Types Of Coffee: All Coffee Types Explained In This Guide!

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What do you think on, when I say a word of COFFEE?  Obviously, coffee crazers begin to drool out of control. Yes! Nowadays most of us even feel pleasure in having coffee. Certainly, I’m one of them. Today this article gives you an entire description of the types of coffee. It provides you with many options for selecting the coffee types and guides you to prepare easily.

What Is A Coffee?

Coffee is a hot drink made from roasted coffee beans. These beans are obtained from seeds of the coffee cherry fruit. The coffee beans are bitter and dark brown colored. Coffee has caffeine which has a stimulating effect in humans and makes us feel fresh. It may be served hot or cold depends on your preference.

Types of coffee


Different Types Of Coffee

Different types of coffee available, based on the proportions of milk, milk foam, chocolate syrup, ground coffee powder and water in it. This gives you a different flavor and taste.

  • Espresso
  • Double Espresso
  • Cappuccino
  • Ristretto
  •  Macchiato
  • Long Macchiato
  • Affogato
  • Cafe Latte
  • Cafe Mocha
  • Caramel Macchiato
  • Americano
  • Iced Coffee
  • Irish Coffee

1. Espresso

  • Espresso is a type of coffee made by forcing steam (boiling water) through ground coffee beans without adding any ingredients to it.
  • Espresso is nothing but a strong black coffee, also termed as SHORT BLACK.
  •  Espressos are the purest form of coffees where you can find a good brew.
  •  It is used as a base for various types of coffee.

How To Make Espresso?

  • The procedure for making espressos seems to be simple but it’s quite demanding.
  •  There are espresso machines which shoot the boiling water under high pressure through finely ground coffee powder.
  •  The pressure is about 130 pounds per square inch (psi) or nine atmospheric bars. It is like a ton of pressure which gives you strong espresso brews in a short time.
  • The pressure applied over here is not only for quick brewing but also helps to develop crema and disperse the rich coffee oils into the shot.
  •  This procedure gives you a nice fragrance of coffee packed with caffeine.
  • You can also make espresso coffees without the machine, but it involves much more steps.

2. Double Espresso

  •  A double espresso is named as DOPPIO.
  •  As the name double espresso implies, Two shots of espresso in a single cup are served.
  • There won’t be much change in the flavor.

What Is The Difference Between Single And Double Shots?

  • The main difference is the about weighing shots, not the procedural change.
  •  In single shot espressos, 7 gms of coffee powder is used to get 30 ml of espresso.
  • Whereas in the double shot, 14 gms of espresso fine powder is used to yield 60 ml of espresso in a single cup.
  • The introduction of this double espresso coffee is just to increase the quantity without much alteration in flavor.
  • The caffeine content is merely double the amount of caffeine in a single shot.
  •  Espressos contain 30-50 mg of caffeine while double espressos have about 60 – 100 mg of caffeine.

3. Cappuccino

  • Cappuccino is an Italian coffee drink.
  •  It is the well-liked coffee types in the world.
  • A cappuccino has three layers. The first shot of espresso is taken in a ceramic cup, then with steamed milk and the final touch of foamy milk.
  • The final layer of foamy milk has chocolate shavings or cocoa powder toppings.
  • Mostly, Italians have cappuccinos at breakfast.

How To Prepare Cappuccino At Home?

  • The procedure requires 10 – 15 min.
  • Make the espresso ready, as we discussed in the above topic.
  • Heat a cup of milk until it starts to boil.
  •  Whip the milk using a whisk to form milk foam.
  • Whirl the milk in a glass to condense the foam till it forms a creamy texture.
  • Take the espresso in a cup and pour the steamed milk above it.
  • Finally, swing your wrist in a side to side motion so that the foam comes out and place the cocoa powder toppings.
  • Now your cappuccino is ready to taste.

4. Ristretto

  • It is same as espresso but it’s a concentrated one.
  • Ristretto is a short shot of espresso coffee.
  • Here the same amount of ground coffee powder is used as like espresso.
  • But the output is extracted with half the amount of water when compared with espresso.
  • This gives you a concentrated shot of coffee with darker and of much aroma.

5. Short Macchiato

  • Short macchiato is almost identical to an espresso but with added milk foam to make macchiato free from the harsh taste of an espresso. The way of making short macchiato varies from countries.
  • The traditional way of preparing short macchiato is as follows.
  • Have a single shot of espresso in a ceramic cup.
  • Place milk foam on top of espresso in the cup.
  • If you want three different colors of representing the macchiato then go with a layer of steamed milk in between the espresso and milk foam.
  •  A dark bottom espresso layer, a middle mixture of milk and espresso layer with a top foamed milk layer.
  • This sounds the same of cappuccino but the flavor differs.

6. Long Macchiato

  • Long macchiato is same as the short one with two shots of espresso for a single cup.
  •  The same procedure has to be followed as short macchiato.
  •  Bottommost two shots of espressos in a cup, then with a middle layer of steamed milk and topmost milk foam.
  • This long macchiato is bit stronger when compared with the short type of coffee.

7. Affogato

  • An affogato is like a dessert coffee, taken after dinner.
  • As it is a desert, obviously, it involves ice cream along with the taste of coffee.
  • Place a scope of vanilla ice cream in a cup with a single or double shot of hot espresso.
  • This results in a creamy pool of hot coffee and the drowned ice cream which tastes yummy!
  •  You can also go with a glass of milk combined with ice cream and espresso.

How To Prepare?

  • The preparation time just takes 5 minutes.
  • We need espresso and gelato, Italian style ice cream.
  • The first step involves in chilling of your glass.
  • Then fill it with plain ice cream which must be very cold to make sure that it doesn’t melt while pouring hot espresso over it.
  • Prepare a fresh espresso and pour over the ice cream.
  • Use one shot of espresso in order to cease the immediate drowning of ice cream.
  • This creamy affogato makes you fly in the first sip.

8. Cafe Latte

  • Cafe latte is one of the most popular coffee beverages.
  •  It also requires espresso, the baseline for all coffee types.
  •  Cafe latte involves three layers; one-third of espresso, two-thirds of steamed milk with a centimeter of milk foam.
  • Prepare foam by filling the jar with milk on the halfway. Now close it with the lid and shake vigorously for one minute.
  • Then microwave the frothed milk uncovered for 30 sec, allows the foam to rise and use it for cafe latte preparation.
  •  You can use non-fat milk over here and cocoa power for toppings.

9. Cafe Mocha

  • Cafe mocha is an American invention and is a variant of cafe latte.
  • Mocha is nothing but a chocolate powder. You can also use chocolate syrup.
  • Cafe mocha requires chocolate powder, skimmed milk, whipped cream, espresso.
  • Prepare your espresso coffee and keep it ready.
  •  Place cocoa powder in a cup and add skimmed milk to it, mix it well.
  • Now pour coffee into this mixture and add whipped cream on top it.
  • Pour some chocolate syrup for garnishing.

10. Caramel Macchiato

  • This is an iced coffee drink with the flavor of caramel, coffee, and milk which refreshes you.
  • It requires only 10 minutes of preparation and it is quite easy too.
  • Place espresso, cold milk, ice and vanilla syrup in a cup.
  • Blend it to a smooth texture.
  • Mizzlecaramel sauce on top of this blend.
  • Your caramel macchiato is ready to have.

11. Americano

  • Americano is a diluted one of espresso.
  • It is a mixture of single coffee shot with one cup of hot water.
  • You can have it along with cream or sugar for added taste.
  • The coffee flavor seems to be light here.

12. Iced Coffee

  • Iced coffee is a refreshing beverage.
  • This drinks best suits for summer and it is an after-meal drink.
  • Prepare coffee. Add upon milk to it based on your preference.
  • Pour this concoction in a cup with ice.
  • Instead of ice, you can also go with the brewed coffee cubes by pouring it in an ice tray.
  • Now top it with milk foam, whipped cream or ice cream of your choice.

Wow! Your iced coffee is served. Have a sip of it!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which type of coffee is the most popular one?

Ans. – Cappuccinos, Americano, Espresso, and Macchiato are the popular coffee types.

2. Which is the healthiest coffee?

Ans. – Americano seems to be the healthiest as the caffeine content is low when compared to other types of coffee.

3. Is coffee helpful for losing weight?

Ans. – Yes, coffee helps in weight loss mainly the one without sweetener and milk. It is the espresso that makes you lose weight.

This article gives you a brief knowledge on different types of coffee and its preparation at home. Just have a trial on these coffee types and get refreshed!

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