Ways To Treat A Pinched Nerve In The Neck At Home

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A pinched nerve results when constant force, or pressure is exerted on a specific nerve in the neck. Brain receives warning signals and sends out the response in the form of pain. Strained nerve is the result of a damaged nerve, and results in pain, weakness, and numbness of the region. This article talks about the cause, symptoms and treatment of a pinched nerve.

What is A Pinched nerve?

Neck Pain Due to Pinched Nerve
A nerve in your neck gets squeezed when excessive strain is applied to it by surrounding tissues, that includes cartilage, bones, tendons, and muscles. Due to this pressure, the function of the nerve gets disturbed. This discomforting condition is mostly avoidable.

Signs of a Pinched nerve in the Neck

Here are the common warning signals that you can experience in the affected region in the neck:

  • tingling
  • numbness
  • burning
  • pain
  • weakness in muscles
  • stinging pain
  • intensity of pain increases just after waking up and after lying down
  • People who have pinched nerve can also suffer from sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tennis elbow

What can cause a pinched nerve in the neck?

A pinched nerve is the result of application of a lot of compression to a nerve via surrounding tissues. There are several conditions that can lead to compression of nerves in the neck. The key reasons for the occurrence of a pinched nerve are:

  • Injury
  • Rheumatoid
  • Stress from monotonous work
  • Sports activities, and
  • Obesity

Effective Home remedies to treat a pinched nerve

By maintaining a good self-care routine, you can diminish swelling and prevent pressure to build up in the area that surrounds the nerves. Here are some safe, and effective ways by which a person can get relief from the pain experienced from a pinched nerve. It can take around a few days to weeks to get complete relief from the pain.

1. Take rest

To heal the damaged tissues in the neck, you need to take adequate rest. This is required because movement of the injured nerve can cause irritation. Sleep is important for speedy repair and reduce the discomfort quickly. Rest and sleep are natural ways to repair inflamed and swollen tissues in the neck on its own.

2. Change your posture

A sqeezed nerve can get worsen if you don’t maintain the right body posture for extended time periods. It exerts unnecessary stress on the body that can damage the muscles of the spine and leads to a pinched nerve. Use cushions, neck rests, and adjustable chairs, to provide heightened comfort to the neck and provide effective healing.

3. Ergonomic workstation

Make necessary changes at your workplace to ensure your body maintains the right posture. Arrange your workplace in such a way that your computer screen is at the level of your eyes. Use of ergonomic accessories like keyboard, and mouse will lower pressure in the wrists, and hands.

Ergonomic workstations provide a series of positional options, that is appropriate for several kinds of pinched nerve. Work with different positions to find the one that gives you the best relief from pressure on the neck.

4. Use pain relieving medicines

To get immediate relief from pain, you can consider some trusted and effective over-the-counter pain medicines like Ibuprofen to treat a pinched nerve. Always consult with your doctor before you consume any medicine.

5. Get a soothing massage

Get a massage by skilled therapist to lower stress, and physical pain. Apply low pressure around the impacted region to relieve tension. A full body massage is beneficial to provide relaxation to your impaired neck region. Deep tissue massages, along with physical therapy that includes exercise, and gentle stretches can work wonders in reducing the intensity of pain.

6. Do gentle yoga stretches

Gentle stretches and yoga are beneficial to get relief from pressure, and tension in the area. Slow stretch will promote blood circulation in the region, and heal damaged tissues.

7. Raise your legs

Another beneficial way to treat a pinched nerve is to sit with elevated legs. Raise your legs in such a way that it makes 45°degree angle to your body. This posture will take away pressure from the spine. To get into this position, you can put a few pillows beneath your knees.

8. Hot and cold compression

Treat your collapsed nerve in the neck alternatively with heating pad, and ice. This is a time-tested way to get immediate relief from stiffness, and pain in the neck. It increases blood circulation in the region and help you get rid of pain. With regular application of compression method for fifteen minutes a day, inflammation, and swelling in the region will reduce considerably.


A majority of pinched nerves are temporary in nature. They can be treated easily at home. If the symptoms persist even after performing remedial measures, then it is a sign of serious damage that needs immediate medical care.


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