Author: Sonia Chauhan

How to Get Soft Feet Without Pedicure at Home?

There is one part of your body that you may be neglecting for very long. Unable to find out? Think again, something that takes your body’s burden all day long and gets ignored. If you have guessed it as “Feet” you are right. While face and hair take away all the attention, looking for tips on how to get soft feet without pedicure at home? can be a partiality. But then we understand that in today’s fast-paced world, it is important to keep yourself well groomed and your hair and face are the priority. Pedicure at salons are effective...

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How to Choose Winter Boots : Comfy and Stylish Boots This Winter Season?

In a matter of few weeks, fall will say goodbye and we will get ready to welcome winters of 2016 with our favourite comfy and warm clothes. But, hey are you forgetting something? Something that needs more attention when it comes to the comfort during the winter season. Yes, you guessed it right, how to choose winter boots? Boots are without a doubt the best footwear for winter weather travel. No matter if you have ankle length boots or knee high equestrian boots, we all know that we just cannot think about winters without them. Boots have the special...

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How to Choose Hair Oils for Different Hair Type?

Our hair plays a very important role in presenting a personality of any individual and that is the reason why men and women both take extra care to manage and keep their hair healthy. One of the basic yet important routines is to oil your hair. Here, the question arises how to choose hair oils for different hair type? Because we all have the different texture of hair, the different type of scalp and requirements which is not fulfilled by just any hair oil. Oiling makes the roots of your hair stronger and also thicker strands. There are various natural...

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Best Ways to Use Glitter : How to Apply Glitter Eyeshadow Step by Step…

If you are among those stylish people who keep receiving compliments for your unique style, then incorporating little glitter into your make up routine this festive season is the way to go and let your eyes steal the show with shimmery eye makeup. Are you curious to know more about how to apply glitter eyeshadow for a little more dramatic effect to go with your beautiful outfit? After all adding that little glitter into your makeup is an amazing way to achieve that unique “wow factor” which can make you stand out in the crowd. There are many online...

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