Excellent Tips to Control Nausea!

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Nausea is a common symptom and we all have experienced it some or other time in our life. There is no particular reason of nausea, it just happens. It comes and goes away. But, do you know how to get rid of nausea using home remedies?

Nausea can be defined as a state of uneasiness or sickness in which the person is extremely uncomfortable. It is a tendency to vomit and the experience is terrible.

There are several reasons of nausea which include acidity, morning sickness, dehydration etc. Some people even experience it during hairpin turns and uneven roads which mostly results in vomiting. Most women experience it during their pregnancy.

It requires medical attention if one is suffering from Nausea all the time, however, if it comes occasionally than rather than having medicines and increasing the acidity influx in the body, it is better to follow some remedies and simple tips at home to get rid of nausea.

How To Get Rid of Nausea?

How To Get Rid of Nausea?

1. Stay Hydrated

One of the reasons for Nausea is dehydration. Hence sticking to the basic routine of drinking 8-10 glasses will hydrate the body and you will experience less nausea.

Also, include other liquids such as ice cold water, lemon juice and coconut water. Hydrating helps to remove the toxins from the stomach and also the acidity influx in the stomach will be less. This will help to prevent nausea and uneasiness.

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2. Eat Right

Yes, you heard it right!! Although, people suffering from nausea refrain from eating and it is the last thing they would like to do on earth, however, eat the right thing. You can select the food which is friendly for your stomach and prevents nausea. Foods like watermelon or any other fruit really helps.

You can select the food which is friendly for your stomach and prevents nausea. Foods like watermelon or any other fruit really help. Try not to eat fried and greasy food as the first thing in the morning as it may force you to nauseate.

3. Eat In Chunks

If you nauseate after eating, then avoid heavy meals. Try to eat in chunks. Start with something light and less in quantity.

Slowly, once you feel better and there is no nausea, increase the food intake throughout the day. This method will help to control nausea and eating several squares of meal in a day is good for health.

4. How To Get Rid of Nausea Using Ginger?

Ginger has been found to be great for stomach and really helps when you nauseate. Sip on ginger tea during nausea. It provides instant relief and reduces uneasiness.

How to Prepare Ginger Tea?


  • Fresh raw ginger
  • Water


  • Take fresh raw ginger and cut a small piece of it
  • Wash it properly and crush it slightly.
  • Add the crushed ginger to hot boiling water.
  • Let it boil for few minutes and allow it to steep for some time.
  • Strain the liquid and drink it as a hot tea.

In case of nausea, it is ideal to follow this method as and when required. It is effective and soothes the stomach.

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5. Do Not Pay Attention

Distract yourself when you nauseate. Nausea is a tendency and the more you try to think of it, the more likely that you will nauseate. Therefore as a simple tip, just distract your mind from it. Indulge yourself in reading or go out for a walk, play games.

Mind is an important factor in nausea. Just think about something else and it will helps to control nausea.

6. Take Rest

Taking rest is one of the ideal and best solutions if you are suffering from nausea. Just lie down and take rest or sleep for some time. It is also advisable for people who are on a journey and nauseate.

Just close your eyes and sleep for some time and once you wake up, nausea will be gone and you will feel fresh and active. Try this method, it really works.

7. Breathe Fresh Air

It is important to get fresh air during nausea. Sit outside or find a place in your balcony to lie down and rest and feel the breeze.

An artificial method would be to blow a fan on your face. Lie down or sit in front of a table fan and feel the fan blowing air to your face. This will make you feel more pleasant and help to get rid of nausea.

Always remember, that if it is hot and you are sweating, it will only contribute to accelerate the nausea factor and you will feel very uneasy at times which may result in vomiting in the worst case.

8. How To Get Rid of Nausea With Cold Compress?

Cold compress works well during nausea.

  • Take an ice pack and apply the same on the back portion of the neck. Repeat this method several times and you will get instant relief from nausea.
  • You can make ice pack easily at home. Take few ice cubes and place it in a clean cloth. Place the cloth on the back of the neck.
  • You can also soak a cloth in ice cold water. Squeeze the excess water from it and keep the cloth on the back of your neck.

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9. How To Get Rid of Nausea Using Fresh Lemon?

This citrus fruit does wonders for you during nausea.

  • The smell of lemon instantly fades away nausea and eases you.
  • Cut small slices of lemon and hold the lemon slice in your hand. Smell the lemon slices in regular interval to get rid of nausea instantly. Inhale and exhale completely and after 10 rounds of this process, you will be at ease.
  • You can also drink a glass of fresh lemon juice to control nausea.

10. Bread and Milk To Getting Rid of Nausea

  • Bread and milk is considered to be an ideal breakfast when it comes to nausea.
  • Boil milk in a container and dip bread slices into it. Eat this slowly and you will not nauseate any more.
  • It is ideal for the stomach and gets digested quickly. However remember, do not try to consume very hot milk. Bring it to room temperature and then consume it.
  • As a caution, so not consume bread and milk if you are suffering from gastric problems.


In nausea, mind matters the most. Therefore, it is always better to indulge in small things and divert your mind. Try the above tips which will definitely help to control nausea. If you nauseate frequently, it is always better to seek medical attention.

Hope you have found this article on “how to get rid of nausea” useful. In case of any feedback or suggestion, please share the same in the comments section below.

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