possible side effects of eggshells.
  • Swallowing large pieces of eggshells may lead to esophagus or injury to the throat.
  • Some eggshells come with some particular bacteria known as Salmonella enteritidis, which can lead to serious food poisoning if used without properly washing them in boiling water.
  • It can include highly toxic metals which can lead to mild to serious health issues at times.

The eggshells are henceforth the cheapest way to include calcium in your daily nutrients, as well as, are most effective too. But it is equally important to clean them well before using it, no matter whether you are using for health purpose or decorative purpose.

So, what are you going to use eggshells for?

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