How To Get Rid Of Muffin Top?

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One of the weight loss challenges confronted by many among us is a feared muffin top. The conventional methods focus on spot exercises to get rid of the excess amount of fat. But ideally a weight loss regime needs to be implemented where the focus is incorporating smart diet choices in combination with numerous cardiovascular exercises to eradicate the accumulating belly fat.

How To Get Rid Of Muffin Top?

The Main Reasons For Muffin Tops

Normally belly button is caused by numerous factors. The main reason for it could be excess fat all over the body. If you intend to lose pounds, then focus on loosing pounds in the middle area, but there are various other causes for muffin tops as well.

1. Genetics

If you are having fat all over the body, then obviously you are bound to have some fat around the area of waist. But the truth of the matter is that the body tends to store fat in the region most which is indicated by genetics. If your grandfather or your mother was pear shaped, then the chances are pretty high that you are going to be pear shaped as well. But do not rely on this as a form of excuse. If you have belly fat then resort to the medium of exercise by working on abs and losing that extra bit of fat.

2. Poor Diet

Have you ever come across the fact that “flat abs is located in the premises of the kitchen”? If you consume lot of sugary drinks, soda or artificial ingredients then you are going to have a bloated belly for sure. Some people have responsiveness to different types of food for a bloated belly. You can keep a calendar and note down what you ate for each meal and how does your stomach feel after the consumption of a meal.

3. Stress

Do indicate to the fact that stress levels can pave way to an increase in visceral fat. The prime reason for muffin tops is the presence of cortisol the stress hormone as it would mean that they intend to hold that fat for survival. Being stressed not only contributes to visceral fat, but it would also mean that there is a tendency to opt for sugary snacks. To trim down the waist line, stress management is important as anything else.

Steps To Get Rid Of  Muffin Top

Method 1- Incorporating Necessary Changes In Diet

1. Distracted Eating Should Be Avoided

Individuals are more prone to eating when they keep on thinking about it all the more. Set specific meal timings during the course of the day and exercise a strict no that you will not be eating in front of your computer desk or TV.

2. Portion Sizes

Eat small portion meals so that the calories are easy to burn off. In doing so the chances of fat accumulating will also be less. Ideally, a diet should be nutritious and balanced at the same time. This should include plenty of lean protein, whole grains, lean problem and vegetables.

3. Fat Intake Should Be Monitored

In comparison to Trans fats are ideal for your waist line than monounsaturated fat. Research does point to the fact that Tran’s fats are going to increase the waist size by close to 30 % than monounsaturated fats. Examples of such type of fats are yoghurt, green tea, avocado, bulgur and chocolate milk when it is formulated from low-fat milk. To get rid of muffin tops, focus more on a home-cooked meal. Processed foods or fast food are a rich source of trans fat.

4. Drinks Of High Calorie Content Should Be Avoided

though most people are aware of the fact that they would need to remove excess calories in their diet, but what most people tend to forget how many calories are part of the many drinks. Do avoid sodas and sugar fruit juices. Another major culprit is alcohol. All these calories turn out to be empty, so the body is not being provided with any nutrients or energy and all these calories are being converted to fat.

5. In Your Diet More Fiber Should Be Incorporated

On consumption of fiber, you tend to be fuller and slow down the process of digestion. Once the food is known to enter the bloodstream in a slow manner that makes it easier to burn off the fat. Typical examples in this regard are cabbage, peas, and avocado.

6. Consumption Of Whole Foods

Whole grains should go on to replace refined grains that have less sugar and more fiber. White pasta, bread or potato all accumulate to the formation of fat. The sugar present in them can go on to raise the levels of insulin whereby your appetite is increased and the food is being stored in your body in a ready manner.

7. Avoid Sodium

It forces the body to retain gas and water. This would cause your abdomen to be bloated and this is the main difference between a bloated and a non-bloated belly that can actually be seen across.

Method 2- Focus on Exercises

1. Forget About Spot Reduction

Most personal trainers do not endorse spot reduction of fat, as it is not successful in removing fat from the targeted area. In case of some women, particularly middle aged ones, an excess amount of fat accumulates around the stomach region .The best method to lose the excess amount of fat in the region of abdomen is to be part of exercises that contribute to the overall loss of fat. The muffin top exercises should focus on the region of abdomen to lose fat. Higher the body mass, that would mean higher rate of metabolism whereby it is quiet easy to lose fat. A toned abdomen is well worth in gold to enhance the appearance of a muffin top.

2. Focus More On Cardiovascular Exercise

with cardio exercises, your heart pumps, that forces the body to burn more and more calories. The more calories is burnt, the top of the muffin top starts deflating. You should go on to take around 10,000 steps and these can be monitored with a pedometer.

3. Strength Training

muscle is built with the help of strength training, and it becomes easy to shed off those excess calories. The strength training should be done 3 times in a week. Women who are part of a weight training regime tend to lose twice fat in the first couple of months.

4. The Abs Should Be The Target

the mechanism of spot reduction does not yield results, when you undertake routine exercises, it can work its magic towards the abdominal muscles whereby the area is tightened. These muffin top exercises will not help you to get rid of that area, but they should be done in conjunction with cardiovascular exercises. Sit-ups and crunches are the popular Abs- centered exercises.

5. The Work Out Should Be Centred Around The Side Muscles-

The region of abdomen can be toned down by working on the side muscles on each side of the abdomen. A simple leg lift is an ideal form of exercise. You should lie with both the legs stretched out and on one side. The leg should be raised up and down, which should be kept straight all the time. The entire procedure should be repeated by working the leg on both sides.

Method 3- Intervals

1. The Choice Of The Perfect Cardio

Swimming, biking, jumping and cardio work out to be ideal choices for this type of exercises. This does not provide you with a spot on solution to reduce the abdomen area, but the excess amount of fat could be melted around the centre and once it is part of your daily exercise regime, excess fat will melt down.

2. Warm Up

The levels of intensity of an exercise should increase from a moderate to high-intensity one. For example, if you from joking you should graduate to running.

How To Ensure That The Belly Fat Or Muffin Top Is A Thing Of The Past?

Trust me; muffin tops are not going to influence your choice of dresses. The fat gives you a loopy appearance and at the same time dangerous for the overall makeup of your body. Any form of exercise is not going to take away the belly fat in a matter of seconds, but a comprehensive diet plan with an exercise schedule augers well in the coming days. All these strategies are going to take time, but long-lasting results are assured.

You can lose subcutaneous and visceral fat by following the same procedure. The mantra should be move more and eat less. Let us illustrate it with the help of an example. A pound is worth 3500 calories. If you manage to create a short gap of around 1000 calorie a day, then over a course of 7 days you are going to lose somewhere in the region of 1 to 2 pounds. If you are a male you would not want to dip below the benchmark of 1800 calorie and if a female 1200 calorie as it is not nutritionally sustainable. If you resort to the mechanism of low intake of food, it is going to lead to the formation of low mass muscle as well.

You should go on to create a deficit in a consortium with exercise and diet. Ideally try to shed off those 250 extra calories from exercise and the same amount from your diet as well. You would want to shed of the belly fat in a quick manner, and any choice of quick fix methods is not a healthy idea. It would mean loss of water and muscles, rather than the real fat.

Any muffin top workout should not target one specific area of the body. The body is known to mobilize fat all over and the focus is not on one place that you are looking at. Burning of Visceral fat is something different and the body does not consider it to be storage of fat. Quick efforts need to be evolved to reduce it and the respond is at a faster stage. When you become active some of the best fat that you normally lose is the visceral fat.

On the other hand the subcutaneous fat is something that cannot be lost in an easy manner. It is found on the thighs, hips or even on your muffin top. More molecules are being produced which is more than needed and the body acts as a protective aid against any form of starvation. In the ideal scenario, the body should lose fat from your trims and then to the thighs. The muffin top is the last area to be reached out to, whereby forcefully you will become a lot leaner.

Tips To Be Followed

  • At no point you should go on to starve yourself. Starving yourself slows down the pace of metabolism which makes it quite difficult to lose weight.
  • Take note of the fact that the muffin could also arise due to changes in your body structure. In case of some women muffin tops could be after menopause.
  • Do make it a point that you do not stick to a particular exercise as the body is going to get used to that. This would make it difficult to reach all the areas of the body targeting fat loss.
  • Ensure that you increase the intake of water during the day. This is going to flush out the excess toxins and contribute to the process of weight loss.

To conclude, by now you are aware on all the tips to get rid of those extra pounds. Strength training, eating right and all of them intend to target to the core. False advertisements are pretty much prevalent in the market on how to get rid of muffin top and most of us would have gone to adopt these measures, but the results have been pretty short in terms of expectations. The message is loud and clear as stick to a natural course of weight loss. Follow the above-mentioned tips, and muffin tops would be history. These tips helps you lose weight ideally rather than fret over it.

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