Amazing Health Benefits of Limes

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The sour, round and bright green limes belonging to the citrus fruits family are nutritional powerhouses. They are high in vitamin C, antioxidants and other nutrients. New research on limes have opened up a lot of potential health benefits. A lot more is also in the process of being scientifically established. Key limes are smaller, less acidic and aromatic than their Persian counterparts. They can be relished raw or used in cooking to add flavour.

Lime provides excellent nutritional value. – They are rich in vitamins A & C and other essential nutrients like magnesium chloride. Lime-growing has been economically significant for many cultures around the world.

Good source of antioxidants

While limes may be small in size, they pack a big punch. Their antioxidants can protect your cells from free radicals and chronic conditions like heart disease or diabetes.

They’re high in compounds that function as antioxidants, including flavonoids, limonoids (which make them sweet), kaempferol, quercetin and ascorbic acid.

May boost immunity

Limes are not only delicious, but they may also help keep you healthy. A test showed that vitamin C increased white blood cell production. The white cells protect us from infection and disease. Human research has shown that taking supplements of this essential nutrient reduces the duration and severity of colds.

Lime juice has had medicinal use for centuries in healing wounds. It contains vitamin C, which helps reduce inflammation and stimulate collagen production. Limes also contain antioxidants that protect your cells against free radical damage. 

Could promote healthy skin

Vitamin C is essential for healthy skin. Limes contain a lot of it, and the zesty fruit can help you get your daily dose. One medium-size lime provides around 20% or more. A study pointed out that women who ate more Vitamin C had lower Wrinkles or dry patches on their bodies. So if you desire to keep your face young, start squeezing the limes.

May reduce heart disease risk

Limes may be the perfect solution to your heart disease woes. They’re high in vitamin C and may help you avoid hypertension.

Vitamin C may help protect you from diseases caused by plaque buildup in your arteries, such as Atherosclerosis.

A study found that feeding rabbits lime peels and juice helped slow down their progression of this disease.

May prevent kidney stones

Kidney stones are a common medical condition in which tiny mineral crystals form inside the kidneys. They often cause pain when passing urine. Sometimes urine is passed with difficulty due to its location deep within one’s body.

Citrus fruits act as natural remedies against developing this disease by raising citrate levels. It binds up any potential builders for stone formation, preventing you from getting blocked ducts or having symptoms.

Increases iron absorption

Without iron, you will lack the necessary nutrients to make red blood cells. Iron is also needed to transport oxygen around your body. So iron deficiency can lead to various other symptoms and death if left untreated.

Vegan diets do not contain animal-based products such as beef liver which helps supply vitamins B12 & D needed during digestion. The human system cannot absorb the form of iron found in plants. Vitamin C found in citrus fruits may help absorb iron from plants preventing iron deficiency or anaemia.

May lower your risk of certain cancers

There is no such thing as an old trick when fighting off cancer. New research has found that citrus fruits can protect you from certain types of cancers. They bring down their advance and even roll back some symptoms like appetite loss or weight gain due to chemotherapy treatments.

A recent study published findings on how eating oranges reduces the risk for stomach tumours. Citrus fruit contains flavonoids that act as preventative antioxidant agents against membrane damage caused due to many reasons.

Sickle cell solution

Lime juice can be of great therapeutic and nutritional relevance to those suffering from sickle cell anaemia. It is a disorder that causes the bone marrow to produce misshapen, sickling red blood cells. The condition can cause chronic fatigue and painful episodes called crises that affect chest joints or lower back. 

How to use limes?

Taste and nutrition 

You can use limes in infinite ways. They come in handy both inside and outside your kitchen—their juice contains a lot more vitamin C. The aroma from zesting them is also quite lovely. When cooked with soy sauce or fish sauces, these ingredients give off complementary smells. The many Indian and Mexican cuisines have an indispensable use for limes to retain their spice flavour throughout. 

Potent cleanser and antibacterial

Lime zest adds an extra layer of complexity when mixed with other ingredients like salt or sugar. Lime juice provides tanginess that’ll leave your mouth watering after every sip. It also acts as a natural cleaning agent for many household surfaces. Many households use lime for their ability to clean and disinfect. Lime juice becomes a potent antibacterial when mixed with vinegar or water. One can then spray upon objects to be disinfected.


Limes are a refreshing and healthy alternative to traditional soda flavours. They have little to no side effects, making them safe for almost everyone who consumes them.

Lime is a popular ingredient for making margaritas at home. But people may experience heartburn and other digestive problems when eating or drinking the juice. Its high acidic nature may cause difficulty swallowing, nausea, vomiting, and dental issues. So it will be ideal for those with weak teeth and gums to swish and rinse their mouth with plain water after eating limes or drinking the juice.

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