How Does Banana And Milk Diet Get You The Right Body Weight?

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Milk, and banana are two healthy ingredients that have ample amounts of nutrition in them. It offers you a wide range of health benefits. Making banana milkshake, a part of your balanced diet, can assist in both weight gain and weight loss. It is one of the best ways to get in right shape. Before you introduce banana milk in your daily diet, check out some of the exemplary benefits of drinking banana shake.

Benefits of eating Banana

Bananas are loaded in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. It is loaded in an important mineral, ‘potassium’ that is important for the vital functioning of the body. One medium size banana provides around 360 mg of potassium to our body.

In addition to it, banana is an energy booster food that keeps you fuller for a longer time. Starch present in banana works remarkably to reduce the size of your meal that helps in enhancing metabolism of glucose in the body and lower body weight.

Banana contains good amount of fiber in it (approx. 2.6 grams) that helps your body to get rid of the toxins in the body. On the top of these benefits, banana taste delicious and is relished by people of all ages.

Benefits of drinking Milk

After looking at the benefits of banana, now let us see how drinking milk can benefit your health and overall wellbeing. Milk is one of the essential inclusions in your diet. It is loaded with proteins, and calcium that aids in strengthening the muscles, and bones in the body. One glass of milk provides around seven grams of protein that helps in repairing the tissues, and muscle fibers in the body.

On the other hand, calcium plays an important role in retaining strength of your bones. It aids in cell signaling, balancing of parathyroid hormone, as well as regulating functions of protein in the body.

Milk is also found to be beneficial in reducing blood pressure in the body. This healthy drink balances secretion of a very important hormone in the body, “insulin”. Milk also helps in enhancement of metabolic rate in the body.

What Benefits can you get by drinking Banana Milkshake

Having learnt individual benefits of milk, and banana, now let us see how drinking them together benefits your body.

Combined nutritional composition of 1 Ripe Banana and 1 cup whole Milk

1 ripe banana contains:

  • 108 calories,
  • 3 g protein,
  • 27g carbs,
  • 3g dietary fiber,
  • 33 g fat,
  • 5 mg calcium, and
  • 22 mg phosphorous

On the other hand, 1 cup whole milk provides:

  • 149 calories,
  • 7 g protein,
  • 27g carbs,
  • 11g dietary fiber,
  • 0 g fat,
  • 93 g calcium, and
  • 276 mg phosphorous

According to the above nutritional content, Banana and Milk Diet provides you:

  • 257 calories,
  • 99 g protein,
  • 36 g carbs,
  • 3 g dietary fiber,
  • 26 g fat,
  • 281 mg calcium, and
  • 106 mg phosphorous

When milk, and bananas are consumed together, it provides your body with loads of vitamins, proteins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Banana milkshake is an excellent post-workout drink. When you drink this drink, it provides you get a sudden surge of energy. To make it even healthier you can add crushed dark chocolate, nuts like pumpkin seeds, and almonds in it.

Banana drink is helpful for people who are either wishing to shed weight or gain weight. This is a distinctive feature of this drink. Let us see how it works.

Drinking The Banana And Milk Diet To Gain Weight

Weight gain happens when you increase your body weight. For that, you need to eat more calories. Both banana and milk are good sources of energy, and calories. Not just this drink will help you build lean muscle mass, but also stronger bones.

Regular consumption of this drink increases your body weight naturally, and easily without any side effects. Banana and Milk diet increases calcium content in your body, that in turn requires good amount of vitamin D to absorb excess levels of calcium.

Prepare banana milkshake using 1 glass of full fat milk, and one large-sized banana. Drink two glasses of it twice a day for a month to gain weight in a healthy way.

Drinking The Banana And Milk Diet To Lose Weight

Banana and Milk diet is also advised to people who are obese and want to lose excess weight from the body. However, you need to consume only this drink three times a day for three days. You can’t eat any other food while on this diet. This will ensure your calorie intake remains within 1000 calories a day.


Inclusion of banana and milk is one of the tastiest and healthiest inclusion in your diet. To achieve your desired fitness goal, pay attention to the number of calories you consume, your present diet, as well as your lifestyle.

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