Suffering From Hair Fall and Poor Hair Growth? Here’s the Solution!

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Hairstyling and makeup is a modern day fashion trend and all of us want to actively take part in it. The first impression to the person you meet is from the “hairdo” that you have. Being impressive is always a virtue as it helps you network and grows in a career. Are you suffering from hair fall? And, want to know how to grow hair faster? The below hacks to the above problem will be of great help. Scroll below to unravel how to make your hair grow faster!

Biologically, hair is a part of the body which is complete protein in nature. It grows from within the skin and has a well-developed root and follicle system. Nutrition plays a major role in hair growth. The same principle, as the body requires energy to grow, the hair needs nutrition to stay healthy and fit. Hair care is a vast subject, and how to make hair grow faster has a lot of answers.

Causes of Hair Fall

how to grow hair faster

There are many reasons behind hair fall, a few evident and important ones are-

  • Physical and mental stress are the pioneer reasons behind hair fall. Too much pressure at work and being workaholic will lead to excessive hair fall.
  • Lack of protein in the diet will also contribute significantly towards excessive hair fall.
  • Heredity is again a major reason behind hair loss. There is nothing much that can be done about it. But, a precise hair care can delay the process.
  • Iron deficiency is a direct contributor to the hair fall.
  • Chemotherapy will cause hair fall as a side effect of the treatment. This is a direct effect and cannot be reversed.

Now, let us know how to make your hair grow fast.

How to Grow Hair Faster?

1. Eating Healthy

Eat Healthy to Grow Hair Faster

Eating healthy or having a balanced healthy diet has always helped hair grow faster! All the nutrients from the diet will contribute to the hair growth. In addition, special foods like red onion for hair growth is well known. Onion juice, when applied to the scalp, will eliminate all the harbored microbes and help keep the scalp healthy. Continuing on a diet which is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals will ensure a faster hair growth and maintenance. Foods like cheese, yogurt, eggs, whole grains will benefit hair growth immensely.

2. Castor Oil

Castor Oil to Grow Hair Faster

Confused on what to apply for hair growth? Well, castor oil has magical effects on hair growth. Castor Oil is loaded with vitamin E and the special omega-9 fatty acids which contribute to natural hair growth. Given the thick consistency of castor oil, you can mix equal proportions of coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil. Apply the same on the scalp and leave for 30 minutes before shampooing. Your hair would have received the best nutrition ever. Continue to use the same for everlasting effects.

3. Eggs

Eggs to Grow Hair Faster

Are you a bit confused with the above word? How to make hair grow faster with eggs? The egg is a well-known wholesome food. The nutritional content in the egg has rich sources of vitamins and proteins. Apart from the above, it has rich source of iron, phosphorous and zinc. All the above in a medley has 100% positive effect on hair growth. How to grow hair faster? Mix two eggs in a whole with some water and apply the thick mixture on the scalp. Leave the same for 30 minutes and then wash. Use your best shampoo! Repeat this exercise at least once a month to have visible effects.

4. Regular Oil Massage

Regular Oil Massage

Choose the oil you like most, or go by the safe coconut oil. Massage your hair regularly, for at least 3-4 times a week. You can also leave the massaged hair overnight to have great benefits. So, how to grow hair faster with coconut oil? Regular massage will help your hair get the necessary nutrition which will make the roots stronger. Also, your fingertips will stimulate blood circulation. The message will let the nutrition flow into the scalp and help the follicle absorb the same.

5. Trimming Your Hair Regularly

Trimming Your Hair Regularly

This point might create a confusion in your mind because of the method being counter-nutritive. How to grow hair faster through trimming; the reason behind will actually surprise you! Just like gardening, you trim the ends for the trees to grow faster, same trimming the split ends will actually help the hair grow faster. Regular trimming will also ensure that dry and damaged hair is removed.

6. Why Not Change the Pillow Covers?

Change the Pillow Covers to Grow Hair Faster

While you lay down your head after a hard day’s work, you would feel awesome. At this juncture, what happens to your hair? The contact between the cotton pillow covers and your hair will generate friction and heat. This friction can be damaging to your growing hair. Also, split ends will tend to get stuck and break abruptly. If you replace the cotton covers with that of silk, the friction will reduce and hair fall. Your hair will stay soft and non-sticky to the pillow cover. This will prevent damage and hair fall.

7. Collagen Booster

Collagen Booster to Grow Hair Faster

Collagen is the building blocks of hair. This is a protein and its adequate supply will ensure consistent hair growth and quality. Nature has a way to boost the collagen production in the body. Onion juice, when applied to the scalp, will get absorbed through the roots and boost collagen production. Don’t be worried about the irritating smell. Bear with it for its benefits and it will be gone in one rinse.

How to grow hair faster? Guess, this is not a difficult task now! However, general hair care will always keep your hair healthy and fit. Few of them are:

  • Do not use straightening machines for long. The strands will get damaged.
  • Oil your hair regularly to keep it hydrated at the roots.
  • Wash at intervals to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt. Microbes find ways to feed and grow on them.
  • Avoid using chemical colors and bleach which might damage the roots and follicles.

Keeping a healthy hair is no big deal and you will be able to do that with ease. Stick to the general hair care tips and some of the hair care remedies listed above.

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