Winter Care Tips : Guide to Have a Healthy and Happy Winter!

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Winter – A Lovely Season to Boost Your Health

Yes, the happy winters have already knocked the doors after bidding goodbye to the hot and long summers. While some people enjoy the delicious variety of food available in this season, there are others who love to jog or exercise in the cool and dark mornings. Similarly, there are some who love to enjoy the sweet weather by remaining for long hours in bed. Hence, everyone comes with their own ways of enjoying the winter. But wait a minute! There are particular efforts you need to make to keep yourself healthy for suffering the cold months and fight some common diseases of the season.

Winter is a season that brings various holidays. And holidays are sure to make you feel lazy when it comes to staying active. People experience a lack of motivation as the holidays change the environment and surroundings completely. Being with the family, eating seasonal dishes, sleeping for long hours, and much more is carried out in the winter holidays and the exercising hours are widely sacrificed for the cozy and warm nights on your favorite bed or couch.

Again, the days in winter are short and finding a reason that motivates is quite difficult. And overeating the seasonal food, lack of motivation, sleeping for long hours, etc. leads to a weak immune system and boosts the chances of suffering from any injury or illness.

So, after learning the possible risks and illness patterns, are you looking for different ways to deal with the season and enjoy the winter in a healthy and happier way? If yes, you have landed on the right page.

Today we shall discuss the various ways to make winter a healthier and enjoyable season at a time.

Winter Care Tips for a Healthy and Happy Winter

Talking about the tips on having a healthy winter, the tips can be divided into various portions like diet and exercises, safety during winters, and general health awareness. Here is all you need to look after during winters.

1. Control Your Carb Carvings

It is obvious that during the cold season, your cravings for carbs would increase. That is because when you have delicious dishes, they increase your serotonin levels due to which the brain thinks that you are happy. And as the day passes, the urge to have more and more carbs get stronger. Hence, you overeat and add additional carbs to your body. Instead, look for ingredients that are rich in protein, especially in breakfast. This would also keep you energized the entire day. If still in the afternoon your body carves for carbs, look for food items that are low in fats and healthy snacks.

2. Look for ingredients rich in Omega-3 Fatty acids

Winter generally brings natural stiffness in the joints leading to joint pain. And to deal with this naturally, look for ingredients that are rich in Omega-3 Fatty acids. Having ingredients like nuts, plant seeds, and fish would provide your body with Omega-3 Fatty acids that would provide your body with anti-inflammatory naturally. This would be helpful in reducing the stiffness in the bones and joint pain too. Apart from this, they also help in reducing the levels of depression that are observed during the winters.

3. Add Mushrooms to your diet
Add Mushrooms to Your Diet During Winters

Surprisingly, there are various types of mushrooms that provide your body with a number of immune-boosting benefits. Such mushrooms are rich in antibiotic properties and when added to the meals, they provide medicinal properties to the body that help in fighting against various diseases. So, next time you visit the market in winters, look for shitake or even white button mushrooms for giving your body a dose of antibiotics.

4. Have fiber-rich meals

Fiber here means soluble fiber that helps in decreasing the inflammation levels in the body and also boosts the function of the immune system. Soluble fiber also reduces the cholesterol levels which is helpful for those looking for weight loss as well as protects from the risk of developing diabetes. The seniors who consume food rich in soluble fiber face fewer issues regarding the digestive system. For adding soluble fiber to the body, look for ingredients like nuts, oats, apples, etc.

5. Look for orange and green veggies

Looking more for fruits and veggies in winter is one of the best ways to stay healthy as in this way, you shall provide your body with all the essential nutrients, fats, sugars, etc. To make your meals healthy and delicious, look for ingredients like oranges, carrots, squash, Swiss chard, kale, spinach, etc. For adding such ingredients to your meals, look for various healthy recipes today.

6. Don’t forget the spices

Yes, in winters, the spices are also essential for remaining healthy. Adding spices like cilantro, ginger, garlic, and onions would not only add some flavor to your meals but also help in improving the immune system and its function. Using turmeric in your meals would provide your body with anti-inflammation and antioxidant properties and protect your body from heart disease and inflammation.

7. Exercise, Walk and Perform Yoga

Yes, just as a healthy diet is essential, similarly, a proper workout is also important in winters. Be it walking, yoga, or even exercises, any of the workout for a few hours would be helpful in remaining healthy not only in winters but for the rest of your life. Adding a workout session in your routine in the morning would not only eliminate the laziness from you but would also keep you focused and active the whole day. A health tip, going for aerobics would help in boosting the cardiovascular system. So, move out and feel the fresh air. Instead of remaining inside all the time, move out to keep your immune system healthy.

8. Take proper sleep

Workload, social activities, poor sleeping patterns, lack of required snooze time, etc. are some of the common causes of poor health. Compromising on adequate sleep is surely going to have a negative impact on your health. This can lead to various health issues like poor concentration, mood swings, stress, and weight gain. So, make sure you have around 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep every day. So, go to bed on time including weekends without disturbing the sleeping pattern.

9. Water is essential even in winter

Many people kind of avoids drinking water in winters due to frequent urination. As a result, they might suffer from diseases like the common cold, flu, immune system issues, digestive issues, etc. So, have an adequate amount of water to keep yourself hydrated even in winters. Water helps the immune system in flushing all the toxins and other body functions. Looking for healthy drinks, fruit juices etc. is also a good idea, but make sure you avoid sodas that are artificially sweetened and soft drinks.

10. Go for a salt bath

Surprised? Having a salt bath is much helpful in relieving stress from your body. In winters, getting even a small injury would lead to body pain, and with the help of salt bath, the salt would enter the body through the pores and relax the muscles, help in reducing the stiffness of the joints, and treat other joint pains easily. Having a salt bath is also effective in other health issues like bone pain, stress, heart palpitation, insomnia, etc.

11. Grab Vitamin D during winters

Winter is the right time to grab Vitamin D naturally. Rather than remaining in the blankets in the mornings, take a walkout and allow your body to soak Vitamin D from the sunlight. Vitamin D would be helpful in making your bones strong and would also help in reducing issues like back pain, fatigue, tiredness, and much more. So, move to an open place, go for walking, or move the terrace in the morning or afternoon to benefit from the sunlight.

12. Look after your skin health

Just as the winter comes with a negative impact on your health, it also affects your skin leading to conditions like itchy skin, dry skin, eczema, chill blains, etc. The reason for this can be dehydration, reduced humidity, improper blood circulation, lack of required nutrients for the skin, etc. So, look after your skin also. Use moisturizers in your routine for keeping the skin moist and provide it with required Vitamin E for improving blood circulation. Again, don’t forget to use sunscreen as it is also required to get rid of the sunburns in winter.

13. Maintain Proper Hygiene

No matter how much care you take for yourself, you are sure to catch the flu or cold once during winters. The viruses can also spread through coughing, hand contacts, and sneezing. So, make sure you wash your hands and sanitize it properly and regularly. Keep the household surfaces clean and also keep a watch on the toys of the kids too. If you are ill, look for plenty of fluids like soups, hot tea, etc., and water. Also, say no to caffeine, alcohol and too much sleep. Heading for a steam or sauna bath is also helpful in winters to detoxify your body and work on your stress levels.

These are some of the basic things to work on for making the winter days healthy and happy for you and your loved ones. Apart from all these, looking for social life, vacations, etc. is also helpful to make your winter holidays active. Also, protect your hair from getting dry and dandruff in winters by using the right products, oils, shampoos, and conditioners. You can also go for a DIY option to keep them healthy.

So, are you ready to begin with a healthy winter? Don’t forget to write your comments below. Happy Winters!

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Care in Winter

1. What are the common diseases that are frequent during winter?

Ans : Some of the common diseases that often occur during Winter are the common cold, dry skin, pneumonia, and flu.

2. What are some precautions for fighting against winter health issues?

Ans : Some precautions to look after for fighting against winter diseases include maintaining hygiene, wearing extra clothes for keeping yourself warm, moisturizing the skin daily, avoiding the use of cold water, maintaining a healthy diet, etc.

3. Is drinking milk good in Winter?

Ans : Yes, drinking milk or consuming other dairy products like fromage frais, yogurt, cheese, paneer, etc. is much helpful during winters as they serve as amazing sources of Vitamin A, protein, Vitamin B12, and calcium, to keep your bones strong. Go for fat-free milk and yogurt.

4. Which fruits and vegetables are essential during the winter season?

Ans : Include fruits and vegetables like apple, citrus, pomegranate, sweet potato, green leafy vegetables, cabbage, turnip, beetroot, grapefruit, kiwi, oranges, lemons, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, etc. in your diet to make your winter healthy.

5. What are the basic Winter care tips for hair?

Ans : To keep your hair healthy in winters, use warm but not hot water, use mild shampoos and conditioners, oil your hair to make your scalp healthy, dry your hair in a correct way without heating them, trim your hair regularly, etc.

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Thanks and Have a Happy and Healthy Winter!

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