Benefits Of Watercress On Skin, Hair And Health!

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Some aquatic plants are simply magical! If you have never heard of watercress, it is an amazing plant which is loaded with uncountable benefits for us humans! Watercress makes beautiful: skin and hair as it is filled with vitamins and nutrients which can make you feel fresh and glowing! The vitamin rich content of this plant is responsible for a skin complexion to die for! Also, it is consumed in various countries and is considered as a herby food with lots of benefits.

Watercress has a sharp and peppery taste and a divine freshness. It is a soothing and cooling substance which can heal various skin related issues and lead you towards a healthy life. Here are some surprising and cool watercress benefits you must know!

Watercress makes beautiful: skin and hair

Nutritional Value of Watercress

Every 100 gram serving of watercress consists of 11 calories, 63% vitamin A, 71% vitamin C, 12% calcium, 9% potassium and 5% vitamin b6 and magnesium.

According to the research conducted by United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Data Central database, 1 cup of fresh watercress that weighs about 34 grams (g) contains fewer than 4 calories.

A single cup of watercress provides:

  • 0.034 g of fat
  • 0.782 g of protein
  • 0.17 g of fiber
  • 0.439 g of carbohydrate

One can get following nutrients if by consuming 1 cup of watercress:

  • vitamin A
  • vitamin K
  • vitamin E
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin B-6
  • thiamin
  • manganese
  • phosphorus
  • magnesium
  • riboflavin
  • potassium

Watercress Benefits For Skin

1. Turns Your Skin Velvety Smooth

Smooth and velvety skin is at no distance if you have this magical aquatic herb at your side. This ingredient acts as a cool skin cleanser and makes the texture smooth and shiny. Consuming watercress juice makes the body cleansed from various toxic substances and leads to the nourished and clean skin. You can consume it or can apply it on your skin for flawless results.

2. Helps In Battling Skin Inflammation And Itchiness

Skin is a very delicate and sensitive organ of the human body which requires a lot of nutrients and nourishment. Your skin can sometimes get itchy and inflamed. Also, conditions like eczema and dermatitis are battled with this magical herb. As a cleansing and nourishing mask, this would kill the bacteria, dryness and flaky skin in few applications. Try this remedy and make your skin free from various disease and skin conditions!

3. Acts As A Cool Anti-Aging Ingredient

Watercress is studded with vitamins and antioxidants which is awesome for the skin. If you are afraid of the skin aging signs like wrinkles, saggy skin, laugh lines etc, try using watercress for your skin and make it beautiful. Filled with antioxidants, this ingredient would make your skin tight and provide some elasticity. For youthful and bright skin, try using this amazing water herb and look years younger!

Watercress Benefits For Hair

1. Makes Your Hair Shiny And Strong

If you are unaware, the watercress masks make the hair shiny, smooth and stunning. The cleansing and strengthening formula of this ingredient would make your hair strong from the roots. While maintaining healthy hygiene, this multi-benefit ingredient would make your hair super smooth and flawless.

2. Promotes Hair Growth

Just like your body, your hair too requires some nutrition and fluids. From balancing the hormones to feeding the hair with nutrients, watercress would do everything for your hair. Balanced hormones and full-fledged supply of nutrients would promote hair growth and make the hair nourished. Apply watercress on your hair and get thick, lustrous and breathtaking beautiful hair in no time.

3. Prevents Hair Loss

Brittle and Damaged hair with split ends can break any girl’s, heart! If you are too suffering from this issue, try this awesome ingredient and make your hair super strong. Generally, dry and undernourished scalp promotes hair loss and also makes it conditioned. If your hair gets all the nutrients, the issue of hair loss would get banished! Thus hydrate your hair scalp with this magical ingredient and flaunt your gorgeous tresses!

Watercress Benefits For Health

1. Protects You From Cancer

Wondering what makes watercress an awesome ingredient which can even fight life-threatening disease like cancer? Watercress is loaded with different nutrients which can fight cancer cells and protect your body from such dangerous disease. Skin cancer especially can be prevented by using this amazing ingredient on regular basis. As studied, watercress can offer protection from breast cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer and such different skin cancers! Try this cell repairing formula to stay healthy and free from disease.

2. Beneficial For Teeth And Bones

Consuming watercress can make your teeth super strong. Due to lack of calcium, your teeth and bones become weak. Instead of your regular toothpastes, you can try rubbing the watercress leaves on your teeth. This would make your teeth stronger and whiter. Also, it keeps you away from tooth decay and infections. Watercress is filled with calcium and thus would get your bones string and sharp! Cavities and tooth issues can be battle using this awesome herb in just some days!

3. Better Your Digestion

The amazing watercress benefits includes awesome digestion and quick metabolism the consumption of this ingredient would simply make your digestion proper and also would fight issues like constipation, upset stomach etc. This ingredient regulates digestion and cleanses the body while also helping in absorbing the nutrients from food. Thus go for this awesome super food which can get your digestion aided!

4. Get You Slim

Tired of all the foods and workouts for weight loss? Here is an amazing and interesting solution for weight loss and to fight all the flab from your body. Watercress is a cool herb which has impressive effect on our metabolism and digestive system which are the core processes leading to weight loss. It is low in calories and can improve the bowel movements. Watercress would also make you feel full and drink more water which directly aids weight loss.

5. Improves Your Immune System

A stronger immunity can keep you away from various life-threatening diseases. If you want to stay healthy and make your immune system capable of fighting various diseases, go for watercress and strengthen your immune system. Watercress is rich in vitamin c which boosts up the immune system and easily fights basic infections. Thus, consume some watercress juice and stay healthy!

6. Improves Vision

If you have got those spectacles which make you look older, you can try consuming watercress which can get you rid of the spectacles and improve eyesight. It is filled with elements which can improve the vision of human beings while fighting eye issues like cataract. Consumption of this amazing aquatic plant would simply make your eyes more bright and clear!

7. Watercress Is Beneficial For Diabetics

Diabetes is a harmful disease in which people need to care about the food they consume. Little mistakes in diet can increase the side effects and cause more harm. Watercress is the natural ingredient which can lower blood sugar levels and can also fight fat storage. It is low in calorie and also filled with minerals which are important for body growth. Consume this herb daily and prevent yourself from extreme conditions.

8. For Fighting Depression And Anxiety

This herb works as an antidepressant and the nutrients on this herb work beautifully on conditions like stress, depression and anxiety. It is identified that lack or deficiency of folate can cause such physiological conditions. Folate is mineral which has a huge impact on the behavior of person. Watercress is filled with folate and thus acts as an amazing anti-depressant. Also, this mineral would help in lighting bacterial infections, common chronic disease and much more!

9. Watercress Benefits For Colon Cleansing

Colon cleansing is a process for fighting all the toxic substances and flushing them out of the body. Colon cleansing makes the body free from various bacteria and threats which can cause diseases. Watercress is a herb which consists of all the properties which are useful in cleansing the body. Once a week, you can drink this magical juice and get your body rid of such harmful elements.

10. Effective For Battling Hangover

The impact of alcohol can be reduced with this juice. If due to hangover you feel conditions like nausea, vomiting, headache and stomach issues, this is the best way to battle all these problems. Watercress is an amazing liver cleanser which can remove all the toxic substances from your body and clean your liver. This would reduce the hangover impact while leading you with a clean and normal body!

Delicious Watercress Juice Recipes

Now that we know the high impact benefits of watercress juice, here are some of the most amazing recipes which would make you feel fresh and healthy. Consume these drinks and make your body healthy!

1. Cucumber-Watercress Magic

Ingredients –

  • Cucumber Slices
  • Watercress Leaves
  • Water
  • Lemon Juice

Recipe –

  • Slice down 2 cucumbers and add into the blender.
  • Add 2 cups chopped watercress leaves and add in the blender.
  • Blend these ingredients with water and pour into a glass.
  • Add the tangy lemon juice and salt for refreshing taste.

This refreshing and nutritious juice would make you feel energetic all the day long. Daily consumption of this juice will help in fighting various respiratory diseases and chronic illnesses. Improve your eyesight and fill your body with antioxidants with this heavenly juice!

2. Apple Watercress Splash

Ingredients –

Recipe –

  • Add 1 cup slices apples in a mixer.
  • Chop the watercress leaves and add them into the mixer.
  • Add half cup of celery leaves and water.
  • Blend these ingredients and prepare a thick green juice.
  • You can add little lemon juice and honey for taste.
  • Add some ice and enjoy this refreshing drink for healthy body!

This drink is a perfect combination of ingredients which can strengthen your immunity and make you feel fresh. If you want to prevent life-threatening disease like cancer, try this awesome multi-vitamin drink and live long!

3. Delicious Watercress Detox Drink

Ingredients –

  • Watercress Leaves
  • Lemon Juice
  • Carrots
  • Parsley
  • Ginger

Recipe –

  • Get a bunch of watercress and add in the blender.
  • Squeeze one lemon in the blender.
  • Shop 2 big carrots and add in the blender.
  • Chop one bunch or parsley and add in the blender.
  • Add half spoon grated ginger.
  • Blend these ingredients with water and pour in a glass.
  • Drink this juice early morning for better cleansing and detox.

Side-Effects of Watercress

It is not recommended for people who are taking blood thinner medicine to eat too much or too less food that contain vitamin K. As we know vitamin K is vital for blood clotting. Since Watercress contains good amount of vitamin K, it is advised to consume it with caution if you are on such medication.

Watercress contains a very high level of dietary nitrate. If the watercress juice is not stored properly, the nitrate content may accumulate bacteria that can convert the nitrate to nitrite. This will contaminate the juice. It is harmful to consume the juice that contains high level of nitrite. It can result in decrease in thyroid hormone function in animals. Hence it is advised to eat variety of vegetables than to rely on one or two types of vegetable for nutritional needs.


Detoxification is very important to make your body function better each day. If the toxic substances are removed from your body daily, the chances of getting affected with disease and infections would lower down. Try this amazing detox recipe and feel energetic throughout the day!

Here we end up this amazing session about watercress benefits! Hope you are simply enthusiastic to include this multi-benefit ingredient in your diet! After knowing the stunning watercress benefits, we are sure that you would love to consume it for a healthy and better body!

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