How to Use Castor Oil for Eyelashes Growth?

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Thick, dark and long eyelashes are the dream of nearly every face. The eyelashes add to the beauty of the face as it gives the eyes an alluring look with its structure. They not only frame the eyes but are also important along with some other facial features for a perfect fluttering blink appearance. No doubt, girls mostly use dark mascaras for making them look more gorgeous, but did you know castor oil is an ideal way of obtaining lustrous eyelashes!

Today, women are spending a good amount on cosmetic products for having those alluring eyelashes. And for obtaining that instantly, mascara is much popular. But do these artificial ways last long? Again, are they good for the eyelashes? Definitely not. In the form of quick tricks, you are using chemical based products that are harmful to your eyelashes. So, what is the best natural way to beautiful eyelashes? The answer is castor oil which is capable to provide you with thick and long eyelashes.

What Are The Nutrients Obtained From Castor Oil?

Castor oil for eyelash growth is quite rich in nutrients like Vitamin E, antibacterial properties, proteins, and minerals. Another nutrient in the list is triglyceride which is a type of fatty acid. All these nutrients make the oil healthy and effective for various healing purposes.The oil not only hydrates the eyelashes but also strengthens them which helps them to grow without any side effects.

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What Are The Benefits Of Applying Castor Oil On The Eyelashes?

Castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows is a natural way of boosting healthy growth. No doubt, the oil comes with a typical bad smell, it is much beneficial for the hair, skin as well as health too. The nutrients it is packed with makes it effective for a number of treatments that are widely caused due to the lack of required nutrients. Let’s learn how it is beneficial for the eyelashes and eyebrows.


The castor oil for eyelashes is rich in anti-inflammatory properties which come with active mechanisms. When applied to the eyelashes, the oil moisturizes and rehydrates the eyelashes. This boosts the growth of eyelashes quickly. The oil also gets absorbed in the skin and works from the internal side too. It protects the eyelashes from breaking and helps it in increasing its thickness. Hence, if you are having thin or short eyelashes, the best remedy, to begin with, is castor oil.


Many times, it happens that while plucking the eyebrows or shaving them, some extra portion is removed. And getting that eyebrow hair back is surely a difficult task. But castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows is the best and quickest way to regrow the lost hair. The oil when absorbed by the skin or eyebrows stimulates the roots and helps in quick hair regrowth providing you with thick and full eyebrows.

So, isn’t it a wonderful way to have thick, full and healthy eyebrows or eyelashes!

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How To Use Castor Oil For Eyelashes?

Castor oil for eyelash growth is much effective for having thick eyelashes. It not only helps in healthy growth but also prevents the eyelashes from breaking, treats dandruff and works as an amazing skin and eyelashes moisturizer.

Again, before starting with the application of the oil, it is also necessary to learn about the oil you are using. For boosting hair growth, it is important to select pure castor oil from the market. So, while looking for castor oil in the market, make sure it is not mixed with other ingredients as this can lead to skin irritation or also reduce the impact on the eyelashes.

Another widely used product is the black castor oil for eyelashes. Yes, it is a type of cold-pressed castor oil which is equally helpful in the quick and healthy growth of the eyelashes. No matter whatever type of castor oil you select for your eyelashes, both would provide with similar results.

Here is how you need to apply the castor oil.

  • Clean up your face properly with water. Make sure you remove all the makeup traces from the face, especially, the eyelashes.
  • Take some pure and cold castor oil and an eyeliner. Dip the eyeliner in the oil.
  • Using the eyeliner, apply the oil carefully on the eyelashes
  • Leave it overnight and wash away in the morning properly.

In case an eyeliner is not available, you can also use a cotton swab and gently apply the oil on the eyelashes. Again, for those looking for thick eyebrows, you can apply the oil in with similar method on the eyebrows. Also, while applying the oil, if it enters your eyes, make sure you wash it off immediately as it can result in irritation in the eyes. You can simply remove the oil in the morning using normal water or any mild makeup remover.


Castor oil is a natural and safe way of working on the thickness and growth of the eyelashes and eyebrows. It is also easy to use. The only thing you need to have while using castor oil for eyelash growth is consistency and patience as it may take a bit longer time to get those desired beautiful eyelashes. It is considered to be the oldest home remedy for working on the eyelashes.

So, when are you starting with its usage before walking towards your bed?


1. Is black castor oil for eyelashes good for the eyebrows too?

Just as the normal castor oil, the black castor oil is also beneficial for the growth or regrowth of both eyelashes and eyebrows.

2. Which is the best time for applying castor oil to the eyelashes?

The best time to apply the oil on the eyelashes is at night before moving to the bed.

3. Is it safe to keep the castor oil on the eyelashes overnight?

Yes, it is basically safe to use the oil overnight, but for those having sensitivity issues, use the oil for around 2 hours only.

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