Everyday Makeup Tutorial That Every Girl Should know!

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The daily life of all the modern girls is quite busy and for them spending a lot of time on makeup is a waste. But it is also true that any girl would like to have a cute appearance in her day to day life. This can be achieved with everyday makeup look, and thus it is important for all the girls to know some very simple ways to do a quick makeup. An easy everyday makeup tutorial for the day to day makeup look will be perfect to save time and yet be gorgeous the way you want to be.

Everyday Makeup Tutorial

6 Everyday Makeup Look Tutorials

1. The Natural Golden Glow

Natural Golden Glow

On a sunny summer day, a natural look with a glow on the face looks amazing. As the sun makes everything bright and alive, your glowing face would go well with the whole atmosphere around you. So, to get that sunkissed look, just follow these steps for the natural and perfect golden glow look.

  • Cleanse and moisturize your face to make your skin ready for the makeup.
  • Gently apply a sheer glow foundation to your face.
  • To cover the redness under the eyes and cheeks, use a concealer. A concealer that is mineral based is the best.
  • Use a light setting powder on the t-zone. Before this, for a rosy pink touch on your cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and inner area of the eyes, you can use a baby pink bronzer.
  • Use light strokes to brush your cheekbones with a cream blusher.
  • Use an eyebrow powder to define your brows according to your face structure.
  • Use eyeshadow to make your eyes defined.
  • For the lips, use a shade that is similar to the natural color of your lips.
  • The overall look will be natural yet very charming. It will not take a lot of time for you to finish the whole makeup and for the rest of the day, you will not even need any extra touch-ups. Just be careful that you do not smudge your eyeshadow.

2. Bare-Faced Chic Look Of Lauren Conrad

Bare-Faced Chic Look

The Icon of the natural makeup is Lauren Conrad, and you too can get the same look like her with these steps mentioned below.

  • Clean your face with a high-quality primer. The primer will hydrate your face and bring out the natural glow.
  • To make your skin’s tone even you will have to use a skin color foundation of any good brand.
  • Now you are ready with the base of makeup on your face, and it is time to find the blemishes and the spots affected by redness on the face. To cover them, use a very little amount of concealer.
  • Use a colorless powder for setting the makeup base and also for a more even and gorgeous skin tone.
  • Now for the natural sun-kissed look of Lauren Conrad, you will have to use a bronzer on your chin, cheeks, and forehead. Make sure to use a warm matte shade for the best results.
  • To make the tone of your eyelids same as your skin, use an eyeshadow. To blend it well with the skin tone and make it look very natural, use the bronzer that you used earlier near the crease of the eyeshadow.
  • With the help of a flat liner and black gel eyeliner, for the finish of the everyday eye makeup.
  • For the lips, the peach nude shade will be the best, and it will give you an amazing Lauren Conrad look.

3. Asian Eyes With Simple Everyday Eye Makeup

Asian Eyes Makeup

Not all girls are blessed with the monolid or the Asian eyes, but the look can be achieved with this makeup tutorial. Just keep your overall look natural and make your eyes look big.

  • For a dewy finish look and for an overall lightweight coverage throughout the face, you will have to gently apply a color correcting or CC cream to your face. Cover all the areas and do a followup with a concealer.
  • Highlight your eyebrows to give them a defined and filled up look.
  • Now for the monolid eyes, you will have to use two similar shades. Like you can use light brown and dark brown eyeshadow. For the lids use the light shade and for the outer corners use the darker one. For the best results, it is suggested to use a fluffy brush.
  • Carefully tightline the blank spaces with jet black eyeliner. Add a wing with the help of the same eyeliner.
  • Cover your lips with concealer and for a gradient effect, to the inner lip apply a little amount of lip stain.
  • To enhance the look you can also use a baby pink blush.
  • For the final touchup lightly contour the nose area and the entire face.

4. Simple Makeup For Everyday Natural Lips

Makeup For Everyday Natural Lips

Different shades of lipstick can give you a different look, but the natural lips are the most beautiful. To get the natural look and even cover up the dry patches or roughness on the lips, you can use the nude pink color. This is the most trendy lipstick shade of the year 2018. Getting this look is very easy and explained below.

  • Make your lips tender with a lip balm with no shade.
  • Use a nude lip pencil to define the shape of your lips.
  • Fill in your lips with the light strokes of the same pencil.
  • Again use a little amount of lip balm to get rid of the dryness caused due to the lip pencil.
  • Now your lips are ready for the final touchup with a natural nude lipstick shade.

Let the shade be as natural as your original color and try to be minimalistic.

5. Everyday Makeup Routine For Natural Beautiful Eyes

Makeup Routine For Natural Beautiful Eyes

Sometimes instead of having a trendy and fashionable look, you might want your eyes to reveal the natural beauty that they possess. This natural look makes you feel more confident and creates an impression of a modern, carefree girl. Just find some little time in the morning before going to work to get this simple look ready.

  • Remove the makeup from the previous day with a cleanser.
  • Use only a thick eyeliner to define the lower lids of your eyes.
  • For the rest of the face, you need not do much, but if you want you can put a little amount of foundation under the eyelids.
  • While using the foundation, be careful not to smudge the eyeliner.

This everyday makeup tutorial is very easy to follow and gives you a very natural look and make you look unique too.

6. Easy Everyday Makeup To Get The Natural Lashes Without Going To A Salon

Makeup To Get The Natural Lashes

There was a time when you had to go to the salon for the big and natural looking beautiful eyelashes. It was just for occasions and events that girls used to get the fake eyelashes. That was the past, and now with this tutorial, you’ll be able to get those beautiful eyelashes directly at your home.

  • Use cream or gel eyeliner to create the thickness of your eyelashes. Try to make the roots as this as possible. For best results smudge the gel close to the roots.
  • With an eyelash curler sperate the lashes and separate them for a tidy look. After curling the eyelashes, comb them to create a fringe.
  • Use loose shadow for the final touchup. The powder helps in giving volume to the lashes.

The best makeup for everyday use is the one which is easy to do and yet gives you an amazing look like celebrities. The six tutorials shared in this post are the most convenient to follow and also create a unique look. Here are some questions which people generally ask regarding the everyday makeup tutorial. Go through these FAQs to create the best look out of these tutorials.


1. What product brand should be used to get the best of an everyday makeup tutorial?

There are various brands of makeup products in the market. Some are the ones who have earned their name because of their quality for years, and some have been recently created by various celebrities. All the top brands are heavy on the pocket but are of good quality, safe to use dermatologically, and give amazing results. Since all people have different skin types, it is tough to suggest any particular brand. You can try the various brands and stick to one that is the best for you. Make sure that you are not settling for brands that do not have a good rep in the market and have not been passed by the authorized dermatologists.

2. Are the makeup products allergic?

Most of the makeup products have been tested and are safe for the human skin, but sometimes your skin can be sensitive to some particular ingredients in the product. If you have extra sensitive skin, do take your dermatologist’s recommendation before you use any product on your skin.

3. Is it safe to use makeup on eyes on a daily basis?

If you use the right product and the application is safe, you can surely decorate your eyelashes on a daily basis. Just make sure that your everyday makeup tutorial includes products of good quality and guarantee to have no side effects.

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