Easy DIY Bags : How To Make a Handmade DIY Printed Paper Bag!

There is nothing as fun as making DIY Easy Crafts to do at home than to learn how to make a Handmade DIY Printed Paper Bag. Fun crafts to do with paper are the best hobby ideas using paper and give your pretty and handmade gift idea like Printed Paper DIY Bags. This cool craft is a fun art and craft activity for kids that they can spend their time making such handy and useful kid’s paper craft ideas.

Make creative use of this easy paper craft of Printed Paper Bag on special occasions like your friend’s Birthday, or your parents’ Anniversary, for your mom on Mother’s Day and even for your special someone on Valentine’s Day. Add a couple of love notes and some chocolates and your very own handmade Gift idea is ready!

Printed Paper DIY Bags

Printed Paper DIY Bags- A Handmade Gift Idea for Your Special One!

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Let us learn how to make a Handmade DIY Printed Paper Bag.

Material Required to Make The Printed Paper DIY Bags


  • Printed Paper Sheet
  • Thread
  • Adhesive
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Decorative Stones
  • Pearl

Procedure to Make The DIY Pretty Printed Paper Bag

Step 1: Mark the Dimensions as shown on the white side of the printed paper.


Step 2: Fold the paper and press firmly to give you clear creases, with the help of the markings as drawn earlier.


Step 3: Apply adhesive along the lengths of the paper, except the folding corners of the base for the bag.


Step 4: The next step to make the paper bag is to fold and bring the sides of the bag up.

Step 5: Press the base firmly.


Step 6: Punch the holes on top of the bag, holding both the sides in place.

Step 7: Insert the ribbon through the holes, and tie a pretty decorative to pack the decorative Paper Bag.


Step 8: Make a satin ribbon rose using the weaving technique.


Step 9: Paste it on the paper bag and decorate the paper bag with the rose.

Step 10: Paste a pearl in the centre of the Rose and stick decorative stones to give the printed paper bag a designer look.


In just a few minutes and a couple of simple steps, you have an easy craft activity ready to give you an innovative handmade gift idea for your loved ones. There is absolutely no need to buy expensive craft supply to make easy DIY bags, and the best part is that they are easy to do crafts with paper that can be made at home, with a few essentials of your craft kit. This makes easy paper ideas like this pretty Printed Paper Bag a perfect fit for the next DIY Paper Crafts Project that you wish to take up! If you were worrying about how to make a paper bag then watch the step by step tutorial on how to make a paper bag and learn with ease!

Share your easy craft ideas to do with paper with us! We would absolutely love to hear from you.