Do You Know The Importance Of Combing Your Hair!

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Let’s cut down some common myths regarding your hair!

1. Myth: Brushing your hair 100 times is healthy for them.

Fact: Too much brushing of hair would pull out the hair which isn’t yet ready to fall. It often breaks the healthy hair and also damages the scalp with scratches. Use brushes while styling only. Know how to comb right.

Comb right

2. Myth: Regularly trimming the hair would make it grow fast.

Fact: Definitely NO! The hair doesn’t come with any blood vessels or nerve endings. So, hair trimming or cutting would not lead to quick hair growth.

3. Myth: Rubbing the hair would help in quick and safely drying hair

Fact: Rubbing hair vigorously when they are wet would surely increase the friction between them. This would damage the cuticles and rough damaging it.

4. Myth: Using strong conditioners and shampoos would help in mending split ends

Fact: Nothing would help in effectively dealing with split ends except cutting them. Split ends are nothing but the damaged cuticles which cannot be mended with any kind of hair treatments. All you have to do is to cut them off.

5. Myth: Washing the hair daily would dry them and turn unhealthy

Fact: There is no harm in washing the hair daily until you are using a good organic conditioner to avoid problems like dryness, dandruff, etc.

Do You Comb Your Hair Regularly?

How often do you comb your hair? When this was asked to a group of 10 people, 7 were found to be avoiding it on regular basis due to various reasons. Yes, there are many people who always remain in a rush due to which they avoid proper combing of hair. Again, the housewives stuck up in their routine also fail to comb their hair daily. Again, there are women with curls who wouldn’t like to damage them by combing the hair. But did you know, there are various benefits of combing your hair?

Combing your hair on a daily basis at regular intervals would help you keep your hair shiny, lustrous and healthy in a natural way. Again, if the combing is done in a correct way, it also helps in preventing hair loss. No matter whether your hair is thick, thin, strong, straight or even curled, combing the hair in the correct way would give proper care to it allowing you to get into any hairstyle.

What Are The Benefits Of Combing Hair?

Hair combing is often taken as of the work, and thus, without knowing its benefits, people generally either avoid it or carry it out in an improper way. Here are some of the hair combing benefits that would boost you to carry out this process properly.

1. Promotes Blood Circulation

The back side of the head, also known as the occipital part, is said to be the center of nearly all the blood vessels from which the blood is circulated to the scalp. Not only blood, but vital nutrients are also supplied to the scalp from the occipitalpart of the head. When the hair is combed, it promotes the supply of fresh blood and other nutrients to the scalp providing you with a healthy scalp and hair.

2. Helps For Good Health Too

According to a survey, the head is said to be the converging point that looks after all your illness. It provides the required energy to the body directly or indirectly to fight against various diseases. While you comb hair, the converging point provides your body with energy which is not only helpful for your body but for the hair too. It prevents your hair from split ends, hair loss, dull hair, etc.

3. Cures Sleeping Problems

The benefits of combing hair at night might surprise you, but as you comb your hair, it surely re-energizes your body and brings your mind to a state of relaxation. This has aided the people who find it difficult to sleep. So, if you are not able to sleep, try combing your hair around 100 times and you are sure to sleep well and early.

4. For Equalized Nourishment

What happens when you apply oil to the hair? Does it spread out evenly on your hair and scalp? Definitely not. Equalized nourishment is among the benefits of combing as when you comb your hair while oiling them, it spreads the oil properly on the scalp and provides with natural growth and nourishment to the hair. This also increases the mechanism of the body for fighting against a number of infections.

5. To Shed Off Dirt

There are many who carry out combing for hair loss. But again, when you comb hair, you also comb off the harmful chemicals, dirt, grime, and products from the hair and scalp that is found on the roots of the hair. Combing allows your hair to breathe by opening the pores of the scalp and rejuvenating the hair. This is the best natural way to protect your scalp from dirt and dandruff.

Hence, combing the hair not only helps in protecting your hair from day to day damage but also aids in providing them with natural growth and nourishment to keep them healthy.

What Is The Right Way To Comb Hair For Obtaining Maximum Benefits?

Do you know there is a proper way to comb your hair for getting maximum benefits of combing? Yes, to have healthy hair and providing it with required nutrition, the hair needs to be combed in the right way with a proper method. Again, to have healthy hair along with proper combing, using hair oil, washing hair regularly, conditioning them, etc. is also important.

Here are certain tips that would help you deal with some common hair combing mistakes.

  • While combing your hair, make sure you choose a stool to sit or something without back support so that your hair doesn’t brittle by when gets in touch with the support
  • While combing for hair loss or on a normal basis, select a wooden comb as it would help in protecting your hair from getting frizzy and damaged
  • Give proper time and concentration to your hair for combing as in a hurry or in a careless way, you are sure to damage your own hair
  • Comb your hair with gentle hands to protect it from falling
  • Avoid combing hair when they are wet. Firstly, dry them up, apply some oil or serum, gently massage the hair and then comb it out
  • Again, among the list of hair combing mistakes is combing in the opposite direction. This would surely increase hair fall
  • Combing the hair vigorously in the backside direction would increase the chances of baldness
  • Avoid too much of hair combing as this would damage the scalp and the hair follicles. Comb the hair for around 2 to 3 times properly in a day
  • To prevent your hair from dirt, clean the comb before you use it and after using it. This would eliminate the chances of dirt getting deposited in the gaps making combing painful and harmful
  • To avoid any kind of bacterial and fungal infections, use your own comb
  • Avoid wrapping your hair with a towel after washing as this would make them more knotty and painful while combing
  • Before combing your hair, use some detangling spray or hair serum to gently open the locks for smooth combing
  • If combing in wet hair, begin from the ends and move towards the scalp as this would make combing easier and damage free

So now, no need to visit the costly saloons and look for hair treatments, conditioners, shampoos, spas, etc. and start combing your hair to gain healthy hair in a natural way.

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