Homemade Apple Face Mask For All Skin Types!

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An apple mask everyday would keep your skin makeup away! You can imply rely on these words as apples are one of the most nutritious and healthy fruits which would not only make your body healthy but will get your skin glowing. Filled with uncountable nutrients, enzymes, anti oxidants and skin enriching elements, this cool ingredient would simply make your skin look dreamy! For a sun kisses glow and for a super fine complexion, try some magical homemade apple face mask and make your skin look worth a million bucks.

No matter if your skin is oily, dry or sensitive, the homemade apple face mask is made for different skin types which you can consider and make your skin look flawless. The natural essence and aroma of this delicious fruit would make you feel fresh and soothing whenever you apply! For refreshing results, consider apple juice and fall in love with your gracious skin!

Homemade Apple Face Mask

Why Is Apple Juice Beneficial For The Skin?

Considering the nutritional value and magical impact which apple juice can create on your skin, here are some awesome benefits of apple juice over the skin which would get you addicted to it!

  • Apples are filled with complex vitamins, vitamin c, antioxidants and miners which would simply keep your skin hydrated and nourished during dry seasons.
  • Apples has high collagen which is an amazing anti-aging ingredient and would make your skin look years and years younger.
  • Your skin can get wrinkle free and beautifully stretchy with the apple juice masks.
  • Apple juice masks support blood flow and would give you that blush glow with each application!
  • Apples are filled with oil controlling ingredients which can fight acne, pimples, greasy skin and extreme production while making your skin look radiant!
  • Apple masks would probably save you from the harmful rays of sun and would get your skin free from sun burns and sun tans.
  • Use Apple juice masks if you are suffering from hyperpigmentation and dark patches on our skin.
  • While using the cosmetic products and cleansers for your skin, the pH balance of your skin gets disturbed and thus, apple juice mask would maintain the pH balance while working gently on your skin.
  • Apple juice makes the best cleanse and toner for your skin.
  • Apple juice masks can help in developing new skin cells and tissues which can also battle skin cancer problems.
  • Filled with vitamin c, this amazing fruit would heal your damaged, dull and shine less skin within just a few applications!
  • Thus, try this awesome ingredient with uncountable benefits to make your skin look dreamy and shiny anytime, anywhere!

Homemade Apple Face Mask For All Skin Types

1. Apple Mask For Greasy Skin

Greasy and oily skin can look extremely embarrassing at times. Due to increased greasiness and imbalance in oil production, your skin can also develop acne and pimples. If you have greasy skin type, try this wonderful skin cleansing homemade apple face mask which cam make your oily skin look smooth and radiant as never before. This is a multi-nutrient mask with skin cleansing properties which would never fail to make your skin appear adorable!

Ingredients –

Apples, Lemon juice


  • Slice some apples and blend it in the blender for proper juice.
  • Now add little lemon juice in apple juice and prepare a mask.
  • Cleanse our face thoroughly before applying the mask.
  • Apply this amazing mask on your entire face and let it work for 20-30 minutes.
  • Rinse with cold water and try this mask once a week for radiant and cleansed skin!

2. Nourishing Apple And Honey Juice For Dry Skin

Dry and lifeless skin is a common complaint, especially during winters and summers. Due to dehydration or lack of proper nutrients, the skin becomes dull. You can rejuvenate and brighten up your dry skin while using this amazing homemade apple face mask over your skin. Apple is filled with lots of minerals which can feed your skin and make it beautifully hydrated while honey would add shine and smoothness to your skin.


Apple juice and honey


  • Rinse your face with Luke warm water and let your pores open up.
  • This step would make your dry skin a bit moist and nourished.
  • Mix some apple juice and honey and prepare a thick paste.
  • Apply this conditioning mask on your dry skin.
  • Let it work for 30 minutes and rinse.
  • Try applying this mask on your skin twice a week and make your skin look refreshing every day!

3. Apple And Papaya Mask For Uneven Toned Skin

Uneven skin tone is one of the most common issues women face. Due to patchy skin, pigmentation, sun tan and such other issues, the skin loses its beauty and becomes dull. In such cases, you can use the papaya mask which can work miracles while fighting these issues. Papayas are filled with minerals, enzymes and antioxidants which can fight pigmented skin and get you a blissful glow! Thus, go for this cool mask which can get you perfectly even-toned skin as never before!


Apples, papayas, honey


  • Get some fresh apples slices and add them into the blender.
  • Add sliced papayas in the blender.
  • Mix little water to prepare a thick paste.
  • Add some honey for instant shine and smoothness.
  • Apply this refreshing mask on your skin to fight sun damage, patchy skin and pigmentation quickly.
  • Use this mask twice a week for high impact result.

4. Refreshing Apple And Grape Mask For Sensitive Skin

Filled with enzymes and antioxidants, this mask would simply make your skin fresh and rejuvenated. This awesome mask would simply never fail to make your skin look nourished, radiant and super smooth. Sensitive sin is one of the toughest skin types to manage and with this mask, all your ski troubles would simply fade away! For fresh, sun-kissed and natural glow on your face, try this super hydrating fruit mask and fall in love with your flawless skin this season!


Apples, grapes and glycerin


  • Blend the apples and grapes
  • Prepare easy and smooth mask with little thick consistency
  • Add some glycerin in this paste
  • Cleanse your face with water and tap dry
  • Apply this skin rejuvenating mask on your skin early morning
  • Rinse with cold water and watch your skin getting blissful
  • Try this awesome mask once a week for mesmerizing results!

5. Smoothening Apple And Cream Mask

Either in the dry weather or during winters, the skin becomes dry due to the atmosphere. Your skin can lose moisture and get simply dry. In such conditions, hydrating your skin and nourishing it from the deep layers is very important. The cream is a cool skin enriching ingredient which is frequently used for fighting dry and itchy skin, if your skin feels flaky, rough, itchy and lifeless, this is one of the amazing ways to get it nourished! Cream and Apple is a soothing combination which can make your skin look fresh and glorious! Thus go for this homemade apple face mask and make your skin look impeccable!


Apple juice and fresh cream


  • Blend some apples and prepare juice.
  • Mix some fresh cream and prepare a thick paste.
  • Apply this smoothening and skin softening mask on your face.
  • Let it work for 15-20 minutes and rinse.
  • Try to sue this mask once a week if you have dry and lifeless skin.
  • If you have extremely dry and undernourished skin, use it twice a week for the natural glow!

6. Hydrating Apple And Oatmeal Face Mask

If you feel your skin is undernourished and lacks nutrients, instead of going for cosmetic products and treatments, try this nourishing mask can regain your skin moisture and smooth texture. Oatmeal is filled with bulk of minerals which would fill your skin with nutrients and make it shine! Thus, with this oatmeal mask benefits, make your skin more subtle and glorious!


Milk, Apple Juice, Oatmeal Powder


  • Crush little oatmeal.
  • Add milk to prepare a thick paste.
  • Also add some apple juice and little honey.
  • This is an extremely hydrating and nutritious mask which can make your skin glow.
  • Apply this mask on your entire skin and let it set for 30 minutes.
  • Use this mask as a natural face lift every week and make your skin flaunt!

7. Moisturizing Banana Apple Mask

Bananas are widely used in skin brightening and skin softening processes. The amazing nutrients of banana and apple mask would never fail to make your skin cleansed. The minerals in this mask would simply quench the thirst of your skin and make it look gracious! Try this refreshing homemade apple face mask to retain softness, even toned skin and to battle issues like pigmentation!


Banana crush, apple juice, milk


  • Get some banana crush.
  • Add fresh apple juice in this crush.
  • Little milk would also make the skin redefined.
  • Mash this mask and prepare a thick paste.
  • Apply this nourishing mask on your face for instant shine and skin repair benefits.
  • Try this mask every week and make your skin feel enriched with minerals!.

8. Softening Apple And Egg Yolk Mask

Eggs are generally used as a cool skin brightening ingredient and as a cleanser which and fight issues like pigmentation, blackheads, dead skin cells, pores and such issues. The cleansing and skin toning properties of this magical ingredient would simply get your skin youthful and make you look nothing like your age! For fighting skin aging and to make people go envy about your skin, try this skin tightening and softening mask!


Apple juice and egg yolk


  • Extract fresh apple juice.
  • Add some egg yolk and apply this mask on your face.
  • If you want to make it a peel off mask, mix some gelatin and apply.
  • This would make the mask get easily peeled off from your skin while removing the dirt, impurities and dead skin cells.
  • Rinse this mask and get rid of all the skin impairments within just a few applications!
  • Try this mask every week and give your skin a stunning natural facial treatment at home!

9. Green Apple Orange Peel Mask

Green apples are awesome ingredients to make your skin look refreshing and dazzling. Orange juice and green apple can get a wonderful combination to fight dull and greasy skin. This mask would also balance oil production, would cleanse all the impurities, would fight dark spots and dull skin and leave your skin fresh and sun kissed. For a natural shine and cleansing for your skin, this is the homemade apple face mask which you must try!


Green apple juice, orange peel powder, honey


  • Get some fresh green apple juice
  • Add little orange peel powder
  • Mix little honey for a thick and easily applicable paste
  • Apply this tangy and sweet mask on your face
  • Massage this paste with circular movements on your face
  • Let it work for 30 minutes and rinse
  • Apply this refreshing mask once a week for cool results!

These are some benefits of using homemade apple face mask for your skin and some awesome recipes for skin enriching masks. Using any of these masks, you can get rid of all the skin impairments like dust, pollution, dead skin cells, blackheads, pigmentation and much more. Fight these skin evils with a blast of natural ingredients and we assure people would fall for your skin!

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