Maracuja Oil & Its Incredible Uses For Your Hair And Skin!

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The quest for finding the perfect oils and their incredible uses is a never ending one. People are always fascinated about knowing and using oils, not native to the land of their own and Maracuja oil is a new one to the list. With all the hype going on about Maracuja oil uses, many of you might be wondering what this oil is all about and how it might help you.

Here’s all you need to know about Maracuja oil and its uses for beautiful hair and skin. Read on.

What Is Maracuja Oil? – The Backstory Of Maracuja Oil

Maracuja is a word native to the Amazon part of the world and is often referred to the passion fruit. Maracuja oil came into existence when the locals surrounding the region of Amazon extracted the oil from the seeds of Passion fruits and sometimes, the flowers of Passion fruit. The Maracuja oil extracted from the petals of flowers of Passion fruit is extremely pleasant in fragrance and is relatively more expensive.

The oil is great not just for great hair and glowing skin but also offers numerous health benefits. If you dig deep into the story, you’ll learn that people have really experimented with this oil and tested its uses for many purposes. And the result? This oil proved to be a big saviour for maintaining the health of great hair, skin and nails! Yes! Maracuja oil is widely used for its amazing effects on nails, making them look neat and glamorous. If you’re tired of the expensive manicures and pedicures, you should find out about how you can use Maracuja oil for beautiful nails.

Here Are Some Widely Known Maracuja Oil Benefits

1. Best Oil For Treating Skin Which Is Damaged By Sun

Skin damage can happen in a lot of ways. One of the hardest ways to treat is the damage caused by the scorching sun. The UV radiations can have a long lasting impact on the skin, making it damaged for prolonged periods of time. With skin tan, comes along the other less visible damage to the skin, which comes to surface after sometime. If your skin has been heavily damaged by sun, Maracuja oil is a great saviour.

Maracuja oil is rich in anti inflammatory properties and helps a great deal in fighting deep skin damage. Now, how is Maracuja oil different from other oils? The one thing that differentiates Maricuja oil from others is that – this oil not only protects your skin from further damage from sun, but also heals the skin cells from the inside and helps in regeneration of fresh cells real FAST.

Using Maricuja oil on a daily use is a close to sure shot way of fighting sun damages. You can see the difference from the first week of usage. A smart way of using this oil in everyday life would be to mix some drops of oil to your moisturizer and apply it evenly. It does not beat the heat but it sure beats the sun damage your skin might have.

2. Helps In Soothing Dry Skin

Maricuja oil is an excellent emollient (Emollient is an element that provides outstanding benefits for moisturizing the skin). Thus, it helps in keeping the skin hydrated and soothes dry skin. Simply adding a few drops of this oil to your everyday moisturizer can make a world of difference to your skin. All other annoying things that come along with dry skin like red patches, dry flakes, wearing out of skin etc can be finally put to an end.

So if you have dry to very dry skin, this oil can be the best remedy. But before you buy a bottle of this and start using it, it’s a good idea to run a small test trial on your skin to see if you’re not allergic to it. People with dry skin are quite sensitive to various products and oils, and so you should be extremely careful before you make a final decision.

Here’s how you can test it: Take a few drops of Maricuja oil. Rub it gently on your palms and apply this oil on a small patch of your dry skin. Do not apply it to all of your body. Wait for at least 2 days and if you do not feel allergic towards it, you can go ahead and safely use it.

3. Improves The Health Of Your Scalp

This benefit is not to forget while talking about Maracuja oil uses for hair. It is one of best oils for promoting the overall health of the scalp. An unhealthy scalp is the root cause for various hair related problems like hairfall, dandruff, itchy scalp, white flakes, split ends and oily/frizzy/dry hair. A healthy scalp is the first step towards having healthy and beautiful hair. It soothes itchy scalp, thanks to its anti-itchy properties and promotes great health of scalp.

Apply a few drops of Maricuja oil onto your scalp just before a shower. Let it be absorbed by your skin. Massage it using your fingers for a few minutes, say five to ten minutes. Wash it as you would regularly wash your hair.

4. Promotes Good Health Of Your Nails

Maracuja oil is especially used for promoting and maintaining healthy nails. Well maintained nails is always a big bonus addition to your glamour. Manicures and Pedicures can be expensive and can also leave your fingers dry due to the harsh chemicals used in the liquids used in the process. Worry no more and turn towards Maracuja oil for glossy looking and healthy nails.

After cleaning your nails and trimming it in the desired shape, dip some cotton balls into Maracuja oil and dab it evenly on your nails. It adds a natural glossy shine to your nails and also keeps it healthy (yes, nails are dead skin cells but they need to be healthy too because the last thing you want is to spoil your outlook from dirty nails). You can also use it as a natural cleanser after you’ve removed your nail polish. Many people find their nails to be very flaky after using a nail polish remover, you can beat that problem using Maracuja oil.

5. Maracuja Oil For Hair : Promotes Hair Growth

A healthy scalp means a healthy hair. Maracuja oil can do a great deal of help in promoting great health of your scalp, and thus promotes hair growth. It also adds a glossy shine to your oil and makes it bouncy. A good idea would be to mix a few drops of Maracuja oil to your regular oil bottle and use it everyday.

Isn’t it a great hack for all the lazy bums out there? This way, you don’t have to be reminded everyday to use this oil. You can just include it in your everyday oil and you don’t have to worry about it until the oil is over. So, why not?

That was a brief list of Maracuja oil uses. In a nutshell, Maracuja oil is best for great hair, amazing skin and glossy nails.

Since Maracuja oil is not an oil known to many, and is gaining popularity only in the recent times, here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Maracuja oil a Go-To oil for all skin types?

Maracuja oil is not BAD for any skin type in particular. However, it must be noted that people with dry skin are quite sensitive and thus a good idea is to test this oil on a small patch of skin before deciding to use it for a long time.

2. Is Maracuja oil recommended for heavily damaged hair?

Oh, yes! It is highly recommended especially for heavily damaged hair. This is a good oil to start if your hair is damaged very much. It is smooth on the scalp and you will not experience any harshness.

3. Can I use this oil as a replacement for my sunscreen?

Can you? Maybe you can. But, should you? Nor really. Sunscreens are very important and they are important for a reason. There a lot of other vital vitamins and minerals used in sunscreens which cannot be replaced by any single oil for that matter. Mixing a few drops of oil to your sunscreen is a great idea but replacing your sunscreen altogether might not work in your best interests everytime.

4. Does it help in inducing good sleep?

Okay, that might seem quite out of the blue. But the matter of the fact is that it is not. Many people in the Western parts of the world have reported having good sleep after using this oil to gently massage the scalp and feet. So, yes, quite surprisingly this oil can help induce good sleep. A point to note here is that this use of Maracuja oil is not known widely and it is not 100% effective. So, there’s always a chance of it working or not working. No harm in trying your luck though.

5. Can I use Maracuja oil to battle acne?

Maracuja oil is great for promoting the overall health of your skin and its rich non clogging moisturizing action, it can be a great way of battling acne. However acne prone skin is often very vulnerable and hence running a trial test is a must.

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