Realistic Eye Drawing Tutorial for Beginners [Step by Step Guide]

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Realistic Eye Drawing, is technically the most difficult part when comes to pencil sketching. While learning how to draw realistic eyes, the first thing that comes to mind is getting the help of a complete step by step pencil drawing tutorial. There is a quintessential quality of a good pencil sketching. It lies in the fact that the pencil drawing should be as real as second skin. There a number of tricks, skills and techniques involved in making a life like sketch of human eyes. Human eyes pencil sketch should have the power of expressing the real human emotions effectively; Behind every beautiful eye

How to draw human realistic eyes for beginners is a major concern. For a newbie to pencil sketch is the most difficult task, as it needs skill and precision to draw. After all drawing human eyes is a step by step process.

Here is a look at how you can make realistic human eyes step by step.


Step by Step Procedure on Realistic Eye Drawing

Step 1: To begin with, take a blank drawing sheet clipped well and on a drawing board or stand that is well positioned for you to sketch comfortably.

Step 2: Sketch a rough Oval shape or the desired face cut that you envision, with a light pencil, and using light strokes.

Step 3: Draw a line down the centre of the face and across the middle too. This will work as a guide map for you to create equal features and balance the symmetry equally.

Step 4: Now draw the outline of the eyes and have a rough idea about the placement of the eyeballs.

Step 5: Add details to the eyes like specifying the placement of the iris and highlighting the pupil. Place the reflection of the light skilfully, in order to give the eyes a realistic look.

Step 6: Darken and softly tone the area near the tear duct and merge the shading with the help of your fingers.

Step 7: Use a 2 HB pencil where darker tones are required.

Step 8: Shade the areas of the eyelids and add a pair of well shaped and groomed eyebrows to highlight the shape of the eyes.

Step 9: Draw thick and long eyelashes and whiten the waterline of the eyes to give the eyes a life like look.

Step 10: Draw ears, nose and lips to the girl’s face and give it soft shading in order to add more focus to her eyes.

Step 11: Now draw the hair and let some of it softly fall on the forehead, to add appeal to the entire look of the sketch.

With such a detailed beginner’s guide to pencil sketching, learning the craft becomes even easier. Pencil drawings requires patience and practice, especially when it comes to making human eyes. It is an absolutely amazing idea to develop pencil drawings. Learn how to make pencil sketching as a hobby and a creative way to spend your time.

Are you looking for easy step by step beginners guide for Realistic Eye Drawing? Tell us what you feel about this wonderful human eyes sketch! Positive comments are always welcome!

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