Everything You Should Know About Oral Piercings!

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Some Fun Facts About Oral Piercing

  • Tongue rings or tongue piercing is not something new. It was practiced in ancient times too like in the Mayan and the Aztec civilization.
  • Tongue piercing or oral piercing is not that painful as it seems to be.
  • After the piercing is complete, the tongue would swell.
  • There is a myth prevailing in the market that tongue piercing leads to poor oral hygiene afterward. But the fact is that saliva helps in eliminating all the infections maintaining oral hygiene.
  • Oral piercing is said to boost sexual stimulation for both women and men.
  • If an oral piercing is not looked after properly, it can result in various dental complications like gum recession and fractured teeth.
  • Oral piercing can also lead to receding gums which is also known as periodontal disease.
  • Oral piercing can inhibit various daily activities like chewing, swallowing, and even speaking.

Oral Piercing – An Introduction

Tongue Piercing Precautions and Side-Effects

Body piercing is these days counted as one of the popular ways expressing yourself in a unique way. And when it comes to oral piercing, it is the trendiest among other body piercing options.

The tongue is an important organ of the body which is mostly taken for granted by nearly everyone. Whether you are looking to proper speech or want to enjoy the lavishing cuisines, the tongue is the best companion that would help you enjoy all these. And the best way to celebrate its companionship is to get it pierced and adorn it with some jewelry. Isn’t it?

But what does oral piercing actually relate with? Does it come with any meaning or importance or is it simply another way to give your style some change? If your mind is also stuck up with some queries related to piercing the tongue or another oral part, you are on the right page. Here is everything you need to know about piercing oral parts.

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What is Oral Piercing?

What is oral piercing? When this is asked, for some it is merely getting the tongue pierced. However, it comes with a quite broad concept. Mouth piercing includes piercing the cheek, lips, tongue, or even the uvula. Just as there are different jewelry options available for the ears and even the nose, there are various designs available for the oral or tongue piercing with different styles like the rings, barbells, and the studs. But it is not as safe as you are thinking it to be. There are various risks involved with mouth piercing and hence, should be carried out by a professional.

Thinking why people do Oral Piercing? This question has disturbed many. If mouth piercing is that risky, why do people go for it? One of the reasons for getting attracted to it is to give a change to your routine and boring style or personality. Again, for the jewelry lovers, the piercing would give them an opportunity to adorn themselves in a different way. Above all, mouth piercing also comes with a religious side which is basically practiced to reveal the artistic or decorative side and it also has its own statement according to various religions and cultures. Apart from all these, some people also go for an oral piercing to promote sexual pleasure for both men and women.

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What are the Health Risks Involved in Oral Piercing?

Talking about the health risks involved in oral piercing, there are numerous probable risks in the list which includes:

1. Infection

This ranks the top among the list of risks involved in the oral piercing. The reason behind it is the wound that is created at the time of piercing and the numerous bacteria the mouth carries. Again, after the piercing, when any jewelry is worn, the number of bacteria increases, which adds to the possibility of having an infection.

2. Disease Transmission

The list of health risks involved in oral piercing also includes transmission diseases. Mouth piercing increases the chances of suffering from diseases that are easily transmitted. Such diseases include hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes, and various other simplex viruses.

3. Endocarditis

This yet one of the oral diseases related to oral piercing that is highly observed among the people having their mouth pierced. It is because of the wound; the bacteria can easily enter the bloodstreams which increases the chances of developing endocarditis which is an inflammation that is caused in the heart or the valves. This can lead to serious heart issues.

4. Gum issues

Getting the tongue pierced highly increases the chances of any kind of gum disease. Especially, for the people who go for barbells, tongue jewelry for long purposes. Barbells come into contact with the tissues of the gums which can lead to injuries and recessions that results in loss of tooth or teeth.

5. Damaged Nerve

There are people who have experienced numbness in the pierced area or even problems in making movements. This is the result of a damaged nerve. When the nerve is damaged the blood vessels get punctured which can also result in bleeding for a long time. Apart from this, the swelling of the tongue can block the airway which can lead to breathing problems. The increased flow of saliva due to jewelry can result in permanent or temporary dribbling.

6. Difficulties in routine oral functions

Oral piercing can result in difficulties in routine activities like swallowing and chewing the food, speaking properly, etc. The reason behind it is the jewelry as it stimulates more saliva. The taste of the food is also altered due to jewelry.

7. Damaged teeth

When the tongue or another part of the mouth is pierced, the teeth also come into contact with the teeth. As a result, it can also lead to loss of the tooth or the teeth getting loose. According to a study, around 47% of people with mouth piercing above 4 years are found to be suffering from damaged teeth.

Apart from all these, wearing jewelry inside the mouth can also lead to allergies and cause hypersensitive reactions. Again, the jewelry when it becomes loose also increases the chances of choking if swallowed. This can lead to injuries in the lungs or the digestive system. Hence, these are some of the oral diseases related to oral piercing one must consider before going for piercing.

What Precautions Should be Taken While Doing Oral Piercing?

Merely piercing doesn’t end up the process. There are still some precautions while doing oral piercing which needs to be looked after having the mouth pierced. The list includes –

  1. After getting the piercing done, to avoid any kind of bacteria, make sure you rinse the mouth carefully using a mouth wash.
  2. After piercing, avoid touching the tongue with the fingers or any other external objects.
  3. Don’t play with the jewelry worn after piercing.
  4. Make sure you don’t have any kind of spicy or hot food.
  5. People going for mouth piercing should also avoid smoking and alcohol.
  6. After piercing you need to be on a liquid diet for at least one week.
  7. Make a practice of sipping water that is ice cold in the mornings.
  8. If swelling or the development of any kind of infection is observed, see your doctor immediately.
  9. Don’t make frequent movements of the tongue backward or front as this can lead to scratches.
  10. Don’t bite the jewelry using the teeth.

Mouth piercing is quite good to be carried out for giving yourself a stylish appearance, however, it should be immediately worked on if any kind of infections are observed or there are any issues with the routine functions. As high risks are involved regarding both the health and oral, the safest way to keep yourself healthy is by avoiding piercing.

So, what’s your opinion on mouth piercing? Do write to us.

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