Natural Ways To Quit Smoking Which You Must Consider!

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Smoking has become one of the most addictive habits among people of different age groups. From adults to the teenagers, from women to men, everyone is an easy target to this addiction! The smokers find it tough to battle the addiction to nicotine which can have dangerous effects on the health!

A lot of people die due to various disease and illnesses caused by smoking and tobacco! Thus, it is very important to quit smoking. Hence  in this article we will see how to naturally overcome the powerful cravings for a smoke. It is not easy to quit smoking and you cannot expect magical results! It is an intense addiction which can be fought gradually. Also, it is very important to find the natural ways to battle smoking. One of the widely used natural ways to quit smoking is the usage of essential oils!

Overcome naturally the cravings for a smoke

Essential Oils To Quit Smoking

  • To your surprise, essential oils are quite effective and helpful in quitting smoking. If you are determined to quit smoking, this is a natural way to stop smoking which you must try! The usage of essential oils for fighting smoking is known as ‘aromatherapy’.
  • There are some questions regarding the effect of essential oils on smokers and thus, here are certain ways you can use to quit smoking with the help of essential oils!
  • There are different researches conducted on this topic which shows that the essential oils like peppermint oil, clove oil, angelica oil, ylang ylang oil, black pepper oil and grapefruit oils are the best oils which has the best impact on the smokers!

It is studied that the smokers who inhaled any of the above given essential oil after the meals, didn’t feel the need to smoke for an hour. The control of the smokers increased for 1-2 hours and they did not feel the craving. This is quite an interesting and easy start with which, the process to quit smoking can be easily started!

Quit Smoking Essential Oil Mix

Take this completely natural test if you want to quit smoking! The essential oils would not have any side effect on your health and will help you get rid of this dangerous habit.

Here is an essential oil mix which you must try to take a step ahead towards quitting smoking!

Essential Oils Needed

  • Clove oil
  • Lime oil
  • Chamomile oil
  • Helichrysum

How To Make The Essential Oil Mix?

Essential Oils Mix to Quit Smoking

Take an empty bottle and add 5 drops of every essential oil in it, except lavender oil, marjoram and grapefruit oil. Mix these oils well.

Close the bottle and make it seal tight. Let this mixture set for few hours and then, it is ready to use.

Inhale this oil mix after every meal and your mood will brighten up due to the aromatic effects. You won’t feel the need to smoke anymore for few hours. Use this on the daily basis to quit smoking with a natural and gradual process!

Benefits Of This Technique

  • It reduces the cravings to smoke and reduces the frequency of smoking in slow and steady manner.
  • Inhaling the essential oils will also help you to control appetite and headache issues
  • Inhaling it will simply get you rid of anxiety, stress and depression in a healthy way!
  • It helps you quit smoking without feeling dizziness, fatigue, headaches and such issues!
  • The essential oils stimulate the respiratory tract due to which, it is very effective for quitting the habit of smoking.

Along with this, there are some unique and beneficial natural ways to quit smoking which you must consider. The use of natural ingredients and techniques will help you conquer smoking quickly.

Herbs To Quit Smoking

One of the best ways to quit smoking is the herbs. Also the herbal supplements are very beneficial and will improve the blood flow.

Nicotine cravings can be diminished using herbs and thus, use this method to fight smoking. Also if you are a smoker since long, consumption of herbs will repair your cells which are damaged due to smoking!

Here are the herbs which you can use to quit smoking:

1. Acorus Calamus

This herb is widely used to treat various breathing and bronchitis-related illnesses. It helps in reducing extra mucus and clears the jam-up in the bronchioles. It is also a calming herb which controls craving for nicotine and helps in anxiety, stress, and stomach issues!

Many people start facing digestive issues and upset stomach while they try to quit smoking. In such cases, this multi-benefit digestive herb will help you fight these issues too!

2. Hyssopus Officinalis

This is an excellent herb which purifies the lungs and repairs the respiratory system. It works excellently on stress and anxiety issues while calming you! It also helps in detoxification of the lungs, liver, bladder and performs cleansing action!

This is an herb which will help you get relieved form nicotine and will also repair the damage cause to your internal body parts due to smoking!

3. Nepeta Cataria

Catnip helps in controlling the most triggers to smoking which are anxiety, stress, depression and such mental and physical conditions. It also helps in reducing headaches and digestive issues! Placing this herb in the mouth under the tongue would naturally reduce the need of smoking!

4. Korean Ginseng

This is a magical herb which reduces both, emotional as well physical trauma and is also a natural tonic which reduces stress. It boosts blood flow in the body and regulates energy!

It would improve memory, concentration and will boost your mood while reducing the need to smoke!

5. Licorice

This is an easily available herb which can fight burning sensations and inflammation in your respiratory system. Chewing the licorice root will fix your respiratory system, control the craving for nicotine and will boost energy!

You can get a licorice root from a herbal shop and use it for quitting smoking!

6. Lobelia

This is a herb which has been widely used to control the cravings and reduce the side effects which can affect you while you quit smoking. Lobeline in the lobelia herb has very similar effects on the body as nicotine but does not harm the body. Along with this, it is an anti septic herb with interesting healing properties which clears the lungs and respiratory system. Even lobelia tea is consumed to quit smoking gradually!

There are few other herbs like oat grass, passion flower, plantain, mullein, Rhodiola, skullcap, valerian etc are used to control smoking habits due to its benefits of clearing the respiratory system and reducing the cravings to smoke.

It must be noted that these herbs must be taken in a limited quantity and not on daily basis. Check for the effects of the herbs on your body to ensure its safety!

Other Natural Ways To Quit Smoking

1. Try Acupuncture

This is one of the best used remedies or natural ways to quit smoking. This technique uses thin needles which are inserted in specific areas of the body which can stimulate energy and improve blood flow in the body. This technique doesn’t cause pain and is considered a natural healing process which reduces the cravings to smoke.

The points targeted during acupuncture can target the cravings and need to smoke and reduce the extreme need of smoking. If you like the natural healing processes, try acupuncture!

2. Get Some Grape Juice

Quit Smoking with Grape Juice

This is the ingredient which helps in fighting the toxic substances from your body one of which is nicotine. When you start to quit smoking, you can feel nauseous, get headaches and such issues. For fighting this, drink grape juice daily which will help in detoxifying your body.

This will also boost your moods and will make you feel hydrated, energetic and stress free!

3. Stay Away From Caffeine

When you quit smoking, also try to stay away from caffeinated drinks. These drinks and consumption of caffeine may cause jitter and fatigue. Thus, stay away from caffeine or consume very less amount of caffeine when you quit smoking.

4. Perform Meditation And Yoga

These two magical practices have shown very interesting results on various illnesses and disease. To quit smoking, you can start with yoga and meditation which will give you quite reliable results. More often, people smoke due to stress and anxiety which can be significantly reduced by meditation.  It helps in boosting blood flow, improving your will power, making your more focused and much more!

Yoga will help you control your cravings and will fight the stress hormones! Thus, try some yoga poses, meditation and breathing techniques!

5. Change Your Diet And Keep Hydrated

The fruits and vegetables are the foods which would worsen the taste of cigarette and thus, you need to consume more veggies and fruits! It will not only help you to fight cravings to smoke but will also fill you with vitamins and nutrients to improve your body! Water on the other hand helps in fighting the toxins from your body!

Thus, drink water and eat fresh foods to stay healthy, active and energetic while fighting smoking!

These are the natural ways, herbs and essential oils which will help you fight smoking. However, more than any of these, you will need a strong determination and support to quit such a dangerous habit of smoking!

Get determined, get the support from people around you and move towards a healthy and fit life!

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