Chewing Betel Leaves – How It Is Beneficial For Your Health?

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Some Quick Facts About Betel Leaves

  • Among the various benefits of chewing betel leaves, improving digestive system is its main benefit.
  • They are widely used for medicinal purpose as it comes with healing properties.
  • The betel leaves come with elements like sugar, tannins, essential oil, etc. that gives it a slight bitter taste.
  • Centuries back, betel leaves were offered to the guests along with some supari and sugar in it, which was called pan supari.
  • The betel leaves are available around the year.
  • The Latin name of betel leaves is Piper Bete L in Indonesia.
  • Betel is originally a plant of Central and Eastern Malaysia, that got spread throughout Asia, Madagascar, East Africa, etc.
  • Betel Leaves come with an element named chavicol that comes with strong germ-killing qualities.
  • The betel tree provides with products like betel leaves and betel nuts.

Betel Leaves Benefits

Betel Leaves – An Introduction

Since ancient times, Indian feasts have remained to be incomplete without that masala pan, which comes with various mouth freshener ingredients wrapped in it. The betel leaves come from the betel plant that remains evergreen throughout the year. It is also known as perennial creeper, as the branches of the betel plant would creep the objects around it.

When it comes to India, there are various kinds of betel leaves that are popular by the name of the region in which they grow namely the Banarasi pan, Calcutta pan, Venmony, Magahi pan, Tirut and many more. Not only for eating, the leaves also have a great importance in the Indian traditions and culture like in weddings, religious pujas, naamkaran, etc. The betel plant not only gives green leaves with herbal properties, but also brings betel nuts along with it that carries some similar properties as the leaves.

Betel Leaves Benefits For Health

Betel leaves were chewed after meals which was said to be much helpful for the digestive system. It comes with nutrients like Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, Antioxidants, minerals, and many more healthy elements, that are much required for a healthy body.

Here are some betel leaves benefits for health.

1. For The Treatment Of Cold

You might have heard from the doctor, when a toddler suffers from cold, to use betel leaves. Yes, betel leaves help to a great extent in the treatment of a cold. The oil extracted from the betel leaves, also known as kashayam, give the best relief from chest congestion. When the oil is mixed with camphor and applied to the chest of the infants, it gives great relief from cold. You can also mix betel leaf juice with other ingredients like ginger powder, coconut oil, mustard oil, pepper, etc. to make out some tonic from it.

2. To Get Relief From Various Pains

Betel leaf carries a good number of incredible nutrients that are much helpful in getting relief from various pains like inflammation, cuts, rashes, bruises, constipation, indigestion, etc. Merely the application of the paste made out of betel leaf would heal the bruised areas when used on rashes, cuts, bruises, etc. Chewing the betel leaves or even having its juice would work like a miracle on the problems like indigestion, and other internal pains giving you relief. This is a possible duet to the analgesic properties it comes with.

3. For Dealing With Constipation

Betel leaves are filled with a number of anti-oxidants, which are helpful in clearing all the free radicals from the body. This makes it a wonderful ingredient, when facing problems like constipation. It helps in restoring the PH levels of the stomach, and reducing the pain by clearing it. The betel leaves juice is taken on an empty stomach on a daily basis or as per suggested, it would bring positive results to your tummy slowly vanishing the issues of constipation. It is widely opted after dinners or lunch to digest the food eaten properly. For the infants suffering from issues like hard stool, the stalk of the betel leaves is dipped into the castor oil and used in the rectum for making the job easy for the child.

4. Betel Leaves Benefits For Improved Digestion

Betel leaf is mostly eaten to get rid of the digestion problems with age no bar. The betel leaves come with properties like anti-flatulent, carminative, gastro-protective and intestinal, which makes it popular after meals. For the kids facing indigestion problem, massaging some essential oil made from betel leaves would work effectively as it contains digestive acids and gastric juices too. Betel leaf is popular for boosting the metabolism process of the body, as well as, improves the circulation of minerals and other nutrients that provides a good amount of energy.

5. Helps In Reducing Gastric Pain

Having troubles with your GERD! Betel leaves help in improving it to a great extent. The betel leaves keep the innards free from the free radicals the are harmful along with the toxins. Due to the imbalance of PH levels in the belly, the eater would feel a relief from health problems like acidity. It also works by decreasing bloating. With the help of fowl gas, which passes through contraction, the individual would get a relief from gastric reflux as it would be reduced. In this way, betel leaves would reduce the gastric pain.

6. A Solution To Bleeding Nose And Diabetes

Most of the children face the problem of bleeding nose once in their life. Betel leaves help in dealing with this problem definitely. It helps in functioning of the blood and preventing the nose from bleeding. For this, simply rolling a fresh leaf of betel and inserting it into the nose for half an hour would be worth it. It would stop the bleeding and would also reduce the chances of bleeding in the future. Similarly, the betel leaves also work for the patients of diabetes. The extracts from the betel leaves are found helpful in managing the glucose level in the blood. It carries anti-diabetic properties that make it much effective for the diabetic patients.

7. For Increasing Appetite

Do you have an appetite problem! Decreased hunger is generally a symptom of an upset intestine. The PH level gives a negative effect on the hunger hormone, which reduces your urge to have something. The betel leaf works well on the PH levels in the stomach by restoring them and removing all the harmful toxins. As a result, you can get back to the normal appetite.

8. Betel Leaves Benefits For Healthy Oral Health

This might surprise you, but betel leaves are really helpful in promoting good oral health. It fights against bacteria, germs, and other oral problems, providing you with fresh breath. With the aid of oral pathogens in the mouth, the betel leaves clean the mouth and prevent the teeth from any kind of decay. The leaves help in making the gums strong and also works on oral bleeding. You can use the leaves in the morning by gargling with the water containing betel leaves. For this, you can either drop some betel leaf juice in warm water and gargle with it. You can also boil the leaves in water and use it for your oral health. It also helps during sore mouth.

9.  For The Treatment Of Respiratory Problems

Do you suffer from cough and cold often! Betel leaf is the secret treatment for your problem. The use of betel leaves would provide you with a great relief from nearly all the respiratory issues. Apart from cough and cold, it also is helpful for other issues like lung congestion, chest congestion, asthma, etc. that bring problems in breathing. For treating the kids with it, some mustard oil is applied to the betel leaf. It is then warmed to some extent and placed on the chest of the toddler. This would give instant relief from chest congestion, cough and cold, etc. For elders, simply make a mixture of betel leaves, cloves, cinnamon, cubeb, and cardamom in two cups of water and boil it. When the level comes to nearly 1 and half cup, drain the water and drink it three times a day.

10. Heals Back Pain And Muscular Problems

Suffering from back pain or other muscular problems! Merely combining the betel leaf juice with coconut oil or other essential oils and massaging it on the back would provide you with good relief. You can also apply some oil on the leaf, warm it and place it on the area of pain. Betel leaves are also helpful in other muscular issues like redness, muscular pains, swelling, etc. in a natural way.

11. Water Retention And Urinary Problems

Betel leaf comes as an amazing diuretic ingredient. It is capable to help in water retention in the body. Crushing some betel leaves, getting the juice out of it and mixing it with diluted milk would help to a great extent in water retention issues. For the people dealing with urination problem can also get a relief from it with by using betel leaf in treatments. The treatment is also helpful for people suffering from scanty or obstructed urine problems.

12. Helpful For Various Nerve Issues

Betel leaves are also used in the treatment of various nerve issues. Whether you are suffering from nervous exhaustion or facing lethargic, betel leaves serve as a great remedy. It boosts alertness. For the treatment, a tonic is prepared by mixing a teaspoon of juice from betel leaf with honey. When taken twice a day, the tonic helps in improving the function of the mental state and also works on debility. It provides a good amount of energy and encourages the patients curing them slowly and naturally.

13. For The Prevention Of Cancer

Yes, this might shock you, but the intake of betel leaves also helps in curing cancer and preventing from it. For this, prepare a solution that contains betel leaf juice and water. Boil both the ingredients and have it nearly 10-15 times in a day. You can also add some honey to the mixture. Make sure you consume the mixture when it is slightly warm on a daily basis. This would help the individual from cancer, and also helps in curing it to some extent.

14. Betel Leaves Benefits For Reducing Headache

For those facing headache issues more often, betel leaves are the best option to reduce the disturbance. It comes with qualities like analgesic and cooling effects, that help to get relief from headache rapidly. You can use the oil of betel leaf, or the leaf itself on the forehead by simply pressurizing with your fingertips or by massaging it for reducing the effects of headaches.

15. For Various Skin Problems

Betel leaf serves as an organic ingredient for various skin issues. They come with various anti-microbial properties and helps in curing skin problems like acne, dark spots, black spots, skin allergies, ulceration, itchiness, bad odor, etc. The leaves extract is used by mixing them up with other natural things like turmeric, honey, etc., which provides quick relief from all the skin issues. They can also be used after boiling in water on a regular basis to avoid any skin problems. The anti-microbial and germ-killing features it comes with are effective in dealing with skin ailment.

16. Betel Leaves Benefits For Vaginal Issues

The ladies are widely found facing vaginal issues like itching, vaginal discharge, etc. For them, betel leaves have proved to be the best natural cure. For this, betel leaves are boiled in water and the water is used for washing the genitals. The mixture was primarily used in the ancient times by the women to keep their genitals clean and reducing any chances of vaginal infections. It was also used by the ladies during delivery to reduce the chances of genital shrinkage.

Hence, betel leaves come with various naturally gifted nutrients that make it beneficial for various health issues. Having a paan is surely advisable after having meals, but they should not contain other harmful ingredients like tobacco, as it would harm your health leading to serious problems like cancer.

No doubt the betel leaves come with bundles of benefits, the usage is still limited to some extent and it should be used with proper care. The leaves should not be used by the students or the children as it comes with aphrodisiac features. Also, if any individual is having problem in passing urine properly, they should avoid the use of betel leaves. People suffering from tuberculosis, acidity, or any other psychological health issues should avoid the use of betel leaves.

So, next time if you are offered paan or say betel leaves without tobacco, make sure you have it to help your tummy in the process of digestion and other issues without any chemical tablets.

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