Soup – Should You Take It As An Appetizer Or A Meal?

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Is soup an appetizer or meal? Do you love having soup? No! Go through the facts that might change your mind.

  • Soups acts as amazing fillers when you are thinking of dieting, as it comes with low calories.
  • Want to make your soup fat free! Merely moving a lettuce leaf over your soup would make it fat free for a healthy beginning.
  • Soup is the smart way to gift your children with a vegetable delight with nutritious and mouth watering taste.
  • If you are not conscious about the weight gaining, you can add some cream to the soup to make it yummier for the soup haters.
  • Having a bowl of hot soup in the evening would provide you with abundant energy and keep you hydrated too.

Is Soup an Appetizer

Is Soup An Appetizer Of Meal?

To understand “Is soup an appetizer or meal“, it is necessary to know what an appetizer means actually.

An appetizer is a dish that preambles the meals. This means, they are ingredients before your main courses, that tempts your sprouts with scrumptious flavors, preparing you for the main meal. The list of appetizers includes various salads, dips, Dunkers, soups, etc. that have high nutritional values depending on the item you select. They are also considered important while you are thinking to omit some calories from your meals in your diet. Hence, you can come to a conclusion that soup is a great appetizer that allows you to control your diet in a healthy way.

The word soup derived from two Sanskrit words su and po, which humble good nutrition. Soup is a healthy dish or appetizer, that includes all your favorite veggies in liquid form with various beneficial nutrients. Having your favorite soup with a bowl of salad would surely manage your hunger and indirectly control you from having heavy meals, especially at night. The dieticians mostly recommend having a bowl of soup for dinners when you go for weight loss.

A bowl of soup gives you various healthy ingredients that help in balancing the carbohydrates, fats and proteins in your body. It also has a good impact on the vitamins and minerals, by generating energy from it, for working actively throughout the day. Hence, soup is a hale and hearty starting towards a vigorous health.

Reasons To Include Soups In Your Daily Diet

As mentioned above, the soup comes with various healthy ingredients that help you in different ways. Here are some benefits of having soups before meals or as a light snack in the evening.

1. A Delicious Recipe For Obtaining All Nutrients

Does your kid enjoy eating all vegetables? Does his face turn wretched when he visualizes any leafy vegetable in his plate? Try giving him a bowl of hot soup and see the change in his facial expressions. The mixture of hated vegetables when converted into liquid form, gives a delicious taste liked by the children. It is easy and quick to make, and comes with a variety of flavors. This allows the intake of the nutrients of the veggies by the children, which hold an important role. Not only kids, there are some adults also who hate eating some vegetables, which can be replaced with soups. You can also add some fruits to the soup to make it more healthy.

2. Helps In Losing Weight

Are you on a diet! Do the appetizing dishes on the dining table force you to fill your tummy completely! Don’t worry, you are not alone facing this problem while on the diet. To keep yourself free from such problems, you can include a bowl of hot soup as an appetizer. Soup comes with a heavy property and having a bowl of it would fill your stomach. This makes you have less amount of the main course, in a healthy way. The soups treasure boxes, which provide you with energy, less calorie intake, vitamins, minerals, etc. which are essential for your body, while losing weight.

3. Can Decrease Your Intake Of Calorie Consumption

The main courses or say meals have the bulk of calories in them. Having some soup before the meals, helps in reducing the rate of calorie consumption. It sends a message to your brain that your stomach is full, and as a result, you have less quantity of meals. This is a main reason why soups are included in your diets while thinking of reducing or maintaining weight. It also contains magical fat burning chattels that limit the quantity of your meals mysteriously.

4. Helps In Lowering Your Blood Pressure

Soups are also said to be beneficial for controlling the blood pressure and hypertension in the human beings. They serve you with various bioactive compounds through the vegetables, that decrease the oxidative stress and inflammation. Hence, having a bowl of soup, if possible gazpacho soup, would reduce the blood pressure levels, and also helps in maintaining the hypertension situations, which indirectly reduces the risk of heart disorders.

5. A Natural Way To Deal With Cold

Soups are natural healers for cold. The hot soup comes with ingredients like spring onions, garlic, ginger, parsley, chicken, celery, etc., which bring warmth to your body as you drink. The hot nourishing soup rehydrates your body, which is also beneficial for the sore throats as it clears the nasal passages too. It is also advisable for weak appetite or fewer stomach problems. So, next time in winter, have some hot soup to fight against the cold winds.

6. Healthy For Your Bones

Soups, and especially tomato soups are quite beneficial for having healthy bones. The tomatoes, when included in your soups, provides you with lycopene that helps in improving the health of your bones for fighting against osteoporosis. Having tomato soup or including a tomato in your vegetable soup regularly helps in reducing the blood levels, and increases the oxidative stress in the bones, which brings positive changes in the bone tissues.

7. For Effective Blood Circulation And Mental Health

The tomato in the soup also gifts you with selenium that boosts the blood circulation in your body, preventing you against anemia. The micrograms present in the soups aid the blood to circulate effectively in all your body parts. The soup also delivers you a good portion of copper and other vitamins and minerals, that boost your nervous system. The potassium in the soups passes signals to the nervous system, which aids a great help in mental health.

8. Fight Against Cancer

While making your vegetable soup, add a tomato in your ingredient list, and prevent your body from having cancer. Yes, this is true. The tomato also contains antioxidants namely the carotenoid and lycopene, which help in fighting against the cancer cells, for both men and women. It not only prevents you from cancer, but also helps in decreasing its effects on your body. The antioxidants reduce the oxidative stress and fight against chronic inflammation, beneficial for breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer and colorectal cancer.

9. Boosts Male Fertility

Is your partner facing some fertility problems! Help him with a delicious vegetable soup that includes tomatoes in it. It is proved that male facing fertility problems can have tomato soup, or include tomatoes in their soup to cure it. This helps in increasing the sperm count, reducing the free radicals from the body which are the root causes of infertility in men. Hence, if you are ready to gift a fatherhood to your husband, serve him with tomato soup or tomatoes in his soup for good news soon.

Hence, no matter whatever vegetables you include in your soup recipe, or whichever soup, you prefer to have as an appetizer, it always serves you with various health benefits, protecting you from various health issues.

A Word Of Caution

Soups come with very low calories. Hence, this limits the nutrition level in your body, which includes glucose also, which is required for high energy levels. The reduction in the glucose levels can lead to severe problems like hypoglycemia, hunger, dizziness, headache, lack of focus, fatigue, anxiety, etc. The only way to deal with all these health problems is having enough quantity of meals. This might be a problem for those looking for weight loss. Your immune system would be the habitat of having less amount of nutrients, which leads to illness and infections too. Hence, it is advisable to have a healthy amount of food while having soups for reducing weight.

Also, if you are having tomato soup or chicken soup on a daily basis, it would provide your body with high amounts of sodium levels, that directly increases the blood pressure, that damages heart, kidney and blood vessels. So, make sure you add a small amount of salt while preparing and consuming tomato soup or chicken soup. Having chicken soup also increases the peril of heart problems, osteoporosis and kidney disorders. Chicken soup also comes with a high quantity of fats, which can be lowered by eliminating bones, skin, chopped chicken breasts, etc. in your soup. The salt can be replaced by dry herbs, oregano, chili pepper flakes, parsley, etc., which adds flavor to your soup in a healthy way.

Hence, before making any kind of soup recipe a routine in your meals, be sure with its health benefits and it’s side effects for gaining proper nutritious from what you are going to consume.

Tips For Making Healthy Soups At Home

Having ready made soup packs, canned soups with soppy vegetables is definitely a wrong choice. It also damages the nutrients and calories the soup might provide you with. Hence, here are some tips to make healthy soups at your home, without damaging the nutritional value it should contain.

1. Start Making Your Soup With The Broth

The broth is the basic reason for the flavor of the ingredients you are using while making the soup. Common broths for nearly all kinds of soup recipes are beef, chicken and vegetables. The beef broth should be used for making beef stew, or beef barley soup. Similarly, chicken broth is used when you are thinking to make chicken soup and vegetable broth is used to make vegetable and bean soups. The simple and easy to make homemade broth would provide your soup with more tasty and nutritious. All you need to do is add the ingredients to hot boiling water and allow it to simmer. Strain the solids and the base of your soup is ready.

2. Add Healthy Ingredients

To make a healthy soup, it is also important to add healthy ingredients. They help in providing you with a good amount of lean protein, with lovely colorful vegetables and a good source of starch. Isn’t is a good and balanced appetizer! The lean protein can be obtained from pieces of chicken, beef, turkey, pork, etc. The legumes are important as they provide your soup with flavor, vitamins, minerals and proteins. Hence, adding healthy ingredients like carrots, green beans, onions, celery, kale, zucchini, broccoli, parsnips, tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes, rice, etc. would give you a healthy soup.

3. Work On Proteins

The ingredients you have selected to add proteins to your soup need to be cooked well. Cut the protein ingredients into small pieces, and par cook them before you add them to the soup by baking, boiling, sautéing etc. This also removes the extra fat stored in the ingredients. If you have selected any kind of clams or seafood, you can use them fresh, or cooked whatever you prefer. Remember, you have to add vegetables too, so don’t have more protein ingredients. If you have selected dry beans or lentils, cook them before using. Also, rinse them well to remove the excess amount of salt or sodium from the soup.

4. Add The Vegetables

Go for your favorite vegetables, and cut them into small bite size pieces. Add them in your soup. You can go for bundles of vegetables, or merely add some of them according to your mood or taste. If you are selecting onions and garlic, sauté them to golden brown before adding them to your soup.

5. Select Your Starch

If you prefer adding potatoes to your soup, you don’t need to prepare the starch for it. The starchy texture the potatoes or red potatoes give a perfect stiffener property for your soup. If you are adding pasta, barley or rice to your soup, they would inflate as they get cooked, so add them in a reasonable quantity to keep your starch texture and broth in proper quantity.

6. The Finishing Touch

The final touch to your soup can be given with seasoning ingredients like sage, oregano, thyme, parsley, bay leaf, etc. that would add some savor to your soup, with a lip-smacking odor.

Your healthy soup is, hence, ready. Isn’t it easy to make!

So, use the proper process for making healthy soups for a perfect appetizer like chicken noodle soup, tomato soup, vegetarian Chinese hot and sour soup, vegetarian bean and barley soup, beef stew with tomatoes, etc. to give your tummy a yummy start.

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